How to Invite on Second Date & 16 Topics for Conversation

How to Invite on Second Date & 16 Topics for Conversation. What’s interesting about a second date? Feelings sparkle with bright colors, there is excitement, unpredictability. However, unlike the situation at the first romantic meeting, nervousness noticeably weakens. And this is good. A calmer state allows you to take a sober look at your couple. How to invite to the second rendezvous? What to talk about it? How then to say goodbye, depending on whether you liked the person or not?

How to invite to the second meeting?

What is better not to do is to make the next date already on the first. Of course, sometimes you want to immediately voice or receive an offer to meet again. However, this can turn into problems. For example:

  • feelings suddenly cooled down after the meeting. A typical case is when emotions turn on only if a person is nearby. He goes out the door – and sympathy for him disappears with him;
  • no time to think. The evening can be wonderful, but, having come home, he/she suddenly realizes that there is something negative in the partner or something that cannot be lived with;
  • the interlocutor may not share the feelings. It seemed to one that everything went well, and the second could hardly restrain himself so as not to look at his watch again;
  • meeting with another / another turned out to be more interesting. If you have several boyfriend/girlfriend candidates in mind, the next one you’re invited to date might seem like the best one.

What remains? One out of two. Or overcome unpleasant awkwardness and cancel the planned evening, risking running into contempt or resentment. Or go to a meeting out of pity, fear of explaining yourself, offending, and then all evening looking for compromising evidence for a couple, allowing you to end the conversation.

Both situations are it’s best to avoid them by delaying the invitation.

Then it will be possible to set up a rendezvous by telephone conversation, through social networks, or in-person (if people often run into each other). Below are a few rough phrases that you can use to suggest your next date.

“I loved that dinner/concert/museum/club so much! With you, everything was much more interesting. Can we do it again in a few days?

“You have intrigued me a lot and I want to get to know you better. How about a second date?”

“Last time, you didn’t talk about your favorite memory. And I want to know what it is. Would you like to share it in another pleasant meeting?”.

What to talk about on a second date?

Surely all questions about work, hobbies, pets, and other open topics have already been asked. Then what can we talk about?

1. Last meeting.

  • Recall what the interlocutor said last time. Deepen the questions. A person will be pleased with the fact that his words or preferences are remembered.
  • Share the emotions that arose during the meeting.
  • Laugh at the nervousness that tormented before the first date.
  • Explain what you liked about the person at the last meeting.

If the last time he/she did, said (a) something incomprehensible or unpleasant, it is better to discuss it right away. A polite conversation in a calm tone will help solve the problem, avoid misunderstandings, and get to know a still unfamiliar personality more deeply.

2. Plans and goals.

  • Find out life priorities (family, career, self-development, etc.).
  • Ask a question about where he/she would like to live (in a small town or a metropolis, at home or abroad).
  • Directly ask about the main goals for the future.
  • Ask to imagine that the relationship has already formed. Learn about your place in the plans of man.

What is desirable not to touch at all is the in-depth financial issues. To get to the bottom of specific amounts, to concentrate on the current and potential earnings of someone who is barely familiar, is a bad form.

3. Memories.

  • Ask them to share their favorite childhood memory.
  • Share the most exciting/scary/happy moment. Ask to tell the same.
  • Play “I never…” (Russian version of the game Never have I ever).
  • Talk about school or student years, especially about funny incidents.

Remembering funny cases, a funny incident is a pleasant thing. What can not be said about the difficult periods that you want to forget as soon as possible? In such situations, it is important to carefully monitor the reaction to the question and carefully switch the subject if the person clearly does not want to stir up the past. The second conversation is not yet suitable for revealing secrets and touching on old wounds.

A typical mistake is to talk about previous relationships in detail. You can name the general reason for the breakups, but it would be nice not to touch the dirty details. Excessive admiration for an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend also looks suspicious.

4. Family.

  • Ask about the identities of the next of kin.
  • Learn more about relationships between and with parents, siblings.
  • Ask about the personal ideal of the family (who is the leader, who works, how many children).
  • Find out about the opinion about civil marriage and the legalization of the union.

Not everyone is lucky to be born into a wealthy family. It can be difficult for an opponent to talk about their family squabbles. It is advisable not to put pressure on the person with such questions in this case. If the interlocutor himself wants to tell about the difficulties, it is important to listen to him without interrupting. And after a while, it would be nice to change the subject to a more joyful one.

How to Invite on Second Date & 16 Topics for Conversation.

How to end a rendezvous?

If you liked the person.

  1. Unlike the first meeting, the second allows you to invite to the next date immediately. However, this does not mean that this right can always be used. If the partner is in doubt, it is better to wait with the invitation, using a pause for reflection.
  2. Offering a relationship already at this stage is taboo. Of course, there are couples who, after just a couple of hours of communication, decided to be together, got married, and then “lived happily ever after.” However, if you look at the statistics, the number of such marriages is scanty. In addition, many such a move will seem strange.
  3. Saying goodbye coquettishly, jokingly, or seriously, whether to immediately clarify where and when to meet next time – all according to the situation. The only advice: it is better to be sincere and speak from the heart. Openness attracts to itself and helps to immediately see if a person is suitable for something serious.

If something went wrong.

If the understanding has come that you don’t want to build a relationship with a person or it won’t work, with the “verdict” it is advisable not to delay. Otherwise, the partner will build castles in the air, because by silence they gave him hope.

Refusing is hard. There is embarrassment, guilt. However, this is better than lying and taking each other’s time. In addition, it will be much easier to break up after the second meeting than after the fifth or tenth. How to do it:

  1. thank for the date, briefly emphasize the dignity of the interlocutor;
  2. directly, but in a polite manner, to say that nothing will work out;
  3. be sure to state the reason for such a decision;
  4. apologize for the time taken, attention;
  5. wish you luck in finding the right person and leaving.

Speak softly, calmly, respectfully, without accusation, but openly, avoiding any ambiguity.

Although the second date is not as memorable as the first, it opens the interlocutor from a new side. If the features noticed in a couple are pleasant, intriguing, that’s good. If not, the second meeting fits perfectly into the concept of the last one. The previous rendezvous was the most unforgettable, romantic, and emotional, but the second rightfully deserves the title of the most informative and useful.

How to Invite on Second Date & 16 Topics for Conversation.

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