How to Have a Good Relationship: 6 Tips

Everyone wants to know the key to a good relationship. Psychology has been dedicated to studying the qualities in couples that help them have full and healthy relationships.

Many experienced couples therapists have compressed that knowledge into a series of important points to consider.

Some of these points seem very familiar, but knowing how to put them into practice is key. And it is there where the experience of these experts will be very useful.

So if you want to know more about what they see in a good relationship and tips for becoming the ideal couple keep reading!

Tip #1: Practicing communication, key to a good relationship!

How to have a good relationship

Many couples therapists spend a good deal of time working on communication dynamics.

When communication improves, problems are easier to work on and resolve, which helps build rapport.

However, the most important element is that each person is dedicated to working on it. Learning effective communication skills doesn’t make much sense if you don’t put them into practice.

Knowing how to use those skills when moments are tense, when emotions are strong, when you are tired or annoyed, is the most important thing.

The idea is to practice them, not only with your partner, so that it becomes something natural. Otherwise, they will turn into old negative behavior patterns and ways of speaking that only create barriers.

Something that helps a lot to put into practice the healthy couple communication is the next point.

Tip #2: Be Available

Being available is more than just being physically there with your partner. And, definitely, it is not being forced to always be on the lookout, responding to messages instantly.

It also means being flexible, sensitive and responsive. Show a good listening attitude when talking with your partner, think about the impact that your actions and words will have.

It is essential that you take care of your assertiveness when responding, always showing yourself with an understanding attitude towards your partner.

You may think that trying to do this is very difficult, but later I will talk about how to achieve it to have a good relationship.

Tip #3: In a good relationship there is gratitude

When we show true appreciation for one another, the little details add up to a lot of value.

This naturally creates an atmosphere of belonging. Both parties are more willing to work as a team by feeling on the same team. Actions of gratitude must be put into practice every day.

From “Thank you for helping me with the party preparations…”, “Thank you for taking care of me now that I’m sick”, to a simple “I really appreciate you being here with me”.

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Tip #4: Resolving conflicts

Have a good relationship solving problems as a team

There is an idea that a happy couple or a good relationship is one that never argues and eradicates any problem.

That idea is totally false! Since each person has different characteristics, expectations and values, conflicts in a couple are something that happens.

Avoiding problems is burying them, creating an unstable base that, sooner or later, will collapse.

You may be surprised at couples who seemed very happy and break up spontaneously. This is the result of stored negative emotions and friction due to conflicts that they never faced.

Resolving conflicts quickly and constructively will prevent just that; In addition, it will help them work on repairing things during and after conflicts.

Something as simple as taking a break from the discussion and saying, “I’m feeling a little defensive right now… Could you explain that last part to me again in another way?” Thus, they will move forward together in a good way.

It is also important for each party to take note of their mistakes; understanding and acknowledging how each hurt the other.

By understanding your partner’s feelings, you will avoid holding on to negative feelings.

Meet the steps to reconcile after a fight and you will get great benefits in your relationship.

Tip #5: Respecting Individuality

Working as a team is something that gives rise to a good relationship as a couple. But, we must take into account that in that team there must be two, not just one. And that also means not trying to be one.

Remember that your partner has their own life, experiences, ideas and beliefs. Respecting and appreciating your partner’s individuality will allow you to understand those boundaries and intimacy.

Too much closeness can overshadow and drown out what makes your partner unique. Too much distance will cause them to be only acquaintances with the title of couple.

Finding the balance is learned in the course of the relationship. There are always differences, but these do not have to be something negative; They are opportunities to grow and learn.

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Tip #6: A good relationship is one they know

Healthy communication as a couple is key to a good relationship

Why is your relationship special? What does being a couple mean to you?

The more you know about your relationship, the more you know about your partner, the greater your ability to enjoy it and make it flourish.

Discover everything you need to know about your partner and start building a relationship based on trust.

Doing so is as simple as reading the following points:

  • Leaving aside the unrealistic expectations and social pressures of how a couple should be (always in the clouds, always amazing sex, always doing everything together), and focusing on living the relationship as something of their own, they will be able to appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • This also means not comparing your own relationship with that of other people.
  • Learn how to be a couple, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Knowing these aspects will favor them to fully live their relationship.

This will keep you forever rediscovering each other and, quite possibly, falling in love again.

I invite you to consult the article, you will surely love it!

What psychologists reveal about a good relationship

All the points that you have seen here have been compiled from the extensive experience of couple therapists, dedicated to improving relationships and collecting those characteristics that make a relationship a good one.

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