How to Improve your Kissing Technique? 70 Tiny Details

How to Improve your Kissing Technique? 70 Tiny Details. If you haven’t kissed yet or if it doesn’t work out very well, then the kissing technique requires deep consideration. It’s time to review your methods and check them with the “instruction”. Different types of kissing require different approaches, but there are general rules that apply to all types of kissing. What are they? How to improve your kissing technique?

1. Distance and posture.

  1. Ideally, the minimum. Standing at arm’s length will not work.
  2. You can not rely on a partner, hang on him.
  3. The distance is reduced smoothly, slowly, that he/she has time (a) to express his disagreement, if any, and step back.
  4. It is undesirable to touch the bodies too tightly in the genital area. Exceptions are kissing before sex or having a long-term relationship.
  5. After completing the session, it is better to take a half step back to give the girl/guy some free space. This will reduce moral pressure.
  6. The easiest way to overcome the distance is through a soft touch – taking by the hand, light half-embraces, etc.;
  7. Another way to tune in to rapprochement is humor and common themes. 10 minutes in this mood – and awkwardness will noticeably decrease;
  8. Girls love it when guys are taller than them. Therefore, if a young man is not tall, he can stand on a hill – a hillock, a step, for example.
  9. If one of the couples is pressed against the wall, you can not drive him into a corner, press him to the plane, unless it is a passion between lovers.
  10. You can use scarves or other fabrics to playfully attract a girl or a guy. In such cases, the fabric is wrapped around the back of the neck or waist.

2. Hands.

  1. They should not be allowed to hang freely in the air or strain them, leaving them stretched out.
  2. Girls can leave their hands on the chest, shoulders, sides, waist of the chosen one.
  3. Guys are allowed to hug their companions by the waist, take them by the hands, put their palms on the neck or cheekbones.
  4. Stroking is best suited for a kiss – with the entire surface of the palm or with the fingertips on sensitive areas.
  5. Easy use of nails, slight scratching causes a pleasant shiver.
  6. Touching the face is one of the most pleasant. However, you can not make them too intense or use the entire palm. It is enough to run your fingers along the cheekbones, lips during a break, gently grab the chin.
  7. What exactly not to do: use brute force, cause pain, leave bruises, severe scratches, hug tightly in the chest area, pinch.
  8. Touching the genitals, buttocks, female breasts – only with the obvious permission of the partner. However, even in such situations, it is better to avoid dirty movements.
  9. The inner crook of the elbow, neck, abdomen are sensitive areas. In most cases – erogenous. They have to be treated with the utmost delicacy.
  10. Light massage movements on the back, shoulders relax the couple.

How to Improve your Kissing Technique? 70 Tiny Details.

3. Pace and strength.

  1. You can’t put pressure on your partner with your lips so that his head deviates from the onslaught.
  2. Most kisses are not rushed.
  3. The speed of the turtle, however, is also not the best helper. The average pace will be optimal.
  4. It is better not to attack your partner sharply. This will lead to injury or awkward situations.
  5. Sharpness is far from an ideal technique in such a case. Discontinuity and brevity of movements do not give pleasure.
  6. Too light touches are also not helpful. Touches are designed to be felt physically, not at the level of the aura.
  7. It is recommended to make the amplitude of movements non-sweeping, directed, and not chaotic.
  8. The pressing force increases specifically only with a kiss-hickey. In other types, it is better to keep natural.
  9. The partner’s reaction is the most intimate. Do not put pressure, do what the passion clearly does not like.
  10. Lovers can increase the rhythm and strength in kisses, but no one canceled caution.

4. Head and mouth.

  1. To avoid a collision with noses, it is enough to slightly tilt your head in the opposite direction from the partner’s head.
  2. If a couple kisses passionately, you can open your mouth wider.
  3. You can’t clench your teeth.
  4. Rub noses, cheeks, foreheads = add romance.
  5. The corners of the mouth are just as important as the lips themselves.
  6. Talking while kissing is bad manners.
  7. Compliments, praise can be said by pausing and moving away from the face of the kisser by 7-15 cm.
  8. To change the side of the tilt of the head, you have to deviate a little, otherwise, the nose will interfere.
  9. If you need to swallow saliva, it is also advisable to move away first.
  10. Rotating the lower jaw, making chewing movements is a bad idea.

How to Improve your Kissing Technique? 70 Tiny Details.

5. Lips.

  1. Hygiene lipstick is a good helper to improve the appearance of lips.
  2. To make them more attractive, you can lightly bite, moisten them with saliva.
  3. If you strongly strain the facial muscles and make “lip-tubes”, unpleasant sounds will appear in the process.
  4. Lips will have to be wrapped around carefully so as not to “capture” the floor of the face.
  5. Sucking adds eroticism. However, it is better not to make them strong.
  6. Rubbing your lips and warming them with your breath is another way to add sexiness.
  7. Simple “tsemchiks” are also pleasant to many. Do not discount them or consider them childish.
  8. Girls do not apply lipstick or gloss before class. Guys follow the length of the mustache in advance.
  9. Both lips always work.
  10. Covering your mouth completely is not recommended. Better to focus on one thing.

6. Language.

  1. Do not put it in the couple’s mouth to its full length.
  2. Touching the root is unpleasant, literally nauseating.
  3. The tip is suitable for delicate touches, which, however, are better not to be abused.
  4. Circular rubbing with tongues is one of the most common types of french kiss.
  5. Lips can also be licked, after reducing the amount of saliva.
  6. The “exquisite kiss” (touching the palate), despite its prevalence, is far from being obtained by everyone. And not everyone likes it either.
  7. Sensitive zones: the inner side of the lips and cheeks closer to the edge, frenulum.
  8. The tongue is sucked as gently as possible. Busting will turn into a real stretch.
  9. Cleaning the tongue before such an activity is a duty.
  10. Even purposefully passing this organ over the teeth, the kisser will still touch several labial points at once. This is another way to give pleasure.

7. Teeth.

  1. Softness, lightness, accuracy in biting is an obvious necessity.
  2. You can bite not only lips, tongue. The neck, earlobes are erogenous, and a light “bite” on the nose is romantic, sweet.
  3. Is it worth mentioning the need to use a toothbrush, paste, floss?
  4. Do not chew gum or eat while kissing. Even if it only lasts a couple of seconds.
  5. Biting with prolonged use becomes boring. They are resorted to occasionally to maintain the effect of “goosebumps”.
  6. It is better to bite with the front teeth, and not with the premolars.
  7. When biting, you can not pull back the skin and suck it too hard.
  8. It is advisable to bite only the lower lip and not touch the upper one. Most of the time, it’s even inconvenient.
  9. Ideally, the teeth will glide over the skin without immobilizing at one point.
  10. Bites rarely suit sophisticated, vulnerable individuals. But they appeal to passionate, adventurous, playful personalities.

The correct, perfected kissing technique arouses interest and excitement, kindles emotions, testifies to the skill of the individual. Even a beginner who knows the basics of this technique can seem like an experienced expert. In addition, compliance with such rules expresses respect, care, concern for the feelings and comfort of a partner. And who can resist such a set of qualities?

How to Improve your Kissing Technique? 70 Tiny Details.

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