How to Kiss a Girl The Right Way?

How to Kiss a Girl The Right Way? A kiss is one of the most pleasant and breathtaking moments. You know what the perfect kiss should look like from an outsider’s point of view – you’ve seen it so many times in movies. But in reality, you have no idea how to kiss a girl correctly and what you need to do with your lips, tongue, and … hands. Seeing and doing are two different things.

Also, your lover doesn’t help you much: you
want to kiss her and you suspect she feels the same way, but her
shyness prevents you from moving forward. What’s a guy to do?

Don’t worry, I’ve put together a comprehensive kissing guide covering everything from when and how to kiss a girl to indecision issues. 

Your lady won’t wait forever, so let’s start with the most valuable kissing tips.

How to Kiss a Girl The Right Way? 15 steps to the perfect first kiss

1. Make your breath pleasant

Check your breath: brush your teeth, chew gum, refrain from strong-smelling foods, and smoke before kissing a girl.

Do your best to avoid bad breath. The touch of the lips should cause only pleasant sensations, otherwise, it can quickly turn from a beautiful fairy tale into a horror story. Don’t let this happen!

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

a shower, wash your hair, take care of toilet water (one spray will be
enough!) or scented shower gel, in general, the fragrance is up to you. A kiss
is not only the contact of lips, but also the interaction of bodies (hugging, stroking,

Girls love to run their hands through their hair, run it through their fingers. And if the hair is greasy and dirty, it will be unpleasant and you will immediately miss kissing. Make sure you don’t have dandruff (it can be eliminated with special shampoos from the pharmacy).

adore men who smell good, and this plays a big role in captivating
your beauty with a dream kiss. Proper hygiene is sexy.

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3. Prepare your lips 

If they are cracked or dry, use a lip balm or lip balm (unflavored). Think of it as a cream, just in an easy-to-use package – a tube of lipstick. I do not urge you to carry it with you, but at night before going to bed you can smear it so as not to scratch the girl later. Well, or take the usual baby cream.

Ideally, you should be clean-shaven so as not to scratch the girl, or the stubble should be long and soft enough not to irritate her skin. Girls have delicate skin on their faces and they really hurt and feel uncomfortable when you cuddle.

4. Compliment

you are already alone, it is good if you sincerely say what you like about her. This
will create the right mood, focus attention.

  • You can thank for a wonderful evening, say that you
    felt good and do not want to leave now.
  • Praise her for the things you love about her, such as her
    dimple, soft voice, beautiful eyes or velvet eyelashes, how much you
    enjoy listening to her laugh.
  • You can tell her directly that you
    like her. If she likes you too, she will probably say it, and it
    will be a very intimate moment that will encourage a kiss.

5. Make physical contact

kissing a girl on the lips, lightly touch her shoulder or arm. It is also appropriate
to hold hands.

Look at her
reaction to see how open she is. Do it naturally, but
be observant: what is she doing? How does she respond? If she
is not open to physical touch, then she is not ready for a kiss.

  • If you’re sitting next to each other like in the movies, try positioning your hand so that it’s lightly touching, or your knees touching. You can also hug her easily. If she reaches out to you – this is a good sign, evades – you should wait.
  • When you walk or talk while standing, try touching her while talking or taking her hand.
  • You will have a rather awkward first kiss if there is enough space between you to park a truck. So move closer.

6. Shut up and make eye contact

When it’s time for the kiss, let the tension build-up by silently looking into her eyes for a few seconds. In general, any kiss is preceded by silence and eye contact.

The girl who is waiting for your kiss will lower her eyes and look at your lips.

7. Slowly start leaning towards her.

A good
rule of thumb was voiced by Will Smith in the movie Pickup Rules: The Hitch Method:

“It’s important in the first kiss, after going 90 percent of the way, to hang until she passes … the remaining 10.”

Tilt your head slightly to one side to avoid collision. You can take her head in your hands and gently tilt it in the direction that suits you. Otherwise, noses may collide.

