How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time? 50+ Tips

How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time? 50+ Tips. Evening, the city calms down and turns on the night lights. The guy is standing at the girl’s house, preparing to say goodbye to her and thinking as he goes: “Say just“ bye ”? Or muster up the courage to hug her, kiss her on the cheek? But what if you take a chance and touch your lips? How will she react? Suddenly get angry? And if I don’t do anything, he will think that he is inexperienced, indecisive. How to be?!”. So how to kiss a girl? How to prepare for such an event and guess that the chosen one is also waiting for him?

How to behave before a kiss?

1. General rules.

Before the kiss, she probably wants to get a dose of romance. Kissing a guy for a girl means trusting him. She uses all the time up to the “X” moment to check if the young man deserves her trust.

To justify her hopes, it is important to monitor your speech and behavior. This means no vulgarity, provocations and aggression, topics about the former, or problems. Instead, it’s better:

  • be polite and courteous – give a hand, help with outerwear, open the door in front of her, set aside a chair;
  • listen to her – she will be pleased to spend time with an attentive gentleman. In addition, she “accidentally” can share her dreams of a kiss or relationship;
  • talk in a positive way unobtrusively mentioning their strengths (without boasting);
  • tell jokes – if she sincerely laughs at the jokes – congratulations, she will most likely want to move on to the next step.

2. Compliments.

The most important thing in the art of pleasant words is sincerity. No matter how good the young man is, his chosen one will surely feel the lie.

Good compliments for a girl are always unambiguous, do not cause “left” thoughts. And so that they are not banal, it is better to make them detailed. Not “You’re beautiful” but “You have a very graceful and feminine figure.” not “You have a great perfume but “I like sweet notes in your perfume. They match your personality.”.

3. Eye contact.

When she speaks directly or begins to tell something important, eye-to-eye contact will be necessary. But even without this, throwing at least rare glances at her is still desirable. Otherwise, she will think that she is not interested, and then the chances of a first kiss will noticeably decrease.

If the couple finds a common topic, starts joking, then the “staring game” will no longer seem so difficult.

How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time? 50+ Tips.

4. Touch.

It is impossible to fly to the girl with a bear hug as soon as she appeared on the horizon, or to squeeze her by the waist all the time, or even lower. In the right approach, all movements are smooth and gradual. It is important to give your partner freedom so that she has a chance to accept some kind of touch or refuse it. What can be done:

  • while walking a couple of times “accidentally” touch her hand. If she doesn’t mind, doesn’t move away, and puts her hand in her pocket, it’s time to try to gently take her hand in yours;
  • offer her a hand. You can ask directly or just stick out your bent elbow and smile;
  • tuck her naughty curl behind her ear, brush off an eyelash, wipe a speck on her face.

But just before kissing a companion, you can already openly take her hand, get closer. But even at this stage, everything is done as smoothly as possible. Otherwise, she may be frightened, embarrassed, and recoil.

How to understand that she is ready for a kiss?

It is unlikely that you want to get into an unpleasant position, trying to kiss the one that does not want this at all. The trace of a slap will disappear quickly, but shame and a sense of humiliation will not dissolve so soon.

Here are a few signs that a girl wants to kiss and is ready for it:

  • she looks at her partner’s lips, licks, and bites her own;
  • plays with his hair exposes his neck, and strokes it;
  • stares intently into the face does not avoid eye contact;
  • leans closer, lets herself in;
  • touches the shoulders, chest, face, hair of the guy;
  • looks coquettishly from under the eyelashes and smiles at the intersection of views.

It would be nice to analyze and find several such signs at once. Individually, they can be random or mean something else.

How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time? 50+ Tips.

How to kiss a girl for the first time?

1. Approximation.

  1. Shut up. Look into her eyes. Reduce the distance to a step.
  2. Take her by the hand or gently around the waist and gently pull her towards you or get closer yourself.
  3. Take a short break. Leave your hands on your waist or gently touch her face.
  4. Gently bring your face closer and touch your lips. Before that, you can quietly say about the desire to kiss her. Most likely she will answer something like “Kiss so” or just smile.

2. Main action.

  1. Gently and lightly press your lips to hers. Make a few short and soft touches in this style.
  2. Wait for her response. Until then, no push.
  3. Start gently cupping her lips with yours.
  4. If everything is fine and she does not mind, you can lick her lip with the tip of your tongue.
  5. Does she use her tongue too? You can move on to French kissing. Not? It is better to continue with a simple technique.

3. Completion.

  1. Was there a french kiss? Go simple.
  2. Slow down the pace of movements, the force of pressing the lips.
  3. Gradually move away so that the mouths barely touch each other.
  4. Loosen your grip, slowly move your face away.
  5. Look into your eyes and smile pleasantly.

Then you can look at the reaction of the couple and, depending on it, continue to kiss, say a compliment, or take a step back.

By learning how to kiss a girl correctly, when to do it and how to end it, a guy will significantly increase his chances of a relationship. Of course, you can please your companion with a better and more pleasant second, fifth, thirtieth kiss, but she will remember the first one. And why be nervous and fix later what can be done perfectly the first time?

How to prepare for a meeting?

This should be a planned date, then it will be possible to prepare in advance for the “battle”. It’s even better to set the meeting place yourself, since not every location is suitable for a couple’s first kiss.

To kiss means for the first time to seriously violate personal boundaries. This means that all the action will take place more successfully in a comfortable environment, away from the hustle and bustle. To get to that stage of a relationship not suitable:

  • loud concerts, parties with large crowds;
  • sports competitions with emotional fans;
  • domestic environment, including ambiguity;
  • friendly meetings or gatherings with relatives.

However, you can kiss after the same discos or performances, but after the hormones and noisy music in the ears subside. The next kisses, of course, can take place in such conditions, but only when the level of trust is higher, and awkwardness is lower. And for the first time, the following alternatives are suitable:

  • cafe, quiet calm bar;
  • cinema (optionally the last row);
  • walk in the park, square;
  • separate rides (Ferris wheel, but not “orbit”);
  • the area near the entrance.

Location is not the only dilemma, which is to be solved. More importantly, hygiene. Preparing to see a girl, a neat guy:

  • take a shower and use deodorant or antiperspirant;
  • brush your teeth and grab a mint or gum just in case;
  • wash his hands (they most likely will have to touch the girl’s face);
  • shave or tidy up his mustache, beard, if he grows them;
  • refuse cigarettes, alcohol, food with a specific smell.

Women have a well-developed sense of smell, so the girl will surely notice if the guy has ignored at least one of the listed points.

How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time? 50+ Tips.

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