How to invite a man on a date unobtrusively via SMS?

You met a wonderful man, and in his eyes you feel that he is not indifferent to you. Electric sparks run between you when, by coincidence, you are nearby. Every day you feel happy and in love.

You can see how his shoulders straighten when he sees you. And how shy he is when he addresses you at work. He is looking for your gaze, once again trying to get past you. No does not dare to call you on a date.

What to do if a man does not dare to invite you on a date?

If you see that a man is interested in you, then you can push him a little towards a relationship. For example, ask yourself on a date.

This can be done right at work if you work or study together. But if you are embarrassed and afraid that you will get excited and say something superfluous, then you can call Him on a date with the help of SMS. In SMS, you can clearly formulate an invitation. It’s good if you hint to a man that you need his help or advice.

Which he will show his strength and masculinity.

Well, if you have an idea about what a man is fond of, what his hobby is, what kind of music he likes. Then you can ask for a date related to his interests. If a man likes you and wants to date you, then any message will suit him.

How to unobtrusively invite a man on a date by SMS?

  • Good afternoon! I have problems with my computer, and I heard that you are very good at it. Isn’t it worth it? I have a cup of coffee!
  • Hey! I was told that you recently had a renovation, and you bought chic wallpapers. Doesn’t that mean it’s worth it?
  • Good evening! If you’re not busy today, I wanted to ask you to help put together the shelving. Requires masculine strength and skill! With me – a cake for tea!
  • Hey! My car broke down. Is it not necessary for a person to be able to do it? Maybe you can tell me which service is better for me to contact, because you are well versed in this!
  • Hey! My project is frozen, I need your qualified advice. If tonight after work? I have coffee and cookies.
  • Hey! I have a catastrophe at home – the bathroom faucet broke. Could you help me? I have a delicious dinner.
  • Hey! I was told you passed the exam with an “excellent”. And something is so hard for me to give individual questions, and the exam is in two days. Can you help me figure it out tonight?
  • Good afternoon! I pass “for the rights”, but my inspector got sick. I know you drive very well, would you mind being my inspector tonight?
  • Hey! Today I’m going to my parents’ dacha, and I need male power. We need to load the bedside table into the car. I promise to serve you dinner!
  • Hey! Today I’m going to look at a new apartment, and it’s in a new area. It’s dark and scary! Will you keep me company? I have coffee in a new coffee shop!

How to get a guaranteed date invitation?

  • Good evening! I finally got myself a new guitar! I need a professional like you tonight! We can sing a duet!
  • Hey! Today is such a gloomy, rainy day. I would like to chat with a pleasant interlocutor over a cup of coffee! Will you keep me company?
  • Good afternoon! After a long quarantine, an exhibition of impressionists has opened in our city! I really want to enjoy bright colors in a warm company! Let’s get out of the dullness of winter days together!
  • Hey! Don’t you want summer in the midst of winter’s cold cold? We have opened a water park, and I have two tickets to this corner of warmth and light! I will be very pleased to go to the opening with you!
  • Hey! Did you go to the circus as a child? Who do you like more – clowns or gymnasts? The Moscow circus came to us, there is a great reason to refresh childhood memories. Will you keep me company on Saturday night?
  • Good afternoon! Imagine that the movie that you so wanted to see, came out on the screen. I have a friend who works in the cinema, got tickets for the best seats! Popcorn for you! Do evening?
  • Hey! I know you love antiquities. Do you want to see the most ancient district in our city? I know a place where you have definitely never been before. I offer a tour! I would be extremely happy if you, as the main tour guide, treat me to a cup of coffee!
  • Hey! Today is a wonderful summer day! Multi-colored umbrellas were put on the beach, the water is lovely, you can already swim. I don’t swim very confidently, will you keep me company?
  • Hey! So tired at work, I want to take a walk in the fresh air. I would be very happy if you join me!
  • Good afternoon! I had a terrible dream today, now I’m afraid to fall asleep alone. Will you read me a bedtime story?
  • Hey! How do you feel about a healthy lifestyle? Our park has excellent ski tracks. I invite you to a romantic ski trip among the pines!
  • Hey! Today I’m doing culinary wonders in the kitchen! I urgently need a taster! How do you like this idea? I’m waiting for you in the evening.
  • Good evening! Have you ever been to Bath Lake? They say that there is a wonderful sauna and a luxurious swimming pool. I wasn’t there either. Maybe what is this problem? Tomorrow at 10 am at the bus station!
  • Hey! It’s true autumn outside. I love this fall color so much! Do you like to walk by rustling leaves? How about an evening walk?
  • Hey! They say you’re an excellent fisherman. I have never been fishing! I want you to instruct me and teach me how to fish! The answer is yours!
  • Hey! We are sent to practice, you heard? So I don’t want to go alone tomorrow for documents in the dean’s office! Maybe we can go together?
  • Good afternoon! You heard that a petting zoo has arrived in our city! I have always dreamed of meeting a raccoon! How do you like this company? I invite you tomorrow evening after school!
  • Good evening! Such a snowy winter! My garage is covered with snow, it’s hard to dig out. Isn’t it possible to speak with the private cataclysm and not for the fizculture? I’ll take Ceylon tea with me in a thermos with cherry jam!
  • Good afternoon! When the “Sliver” restaurant is opened, the shaman of Ivlev is so called. I’ve dreamed of tasting his cuisine for so long! Will you keep me company?
  • Hey! I heard that you are a motocross fan! I have never ridden a motorcycle, I would love to ride with you! I’m free tomorrow evening.
  • Good afternoon! They say you like jazz? I was just going to a cafe with a friend, they play there all the time in the evening. Girlfriend is sick, do you want to be my companion tomorrow night?
  • Hey! I’m coming to your city tomorrow! Would you like to be my tour guide?
  • Good evening! I installed the computer game you suggested at home. I can’t get past the first level. Your help is urgently needed! I’m at home tonight!

On the first date, be yourself, try to smile more often. Try to find common interests, it is always an incentive for further communication.

“In the meantime, the parsing is not necessary, not one person, no in resulting as you are —”

Vitaly Vlasenko

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