 8. Kiss with slightly parted lips

Gently, as if you want to taste what her lips taste like. Yes, it’s scary to start kissing a girl for the first time, but remember – she is already here, now, with you and also really wants this.

9. Keep your eyes closed while kissing.

likes to open their eyes and see someone looking at them.

No matter
how long or short your kiss is, remind yourself that closed
eyes are a sign of pleasure. By closing them, you show how
pleased you are.

However, don’t close your eyes too soon. Better do it right after your lips touch. Closing prematurely can cause you to miss her lips.

How to Kiss a Girl The Right Way?

10. Keep Kissing Like a Pro

your time, freeze, stretch the pleasure. Kissed softly –
stop, look into your eyes and return to your lips again. Hug her.

You can use the following professional technique: with gentle touches, focus on the lower, and then on the upper lip, alternating between them. Do not connect the language yet!

The mouth is slightly ajar, you can gently grab her lip and hold it for 2-3 seconds.

11. Use your hands

her hair, face, back, neck, and shoulders. Even though the hands
are not involved in the kiss, there are a few things that can help make it even more

  • Touch her neck, face, shoulders.
  • Place them around your waist or back to hug you (but be careful not to get too carried away and make her feel like she’s in a bear hug).
  • Gently run your hands through your hair and gently touch your face. Let the movements be natural – do everything slowly.
  • Enjoy what you are doing right now.


If you’ve
had a little kiss and everything is going well, then it’s time to try the tongue. When
you’re ready, stick your tongue out a little. Never force it.

‘ll be honest with you: for a girl, more tongue doesn’t mean more fun.

Here’s how to insert
your tongue: once your lips have touched, gently insert the tip of your tongue into her
mouth and for a moment gently and smoothly touch her lips and pull it back in. Don’t
try to stick it all in there and move it from side to side. It‘s terrible. 

If she responded with
her tongue to yours, then you can stick your tongue out again and “greet” them. But
do it gently and moderately.

13. Minimize Drooling

salivation will make the kiss nasty. If you notice
a lot of saliva, stop for a minute and swallow. You can at this moment
look into her eyes and smile. It’s all-natural.

, to take a break (for example, you are suffocating from excitement and lack of air)
– kiss gently on the cheeks, ear, neck. At this moment, inhale and exhale as you

14. Take your time

Do not hurry! Enjoy the kiss, live these new sensations, get high. Don’t be afraid to be too slow, it’s impossible. The slower the kiss, the more erotic and tender it is. And the more he will like and remember the girl.

15. After a kiss, smile

with your appearance that you liked it (if it really is). You don’t have
to say anything, and you don’t even have to apologize! She answered you, it was a
mutual desire and pleasure. Try to feel confident.

Most likely, the girl will also smile in response (don’t forget, she is also nervous). If you want to repeat, you can say something nice, like:

“You are
so amazing (beautiful, amazing, wonderful)!”

And again lean in for another kiss.

How to Kiss a Girl The Right Way?

How long should the first kiss last?

One of the confusing questions of most first kisses is
how long should it last?

Better to keep it short and sweet than to linger clumsily
with your lips pressed against hers or torture the girl with your swirling tongue.
Remember that it should be pleasant, you should be thrown into a fever a little, your
heartbeat should become more frequent.

If you like it, you can step back for a few seconds
and then come back again. This allows you to take a break and make the kiss sexier.

At the end, you can say the magic phrase:

“I’ve wanted to
kiss you for so long”

This statement works great and has a very
positive effect on the girl. 

What is the perfect kiss?

wants their first kiss to be perfect. But what does perfect mean? In
my opinion, the perfect kiss is one that happens between two
people in love with an attraction to each other. And as long as the intentions of the couple are good, then the kiss
will be good.

