How to ignore a man who likes to run to you?

How to ignore a man who likes to run to you? There should always be a mystery in a woman – so many relationship coaches say. And in acknowledged victory for her heart, more interesting. It is much easier to understand whether a man is really interested, or you came up with his feeling, if you let the man express himself and take a couple of steps towards you.

The main thing in this is not to go too far, because your ignore can be perceived as indifference.

When to Use the Ignore Method?

If your ignore falls on a man suddenly and for no reason, he will rather be confused and will not be able to react the way you wanted, this will only worsen your relationship. Technical information should be given to the plan and it is on the device that is available:

  • The very beginning of affection

The technique of light ignoring will allow you to be interested, will not scare a man away with excessive perseverance on your part, and will motivate him to take the first step towards a relationship.

  • Cooling relations

When he stops giving flowers, arranging surprises, and, in general, seemed to “calm down” and began to accept everything as it should.

The man is playing a strange game

To avoid the problem, to delay the process, to avoid the problem. The main thing is to understand that everything happens, the reason for concern is precisely the regular change in behavior. Ignoring can lead to a break in relations, but then you will definitely understand that you did not need this person.

  • He thinks he won you

Your calls have become taken for granted, your lunches at work – of course, your life has become a routine. Remind him how it all began, what an active and busy girl he met, and how he grew up to win you.

  • A difficult situation

Treason, scandal, “I went to my mother.” In this situation, you need to ignore first of all as time to make a decision. Give yourself a few days, think, appreciate life without a constant connection with a man. And if a few days of ignoring make him finally break the connection, this is also an indicator.

When is ignorance dangerous?

Your change of behavior relationship, you yourself would be pleased if bly I love pough walked “under” Especially often girls mistakenly resort to the method at the initial stage of a relationship when and Gm r x with equips

Stop Reporting

If you do not have verbal agreements that you communicate plans to each other, stop giving him reports, as if by word of mouth. Your life is only your space, only you have the right to dispose of it.

How to ignore a man so that he dreams about you even more?

You can schedule meetings with friends, delays at work, and even evenings for yourself, if he did not ask you or you did not make an appointment for this time, he does not need to be in the know.

With this approach, it is necessary for you to independently seek a meeting with you, counting.

Start a hobby

Your life is not limited to a man. Sign up for a dance class, a master class by clay sculpting, or an English club, expand your own interests and make a splash.

On the one hand, you will stop giving all the memory to the move, on the other hand, you will be able to hide yourself, learn a new wave. Soglasi, and it’s just like that, it’s now 24/7 in the morning, and it’s now in the washing machine.

Hobie will become another contender for your attention, he will feel that the bridge is in the moment

Online ignore

Texting ten times a day, calling, worrying – all this violates his personal boundaries, making you too lichen. At best, he will simply perceive your attention as a complete victory.

Tryvene to limit tons of messages in any day and night, let yourself start a conversation receive p o o Is it not possible to monitor the telephone in a few minutes in the name of the city – and on the other side? If you sometimes miss calls and answer messages even after an hour, he will understand that you have your own life, interests, people, and this must be reckoned with.

Ignore reaction

Usually, the “test” period of ignoring is about two weeks. If a man loves you, he starts calling more often, coming, asking for more meetings. Tries to find the cause of behavior change. You don’t need to say that “this is all because you don’t give me flowers”, no, on the contrary, your line of conduct. After all, in fact, you just took up your own life and interests.

Gradually, you will feel more attention from him, and self-confidence, because your life will be filled with new things.

Be attentive to inadequate reactions – reciprocal ignore, resentment, tantrums and threats. These are all indicators of an inadequate psyche, which should serve as a wake-up call for you. During your ignore, the true character of a man and his dark sides are revealed. It is unlikely that you want to become a downtrodden and humiliated wife after ten years of relationship.

The third reaction – it disappears from the radar. Sometimes it turns out that he was with you, because you clung to him and did not let go. And this is a good outcome, it will happen now, and you will break your relationship time, u and and and et.

Exit ignore

If you turn off your gender wears by clicking the button, the moto will understand that it was a manipulation, and soon when your relationship has improved, reduce your ignore, but take something new from this period for yourself:

  • Start paying more attention to your appearance
  • Save new INTERESTS
  • Keep talking to interesting people
  • Fill your life further

Mublyina will have to reckon with our new borders, wish for a kava meeting more, and remember….

The difference between resentment and neglect

Often girls defiantly “shut up” – I ignore the words and ask her

This is pure abuse and the same offense that children who are not given candy are subject to.

Understand that the main thing in the technique of ignoring is that you don’t start treating a man worse, you don’t show charity or anger, but you continue to love him, kiss him when you meet and rejoice. But, and most importantly, you create something else in your box, besides relationships, intimate, bright, active, h size

When using any relationship technique, always consider the worst-case scenario it can lead to. Isn’t that what you want? Better put off the technique of ignoring until better times, when you yourself will feel the need not only to change the relationship of sweating

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