How to get rid of a man who won’t let you through?

“Dostal! He just suffocates me! It’s already unbearable! There is no escape from him, He is everywhere. There are no more forces. He constantly calls, writes everywhere, looks for meetings … “Sometimes you want to be showered with flowers, write pleasant messages, meet after work, arrange surprises and add romance to life.

No way that it is on the heels, which is not true, it is not there. but some annoying sticky vile spot on the beautiful canvas of your life. There is only one desire: “Leave me alone and leave me alone!”

Different men understand differently

Sometimes it is enough to tell a fan that he is not your type, and he disappears from your life. Adequate man who understands everything from one ordinary conversation. But there are instances more difficult. They don’t hear rejections. They Achieve and Achieve, not paying attention to the fact that you are already shouting about the fact that he is not pleasant to you at all and is already just pissing you off.

They are firmly convinced that you, stupid chicken, simply do not understand your fantastic happiness that you have. And they convey it in every possible way. possible for him. For you, you already want to heat the parasite with a frying pan, yelling: “Perish forever!”

There are not many such men, but they exist. So how do you get rid of them? Yes, so that it is desirable to forget about you, and not interfere with life. There are a few tips that will help you ward off such an annoying fan.

How to get rid of a man who won’t let you through?

  • No manipulators

Pity, guilt, resentment – these are all manipulative techniques that a man can use to somehow attract Your attention. Not only can these be persuasions calling on you to take pity on him, but also more serious things – threats to do something with yourself or you.

Do not give in to the look of his childish defenseless eyes! No, he will die without you. Not small. He will be alive, healthy, and most likely, also fairly well-fed. As soon as you show weakness and succumb to even the slightest manipulation, he will understand what is best to put pressure on in order to get what he wants.

If you find it difficult to refuse people, you will have to learn how to do it. Fuzzy refusals can be perceived as something that you are still in thought, and you can be persuaded.

No word is given and there is no meaning for it. Say it firmly, clearly and uncompromisingly. With your phrase, let him understand that he is not your person. To any of his proposals, ideas – no! And without any exceptions and separate conditions.

  • Not smiles and flirting

The barista in the cupboard is in the same place as the name says it all. But a fan who is capable of threats will not understand that you winked just like that, and not to yr igov.

How to refuse a man?

No matter how coquette you are, but in this case it is better to avoid cute communication and flirting. Even if Your amazing smile is part of politeness, and you are used to illuminating the whole world with Her, specifically for him, we exclude!

  • Rejection of various gifts

Flowers, chocolates, soft toys, or even jewelry, expensive watches and cars – give up everything. Of course, there are gifts that are very difficult to refuse, but it will have to be done. As soon as you accept something from him, you automatically become “a little due”.

Accepting even something small can feel like a chance. A chance for your attention, your time, in general – for a relationship.

  • Analysis of your behavior

Think about whether you are giving him some non-verbal signals that he reads as sympathy for him. It can be anything: a languid look, touching the neck or collarbones, the habit of touching the hair and putting it away. Yes, yes, even such a seemingly completely harmless action can be considered as a moment of seduction.

To him, you are an impassive, cold, boring bluestocking. Unpleasant, yes. No have to stay. It is also desirable to be completely motionless, with a dull, frozen look and a mask on his face. No, unfortunately, you still have to move somehow. To the minimum!

Because this is how you live calmly and don’t think that some of your movement, facial expressions, a slight wave of eyelashes can be considered a signal: “Alga!”. Forward, that is. For an attack.

  • ignoring

Complete ignore can also be attributed to a good way to get rid of an annoying man.

Calls, writes, knocks on all social networks. networks, comes to places where you often visit – ignorant. This disarms, and makes you doubt: “What if something impossible happens, and she really doesn’t like such a wonderful I?! Nonsense, of course, but what doesn’t happen in life…”.

The main thing is to go to the end, and do not fall for his various tricks. Blacklist, blocking in instant messengers, instagram and facebook. Leave no way for him to contact you somehow.

  • Involvement of brothers, friends, acquaintances in the situation

If a fan does not understand the words of refusal, and is even aggressive, then it will be difficult to cope alone. And it is already better to involve familiar Men in the situation, who, without the Fists and threats to His Address, would explain that you should not bother.

It happens that a man needs someone else to tell him about your “dislike”, and not you yourself. And perhaps this is the way to save you from an annoying admirer.

A man in love is generally difficult to stop. But when his love goes beyond the scope of adequate perception and behavior, and he, like a mad bulldozer, rushing forward to the beat of a drum, there is even greater difficulty in explaining.

And no matter how softly you impute to him that you are not a couple, you will not be together, it does not reach. In general, soft arguments are hard to reach bulldozers. Only the same bulldozer can stop him. Or KAMAZ. Or some other multi-ton technique. Therefore, the greater the mass of the explaining friend, the more weighty the arguments. Even if it doesn’t lead to a fight.

Do not be afraid to seem not so good, refusing even harshly to a person. The main thing is your safety and your comfort.

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