How to hint to a man that he likes when communicating?

How to hint to a man that he likes when communicating? The question of how to attract a man you like has always worried women. Throughout the evolutionary process of mankind, both the social position of women and the ways of attracting men to build relationships with them have changed.

Times have changed and people’s attitudes have changed. How did women who lived in ancient times build their relationships with men? How did they get attention?

How did women attract the attention of men in different eras?

In the ancient world, in the era of the existence of matriarchy, a woman occupied a dominant position compared to a man.

This is confirmed by an entry found in one of the early inscriptions of the Sumerian ruler Urukagina, dated 350 to 2. BC. e .: “In past times, it was our custom for women to take many husbands; a woman who dares to do the same today is stoned.”

Egyptian women also occupied an honorable place in society, according to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus.

  • In the matriarchal era, the main quality of a woman was not chastity, but fertility. The woman herself decided from whom she wanted to have offspring. The man only obeyed the choice of the woman.

The emergence and development of Christianity changed the attitude towards women. Matriarchy was replaced by patriarchy, special requirements were made for a woman, therefore, if we talk about the manifestation of modesty that adorns a girl, then this is just about medieval times.

  • In the Middle Ages, if a woman showed herself unrestrained, showed an interest in her eyes, or the clothes were too open and defiant, then such behavior was condemned by the male community and the church.

The relationship between a woman and a man began after the marriage, which was agreed upon by the families. The woman was treated as property, she was required to be completely submissive to the man.

To that end, it is necessary to carry out the processing of your own words. As it says in the medieval essay “The Mirror of the Laity”: “A woman must be avoided, firstly, because she confuses a man, secondly, because she defiles him, thirdly, because she deprives him of his property.”

The emancipation of women began in the era of growth, and in the era of the gallant age of relationships and women came out new.

  • “Galantnosty” in the XVII-XVIII years was different, before all years, in other words, the Russians and the Russians. This time is characterized not only by respect for a woman, but by the worship of her beauty, the fulfillment of her desires and Capri

It was in this era that flirting appeared – courtship, love game. For flirting, there was a special communicative system – the language of flowers, “flies”, fans.

The appearance of the “language of flowers” is attributed to the wife of the ambassador of the British Empire in Turkey, Lady Montagu. By forming various bouquets, a woman could encrypt a message to a man about her sympathy for him or provoke him to more decisive actions towards her.

In the 8th century, the “Register of Flies” was published in Russia. For example, in order to show her love for a man, a woman had to place a “fly” on her chest.

One of the important tools of flirting was a female fan. With the help of the position of the fan, the way she fanned herself, a woman could convey many messages to a man. For example, if a woman wanted to show a man that their feelings were mutual, she covered the fan with her hand.

  • At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, women began to assert their rights and freedoms more and more in comparison with men. Women become more educated and self-confident, which gives them the opportunity to show their sympathy for the opposite sex on an equal footing with a man.

How boldly such behavior is described in Theodore Dreiser’s “An American Tragedy”: “Meanwhile, she herself used tricks known to her: she unbuttoned her blouse so that her breasts were visible, during work she pulled up her skirt almost to the knees, to the shoulders she opened full round hands, trying to show Clyde that she was worth spending time on.

How relevant are the methods of attracting men in our time?

How to hint to a man that he likes?

Many modern girls believe that a man himself must take the first step. No, as soon as the tract is called “O love”: What tricks work?

  • The ability to shoot eyes.

An old, wonderful method, consisting of three positions: eyes – to the side, then to the floor, then – to the partner. Someone will consider such behavior naive, but, oddly enough, the art of “make eyes” still works. Of course, the use of this technique requires the most natural behavior, without excessive pretense.

  • An open, friendly smile says a lot about a woman.

A smile, a manifestation of femininity, a slight coquetry encourage men to take action. As A.I. Kuprin in the “Granatovom bracelet” the sister of the main character:

“… this face, however, captivated with some elusive and incomprehensible charm, which consisted, perhaps, in a smile, perhaps in the deep femininity of all features, perhaps in a piquant, provocatively coquettish facial expression. Her graceful ugliness excited and attracted men much more often and stronger than the aristocratic beauty of teyose.

  • Friendship with a partner you like.

In a friendly way, it is easier for a woman to approach a man, compliment the way he dresses, or express admiration for his work, and how he copes with it. It is important to say that it is “tactile” in the strategy, in the case of privacy.

  • Learn to support a man at the right time.

If he is in trouble, be there, show sympathy. Courtship in such trifles as brewing a cup of coffee, sewing on a torn off button, gives a man reason to think that such a woman is not indifferent to him. So she acted in her own to attract the right man.

  • Clarify the range of interests of the partner you like, keep up a conversation with him on a topic of interest to him.

The ability of a woman to listen carefully without interrupting will please you

  • In a large company, draw attention to yourself.

A beautiful dress and make-up, confidence, and looseness of a woman in communication always attracts attention. “The ability to stand out from the crowd” can help to interest the man you like. As, for example, the main character Alexandra or Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska did in The Magnificent Century, when she attracted attention from the crowd of girls by simply shouting the name of the Sultan.

  • Ask a man for help.

Let it be a request to drive in a nail for a picture, or move a shelving unit. Maybe you just need to walk home, because it’s already night, and it won’t be safe to walk alone. Asking for help, a woman emphasizes the masculinity of the chosen one and her weakness.

If it is hinted that the chosen partner will cope with this lashe of all, then the mod-pushton btions 3t ^ ^

  • In some cases, it helps to openly confess your feelings.

Many mublins believe that if they are free, then with rare exceptions they can kick back bold, sincere. And if a man stubbornly does not understand light hints, then it is quite possible to try freely and decisively declare the hint

Every woman has her own arsenal of tools and tricks to attract a man into a relationship. The main thing is to be sure that your chosen one is exactly the one you need. And then the relationship, no matter how it develops in the future, will bring joy and pleasure to both partners.

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