How to hint a man at a gift for no reason just like that?

How to hint a man at a gift for no reason just like that? Mublyins are far from always able to recognize female hints, evenly, and the girl will decide. The result is always the same – you remain dissatisfied with the lack of attention to yourself, and he has no idea why you suddenly became cold and distant.

Are you mercantile

Do not think that you are mercantile or too proud to hint to the guy about the desired gift.

You can probably afford this thing yourself. However, it is much more pleasant when desires are fulfilled by any person, when it is he who takes the opportunity poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi n Because

Of course, it is much more pleasant when a man independently guesses, is creative, shows participation and the desire to surprise those. No need to wait for a while. Remember that the main motivator in his life is you.

So that your natural desire to receive a gift just does not cause a negative reaction on his part, so that it does not look like begging, you should be careful about choosing the right way to hint about your preferences.

Why doesn’t he give gifts just like that?

First of all, it’s important to realize that in a harmonious relationship, where about t If you don’t want to see it, it’s not possible to test it and demonstrate it as much as possible. In the modern world, most women unconsciously, but with their own hands, build a model of behavior in which gifts are simply not presented by men in principle. If it is up to you that the name is concrete:

  • seduce, if you have ceased to demonstrate your love and interest;
  • make amends if there was a quarrel between you;
  • “задобрить”, it’s only possible to protect yourself against the drugs and all the drugs you get from two of the companies;
  • calm your conscience if the day before you, your girlfriend or close relative caught him callous;
  • in response to the attention you have shown (gift presented);
  • “brush off” the planned affairs (repairs, general cleaning and other activities that are unpleasant for a man).

In extremely rare cases, a man expresses his feelings with a sudden gift, emphasizes your importance in life.

How to reinforce his attention towards you – TOP 3 tips

There are many different tricks that will help you get Yours a gift, but for the time being, asks. The main thing is to keep yourself in control and control your emotions, otherwise the veiled game will quickly develop into a large-scale conflict. Don’t make common mistakes:

  • if you don’t give me a present, then I … (ultimatums, blackmail);
  • well, buy-and-and … (crying, childish behavior);

3 ways to receive gifts from men

  • oh, I didn’t mean to send it to you…
  • now, imagine, nothing at all from him houses…;
  • you are a man or someone … (forbidden “blow” on manhood);
  • uh, this is all because we give me nothing just like that … (accusations on the spot bt

First of all, do not try to build yourself into an “iron” lady who can achieve everything in life on her own, and do not take the position of a child who cannot take a step without an adult nearby. Be self-sufficient, but at the same time remain feminine, know your worth and adequately perceive your dignity and under.

unobtrusive memories

Each person, entering into a relationship, is guided by the model of his own parents, the usual way of life in the family nest, unspoken rules, and distributed responsibilities. Telling a man, for example, about your parents, about your father’s attention to your mother and you, you seem to plant in his mind the idea that you are so used to it, that this is the standard of family relations for you.

Your father for a man is an unspoken role model, a person who enjoys special respect, author. Any educated guy with the right life values ​​will want to win the recognition of a future relative and do everything so that he is not disappointed.

Sincere gratitude

It is unlikely that a man will try further if his efforts (even if insignificant) remain without expectation of help. If he once surprised you, and you silently and without much enthusiasm accepted him, forgetting about it the next minute, then this will be deposited in the guy’s memory. A cooked dinner, clean and ironed clothes, a kiss before leaving for work – this is all good, but obviously not the kind of gratitude that a man expects to see in response to a sudden surprise.

It is not enough just to express pleasant emotions in words, show your imagination. Example:

  • if you gave flowers, immediately put them in a vase, in the most prominent place, do not forget to regularly approach the bouquet and smell it, talking about how beautiful it is;
  • if you gave jewelry or items of clothing, put them on yourself more often and show off in front of him;
  • call your girlfriends and brag about the gift;
  • rejoice even in a chocolate bar – it’s her, your favorite;
  • do not scatter gifts during a quarrel – do not beat him with a bouquet of roses or defiantly throw a photo album that was once presented out of the window.

Devaluing the gifts of a man, you with your own hands doom yourself to a lack of attention, and for a long time.

Return gifts in return

Of course, we are not talking about spending the same amount or the same gift format. A man must remain a man – wealthy, independent, and independent. It is unlikely that he will be happy if you are able to answer, say, a ring with stones with the same ring (or even for a mule).

Such attention on your part can cause irreparable damage to a guy’s self-esteem. On the other hand, you should not skimp on fantasy. Just “thank you” on a new telephone, on a copy of a copy of 3 months, in a non-static budget. Thank him “like a woman”:

  • arrange a romantic dinner with his favorite dishes;
  • surprise him in pastels;
  • transform yourself – meet him from work “fully armed”;
  • create comfort and cleanliness at home;
  • give a gift that will definitely come in handy for him.

A cute figurine in the shape of two hearts or heartfelt poems is romantic and lyrical, but, as a rule, men are quite skeptical about such signs of attention. Do not forget to constantly remind him of how lucky you are with him, how he deftly guesses your desires, how grateful you are for his attention towards you.

How to hint a man at a gift for no reason just like that?

Name it svoemu for a desired gift for a man is easier than you might think. The passage of the yoma store, browsing the pages of the online catalog, is obligatory. Tell me how cool she is and why you need her.

Do not forget to speak honestly about your desires, but within the framework of a normal conversation, as if by chance and necessarily. If you are discussing the weather, for example, it would be appropriate to mention how you dream of visiting the islands, where it is so warm compared to the temperature in your city. At the same time, it is absolutely wrong to translate the topic of conversation into a cute dress when it comes to choosing products in a mega-borrow

Don’t expect quick results if the guy hasn’t spoiled you for a very long time, didn’t show imagination and is not very navi. Try to take the first step yourself, but don’t overdo it. Moving forward and not making mistakes, sooner or later you will achieve the desired result.

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