How to Keep a Man: 9 Basic Rules

How to Keep a Man: 9 Basic Rules. To win a man, women have their own tricks. But there are whole manuals for this. Naturally, the conquest of a man is only half the battle, he must somehow be kept near him. It is no secret that long-term relationships between a man and a woman sometimes end in separation and divorce. There are also betrayals that do not depend on you, women.

However, in most cases, everything is in your hands: you yourself can fight for your happiness. If you really love your man and parting with him will be a big loss for you, then you will certainly need the help of a specialist who will tell you how to keep your beloved close by.

Of course, there is no single answer to this question for all women, since each woman has her own character, and the situations that lead to separation are different. According to family psychologists, any woman of her chosen one can both push away and keep. Psychologists have developed general advice for women on how to keep a man. Here are some of them.

1. You need to take care of yourself.

Being married, most women begin to relax. Initially, women justify this behavior by the fact that they are on maternity leave and they simply do not have time to take care of themselves. However, as practice shows, many women continue to treat their appearance the same way even after the decree. During the decree, they are already accustomed to gaining excess weight, cellulite becomes familiar to them, and some even refuse beauty and makeup salons at all – why waste time and money on this when my husband loves me like that? Unfortunately, this is not the best way to keep your loved one near you. Over time, he begins to look at such a woman not as his wife, but as a piece of home furniture. That is why you should always remember that you are a woman first and foremost!

How to Keep a Man: 9 Basic Rules.

2. Pay attention to your clothes.

This is where underwear comes into play. A man should constantly experience the feeling that for him you are trying to be constantly attractive and sexy. And he must feel it all the time.

3. Become diverse.

Everyone needs something new from time to time. After all, the constant, although good, becomes boring very quickly. Therefore, change something in your appearance. Moreover, it is not worth changing radically, but it should not be neglected either. Change hairstyle, makeup, hair color, manicure, and other little things.

4. The instinct of a conqueror for a man is the main thing.

Following this statement, constantly make sure that he tries to win you over again.

5. Become more important in his eyes.

Artificially inflate your price. To do this, change something in yourself. And don’t be afraid to experiment. In order to keep the man of your dreams near you, for him you must become the ideal and irreplaceable woman that many men dream of.

How to Keep a Man: 9 Basic Rules.

6. Make him jealous.

Sometimes a man needs to be given a reason to be jealous, but don’t overdo it. Let it be insignificant, but still a reason. The main thing to remember here is that on the basis of jealousy, a lot of all sorts of stupid things and even crimes are committed. To cause jealousy does not mean at all that he needs to change. It is enough just to make it clear to your chosen one that he is not the only one and other men are showing interest in you. In this case, he will definitely try to keep you near him.

7. Don’t love your husband too much.

One rule should become the main thing for you: you can only love yourself too much. Only in this case, you will experience much less disappointment. If a woman, because of great love, dissolves in a man, then they do not like it. Men like women who have dignity and character.

8. Home comfort.

A man should go home with impatience and pleasure. Prepare a delicious dinner, do not load him with your problems from the door until he talks about his own, if any have arisen during the day.

9. Intrigue your loved one.

In order to keep a loved one near you, you should not fully open it in front of him. Let him constantly look for riddles from you. You must prove to him that you still have something unknown to him. Try to get a lot of questions in his head, to which he will constantly look for an answer. Give him hope that you will open up to him soon. But it is not at all necessary to do so.

To do this is quite simple: create some kind of understatement. Start intriguing him on the phone with the fact that you learned something about him, and then abruptly end the conversation, saying that they call you on the second line and you can only talk to him in the evening. The main thing is to make a man languish in anticipation. Keep him in the dark for as long as possible, and then you can tell him some stupid thing from his childhood, for example, that he was afraid of frogs.

Of course, these tips on how to keep a man should be used only as needed. If you abuse them, then you will simply stop believing.

How to Keep a Man: 9 Basic Rules.

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