How to know if a guy likes you?

If your superpowers do not include the ability to read the minds of men, then surely you, at least once in your life, have been in a situation where it’s not so easy to say unequivocally whether a guy likes you.

Is it an innocent flirtation or something more serious, just a friendship or the beginning of a new romance, a colleague, a friend, or maybe the man of your dreams? Are you lost in conjecture, trying to understand what is going on in his head? Don’t despair! Our fourteen proven expert signs will lift the veil of the secret of his heart and help you understand if he has serious feelings for you.

How to know if a guy likes you? 14 signs he likes you

  • He asks if you are free.

Does the guy ask you personal questions? Trying to find out if you have someone? This is the first and quite obvious sign that he likes you, and he is trying to understand whether it is worth taking the first step. Questions about family, friends, your plans for the weekend are a clear signal that he is five seconds away from falling head over heels in love with you.

  • He looks into your eyes while talking.

Have you started to notice that he looks at you during a conversation? Do your eyes meet when you say something, or does his eyes search for yours during a conversation? Here is the second sure sign that the guy is clearly interested in you. A recently published study in a reputable journal states that eye contact is an important and integral part of a man’s romantic feelings for a girl.

  • He slows down.

Is the young man slowing down his walking rhythm to keep pace with you? Sometimes it is not always easy to understand right away, especially if you have not known each other for a very long time. But this, imperceptible at first glance, detail speaks volumes. American scientists in the field of psychophysiology have proven that when a man tries to walk at the same pace as his companion, this signals his attachment to her. It is also worth noting that when it comes to two male friends walking side by side, each of them speeds up his step, unconsciously trying to overtake a potential rival. Apparently we are not as far removed from our wild ancestors in the field of courtship as we might think.

  • He jokes all the time.

According to a survey conducted by one authoritative publication, a sense of humor is one of the five most attractive character traits for the opposite sex. Therefore, if He desperately jokes, tries to cheer you up, sprinkles with jokes and funny stories, and is ready to easily win the title of Mr. Wit, then you can safely assume that the guy has adopted a proven seduction tactic and his goal is to win your attention.

  • He offers his help.

Offering you help with a move, fixing a faucet, studying for an important exam, or moving a heavy couch in the living room? Here is another sure sign that he cares about you and wants to be important to you.

  • He turns towards you.

If you are in the company of friends or colleagues and you constantly notice that the guy turns to you with his whole body during a conversation, this is another signal in the piggy bank of evidence that he has feelings. Body language is a fairly significant argument when it comes to our attachments. People involuntarily, and sometimes without noticing it themselves, turn the whole body or part of it towards the one to whom they experience positive emotions and with whom they would like to make closer contact.

  • His friends are trying to leave you alone.

Sometimes if a guy is shy and it’s not easy for you to understand what he feels about you, his friends can come to the rescue. Take a closer look at how they behave if you are all in the same company. His friends leave you alone, invent a thousand and one ridiculous reasons to go somewhere, leaving you alone? You can safely assume that the guys are trying to help a friend win your heart.

  • He notices the smallest details in your appearance.

Usually guys are less attentive to small details than girls. But the picture changes when the guy is in love. He is able to notice the smallest details of your appearance and their changes. A new haircut, a different eyeglass frame, a fashionable handbag – all this will not go unnoticed when he is in love. The only question is, will he tell you that he noticed all this? Or he will delicately remain silent, trying to remember every new detail from the image of his beloved.

  • He finds a reason to touch you.

The way we touch each other says a lot. And often the language of touch is much more eloquent than words. Gently, as if by chance, he touched your hand, slightly held his hand at the waist, helping you step over the puddle, brushed off the hair that fell on his shoulder? The guy’s heart is in your pocket and he is completely fascinated by you. And even if he tries to hide his feelings for you, his body betrays his interest and signals the presence of feelings.

  • He remembers every detail you tell.

Our life is made up of little things. And when a young person can remember without hesitation that in school your favorite subject was literature, and in kindergarten you dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, what is your cat’s name or that you are crazy about vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, all these are clear signs that He has a strong interest in you. The guy who tries to remember all the details that you tell is serious.

  • He calls you by name during a conversation.

In the course of research in the field of relationships, scientists have noticed that a person experiencing romantic feelings often calls the object of their love by name in a conversation. Even the way we pronounce the name of another person speaks volumes. If a young man smiles when he says your name, his eyes glow, he is enthusiastic and a little excited, or gentle and a little timid, then you can be sure that he likes you.

  • He’s trying to impress you.

If your partner is a confident type of man and you can’t call him shy, then it is quite expected that he will make active attempts to impress you. Like peacocks, fluffing their colorful tail, showing off in front of a female, a brave man will demonstrate his dignity in all its glory. If suddenly you notice that the guy is very eloquent, speaks loudly and gesticulates a lot, as if showing off, talks about his achievements, successes and skills, then you should take note that most likely this whole performance is aimed at winning your heart.

  • He is the first to make contact.

Another verified evidence that a guy has an interest in you is that he takes the initiative in his own hands and is the first to contact you. Whether it’s a simple message on messenger, a phone call, a funny video, or a link to a review of a recently released movie, he thinks of you and looks for an excuse to start a conversation even on minor topics in order to be closer to the one he is in love with.

  • He tries to meet you during the day.

It would seem that such an insignificant detail as the time of day also matters. If a guy shows up in your life not only on a late Friday night for a romantic dinner with a sequel, but also wants to have coffee with you at lunch, go to the movies after work, walk around the city on the weekend, then this is not just a fleeting romance, but about the presence of serious intentions on his part.

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