How to get rid of an alcoholic husband forever?

How to get rid of an alcoholic husband forever?

How to know if your husband is a tyrant?

The realization that your husband is a tyrant comes pretty quickly. You see that every action you take is subject to criticism. The proposals are perceived as the ravings of a madman. You yourself are worth nothing. All your relatives turn out to be stupid a hundred generations ago.

And all this because there is a person next to you who always knows everything better. He does not tolerate dissent, or sarcasm. Requires complete obedience. Hates controversy, and interrupts any discussion in the bud. Often he seems to be stubborn, stubborn. But it happens that a tyrant turns out to be a person who makes a good impression.

He is sweet, kind, and welcoming. All this is true until you find yourself in his paws, or one crossed his path.

A small example: a girl met a guy. If you want to make it, you will need it in other companies. He was nice and polite. No, as it turned out once, could not stand that men put likes on a girl’s photo on social networks.

First, he gave her a hint, then he took the phone, changed all the passwords on the mail, accounts in instant messengers, and social networks. Once he locked her in an apartment alone, and he left to help a friend repair a car. Another time he beat her.

And there is only one reason – the girl allowed herself to publish photos and accept compliments from other men.

With a tyrant, you are unlikely to ever feel calm. There will be periods of “honeymoon” when he suddenly becomes cute, or you begin to perceive him softer. But all this is temporary.

Problems in this area, so that the tires are not affected. Strong stress is needed for one of them to become aware of his behavior and wants to calm down and recover.

Communicating with a tyrant, you find yourself in the position of a subordinate. They trample you into the dirt, and make you feel worthless. The worst thing is that you quickly get used to this state.

Women realize that they cannot live without a husband, because they really are worthless, stupid and snot And if so, then they cannot do anything to correct the situation.

How to permanently get rid of an alcoholic and tyrant husband?

To part with a tyrant, you will need great inner strength, the support of others. Let’s consider the process in stages. In most of the stages presented, you will not be able to get rid of your tyrant husband, no matter how much you would like to.

Even if you leave, the memory of him, the shattered psyche, emotional pain will make you feel crushed. You will continue to obey him or his like.

Pay attention, an important stage on the path of deliverance is the understanding that your husband is really a tyrant. This stage can be the beginning of your liberation. Realizing that you can no longer endure tyranny, you will begin to work on yourself.

No, that is, then it is possible in the process of processing.

This happens when you try unsuccessfully to solve personal problems. And once you realize the reason for this, you understand that you cannot become happy because of the constant pressure on your nose.

Awareness of your limits

The characteristic approach of any tyrant is to surround his victim, to deprive him of understanding where he is and where he is located.

Therefore, realizing that you live with a person who is too powerful and prone to manipulation, start building your cynics.

What it looks like:

  • Always remember what is important to you.
  • Don’t let your husband downplay what’s important.
  • Keep the memory of the bright moments of your life.
  • Dream, learn to form desires again, and achieve their fulfillment.
  • Learn to speak up and defend your opinion.
  • Respect yourself and show it to people. Let them always remember that you need to be respected.
  • If your husband makes fun of you, try to walk away or disconnect from him and repeat that there are things that matter to you, and you will not let anyone mock you. Even to my own husband.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be abused. This is not only assault, but also ignoring your interests, constant sarcasm, bullying, rudeness, situations in which you are made to feel weak, worthless, unnecessary.

You are not a victim

A characteristic desire for an aggressor is to make you feel like a victim who is incapable of anything. And what is curious, often the tyrant himself takes on this role and then turns the situation around in such a way that you prove it.

The self-respect you build by building personal boundaries will allow you to earn respect and sociability. Yuyu tends to appreciate those who find themselves mocked, do not consider themselves a victim,

Emotional calm

Most often, the tyrant correctly chooses the point at which to hit in order to force you to obey him. A well-aimed blow quickly destroys the space around, making you feel pain, humiliation, fears.

After you have a sense of the inner “I”, personal boundaries, it will be easier for you not to succumb to the provocations of your husband and maintain emotional calm.

What can you do:

  • Say that you understand his interest, but you can only tell him the most important events.
  • Explain that his anger and bullying make you shut yourself up; you lose strength and desire to share with him.
  • Politely ask them to stop bullying.
  • Instead of enduring the interrogation, invite him for a walk. If he refuses, say that you would like to take a walk yourself.

Your life will become more fulfilling, more interesting, you yourself will become stronger if you do what you like. Favorite hobby, whether it’s walking, sports, drawing, allows you to express yourself, increase self-confidence, and receive support from others.

All of these actions will help you gain strength and make the decision to leave your tyrant husband. Perhaps the decision has been brewing for a long time, you were leaving physically, but mentally you were not ready to bring it to life.

Realizing yourself, and your interests, learning to set boundaries, not to react to the injections that your spouse rewards you with, you get the opportunity to free yourself from psychological dependence on him.

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