So do
don’t worry if it doesn’t go the way it’s shown in the movies! By the way,
even if you turn to them, you can see that everyone kisses differently.

is manifested in everything – the position of the hands, the head, the body, the inclination towards the girl, and
the distance, even the very “attachment” to the lips of each actor is different.

, you will have your own personal style. If she reaches for another kiss to you
herself, then you are delicious, sweet, perfect for her.

worry about technical details. Just make sure that when you suck her
lips, the pressure on them does not increase (do not turn into a vacuum cleaner). This should all
be done in a gentle and gentle manner.

My first kiss was terrible, yet I fell in love with this guy. He sucked my two lips at the same time and so hard that they then hurt for a very long time and badly. At the time, it seemed to me that this was the only correct option. Yes perishing, not lucky his wife.

How to choose the right moment for a kiss?

kiss the girl you like, the first thing you need is to find a
secluded place. This is very important, especially for the first kiss. People
who are nearby can distract and ruin the moment. 

in the cinema during the film is not recommended, especially for the first kiss. 

The second
thing to pay attention to is the right moment.

When to do it? If you’re on a date, kissing usually happens towards the end, especially the first time. As for the number of meetings, there are no clear dates. Some teenagers can meet for a month and never kiss, and girls at the age of 26-30 are ready to kiss on their first date.

By the way, read How to invite a girl on a date: easy ways (opens in a new tab).

In general, the best time is when you want it. If you feel that the atmosphere is conducive and the moment has come, then act!

hesitation will expose you as an indecisive person. Or the girl will think that she is not
interesting to you and will no longer want to continue such a “fruitless”, in her opinion,

How to kiss a girl when you’re nervous?

It’s normal to be a little tense before kissing someone. Moreover, this does not depend on age, some people did not have their first kiss even at 25 years old.  

If you
yourself or your girlfriend are very shy and have never kissed before, then the
best solution is to take it slow. Don’t be sassy or impudent,
let things happen naturally. Let’s say you planned this moment,
and then it didn’t happen – it’s okay. After a while,
come back to it and do it.

If a kiss on the lips is too frank for you, then you can first gently kiss her hand (just bring it and press it to your lips, opening them slightly), or in the same way, gently kiss her on the cheek. 

Any of these options can develop into a real kiss on the lips now or a little later.

What if something goes wrong?

What if your
heads collide? Or accidentally bump your teeth with your
mouth open? Or will there be too much saliva?

Any of
these things can happen (although hopefully they won’t), and the best
way to protect yourself from them is to have a good sense of humor. If something
goes wrong, just laugh and keep kissing. The most important thing is
that you are both in love with each other, so all these little things don’t really matter.

How to kiss if you have braces

  • If a girl has braces, just don’t focus on them. Kiss on the lips lightly and gently, then everything will go smoothly.
  • When you have braces, it’s very important to brush your teeth and avoid problematic foods that can get stuck in them before you kiss.
  • If you kiss a girl with braces, then be careful with their back – there are the sharpest elements.
  • In case you both have braces, don’t worry, your braces won’t bond! It’s just a myth.

What to do if a girl does not want to kiss?

are two main scenarios here.

 If she doesn’t want to kiss you but other physical
contact is fine. For example, holding hands or hugging with pleasure.
In this case, you should gently hug her and tell her that you really
like her very much. If she does not run away at the same time, then kiss her on the cheek or on
the hand, and ask if she wants to go with you sometime next time?

You can get ideas for dates here: Where to invite a girl on a date – 27 cool places (opens in a new tab).

Or you can
tell her straight out that you respect her boundaries but really want to kiss her.

 If she doesn’t want to kiss you and hasn’t been open to
other types of physical contact. In this case, she is only interested in being with you
as a friend. Of course, you can say that you like her and would
like to ask her out again, maybe the next time will be more

flirting with her again in a big group, and if you don’t get the response you want,
it’s best to leave her alone for now and move on.

And already read and learn how to kiss a girl for your new hobby. With the one that will be really interested in you and in love. How to Kiss a Girl The Right Way?

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