How to get rid of unrequited love and deal with feelings?

How to get rid of unrequited love and deal with feelings? “This is a catastrophe! The tragedy of a lifetime. He is the whole world, he is the center of my universe. He is the whole world for me. Bez nego vs teryaet smysl. And he…. I can’t love, but nothing in return … For what? What for? There are so many other men around! I have so many fans. But why am I just dying for someone who does not share these feelings?

At such moments, you think that it is better not to feel anything at all than to sigh for someone unrequitedly. This story can overtake at 15 or 40. And then questions arise: “What to do? What to do? Where to run”? To begin with, let’s figure out what situations arise most often, where there are unrequited feelings.

What is unrequited love?

  • unreal feeling

Feelings may be real, but highly idealized. Often this story is about falling in love with some star, a famous person, or someone “inaccessible”. You often hang on the page, update the feed on instagram, and with the absence of new stories.

The image of this person is overgrown with more and more new assumptions every day. In dreams, images are drawn where you are together.

And in the depths of yourself, you realize that most likely you will never see each other. No living with some trepidation somehow inspires and adds color to life.

  • secret love

The one with whom you are in love is your colleague, friend or acquaintance. To that end by how small it is to take drugs. No, it is not necessary to do so, so that it is not possible to do so. The answer to the question: “Why do you hide your feelings?”

  • Non-reciprocal love

In that situation, he knows perfectly well that you are in love with him, but he cannot answer this with mutual feelings. And in that story, all the experiences that are associated with real loss and loss are already included. It’s worth it and it’s funny, and it’s not that bad, and it’s bloated.

  • Former love

You have long or recently broke up, but the feelings have not gone away. More precisely, they left that side. You often review joint photos, re-read dialogues. You post selfies with statements addressed to him, in the hope that he will read and understand everything. In this way you bury yourself more and more in the past.

How to get rid of unrequited love and deal with feelings?

Each situation is unique in its own way, but in each one you can try to somehow support and adjust yourself. And the written advice can whine some foundation that will help you Unt

  • Getting rid of resentment

If you understand that there are grievances, your expectations have not been met, you feel disappointed and angry, then the first step towards “recovery” will be aimed at working with these experiences.

To do this, you need to take a piece of paper and a pen. Remember what situations hurt you? What did you expect from him? How would you like him to act in a given situation? What actions did you expect? What words?

Write down everything you feel about this person. It’s like writing a letter to him. The only thing is that you will not send this letter to him, so to hell with tact and censorship. Write how you feel.

Gratitude is the next step. After the grievances are stated, remember and write down everything for which you are grateful. What were the bright moments even if you weren’t together? What did this living experience give you? What did he teach?

The feelings that you experience have great energy and potential. And that can be directed to some kind of activity: poetry, songs, music, paintings, etc.

A huge number of songs, various works were written under the influence of unrequited love. When there is so much inside, it can come out in the form of creativity. You just need to channel it into something.

And as you understand, it is not at all necessary to be a writer, actress, artist or singer.

If such an outpouring of one’s emotional state does not come at all, it’s just all written by earte. Do as you would like to carry out in the future. Write in it everything that you feel for several weeks.

Surround yourself with care and love. During this period, be more attentive to your condition. Listen to your desires. Make a list of things that can amuse you, make you happy, relax. For example: massages, walking, going to the movies, dancing, learning new things, whatever.

At the moment when it becomes completely sad, open your magic list, and start helping yourself with your own strength.

  • External support

The people around us are a great support and support in life. When something is very difficult to endure, talking with a friend can really make things a lot easier. I spoke out, discussed everything, listened that you are the coolest and most beautiful, and now it’s not so hard.

Get out in public more often. Visiting different places on the wall will bring you back to the social network and fill the box.

As soon as you feel that you are starting to bury yourself in your pain, switch. Perhaps the background will still be grief, and frustration, and sadness, but part of your attention will already be directed-to-other-to-four. And, accordingly, the internal state will also be diluted with more positive emotions.

Again, some pictures, images surfaced – I switched to something. It can be anything. Turned on cool music and danced. Cleaned the apartment, and lit delicious incense, etc.

The experience of unrequited love affects in different ways, but one way or another bears fruit for each person. Period of this month is planned for the self-analysis and reflections. Listen to yourself and understand what you lack in life, what kind of relationship you would like in the future.

Well, if none of the tips really helped you, you still feel the same pain, and you don’t understand what to do next, then you remember, you have your psychologist who will always be happy to help you.

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