How to know if a husband is cheating, with accuracy?

They met for the first time when they were in college. Polina flew into the audience when the conference had already begun, there were a lot of people, there were no empty seats. Andrei was on the floor, high, with three squares and one of two houses. Then their eyes met, a conversation began, and a real spring happened in her life.

If you learn on the course, you can choose between two courses. Family life went on as usual, children, home, work. And suddenly something changed, Andrey began to linger more often at work, phone calls became more frequent, during which he went to another room so that she would not hear the conversation. Did he have another woman?

Cheating and its functions from the point of view of psychology

“The bank called fidelity is a very serious bank. It is worth making one deposit on the side and that’s it – your account is closed. From the movie “Semyanin”.

Most often, betrayal is a sign that the spouses have a disharmonious, conflict relationship.

When there is no mutual understanding in the family, there is intolerance towards each other. That is, behind the betrayal lies a psychological dissatisfaction with family life, a lack of love and respect.

However, there are situations when such a phenomenon as treason occurs in psychologically well-off families. A man enters into a relationship on the side when he wants sexual diversity. And a woman – when she lacks attention, a romantic atmosphere of adoration and admiration.

Kazimierz Imelinsky, a Polish sexopathologist, believes that the craving for treason is due not only to marital problems, but also to a person’s natural craving for new experiences and adventures. Personal characteristics of a person, such as sociability, the desire to establish new contacts, can also contribute to the establishment of new relationships.

The functions of adultery, according to the research of N.I. Oliferovich, candidate of psychological sciences:

  • the ability to compensate for feelings of inferiority, increase self-esteem;
  • the opportunity to involve your partner in solving unmet needs in marriage;
  • the possibility of saving the marriage by fulfilling one’s needs on the side;
  • the possibility of ending failed marriages;
  • playing family scenarios learned in the parental family.

There are two points of view on change. For example, Carl Whitaker, an American physician and family therapist, considers having a lover or mistress on the side as psychotherapy for one of the partners.

Check your man if he cheated on you or not

Traditionally, this is the case in the world – this is a problem, it is a problem. Adultery affects not only the relationship of the spouses, it affects the children. In adulthood, they can repeat the parental scenario in their family.

How to find out if your husband has a mistress?

“Women somehow immediately guess with whom we are ready to cheat on them. Sometimes even before it crosses our minds.”

George Bernard Shaw

How can a woman understand by what signs that her husband has a woman on the side?

  • The man began to change the wardrobe.

I always went to the same one, and suddenly I began to buy myself new fashionable things. This may be a sign that he has another woman, but there may be other explanations of the code.

For example, he participates at work in negotiations with foreign delegations and there is a certain dress code. Or from the workshop he moved to work in the office, where a completely different style is required.

  • Began to linger after work.

Maybe he was, and really loaded with extra work overtime. But, if he comes home after a hard day of work full, and his eyes are satisfied, then we can assume that joy is not in work. Especially if this is repeated with enviable regularity, and his additional work does not affect earnings or promotion in any way.

  • It is not available on the phone, it is not heard, it is on the mobile phone that is on the phone.

He began to lock himself in the bathroom with a phone, secretly reads text messages. But it cannot be ruled out that your husband has serious problems at work that may lead to dismissal, or there are difficulties with the law, and he does not want to devote you to his troubles.

  • He was always calm about his body hair, and then he suddenly began to shave his armpits and inguinal region.

If this was not your request to him, then there is reason to think.

  • I began to avoid closeness with you under various pretexts.

No, this may indicate depression, high STR stress, or health problems. However, there are men who do not interfere with having intimacy at the same time with their wife and mistress.

  • The man went to the gym.

Probably to keep himself in shape for a new woman he likes, or he has health problems that can no longer be put off.

  • Are you sure that your husband lies to you all the time.

Or caught him lying several times. No way it is written in Japan by different languages, not by any means.

  • You have health problems associated with a sexually transmitted disease.

Here in this case it is difficult to find another reason, except for the betrayal of her husband, provided that both of you have never had such diseases before.

Please note that there are no 100% reliable signs of a husband’s infidelity. One woman will have some signs, the other – others. And they may be wrong in their guesses.

Remember the story of Tavinho, the hero of the Brazilian TV series Clone. He never cheated on his wife, but acted like he did. He lied that he was at work, and at that time he was on the beach, running and doing fitness. He cared a lot about his appearance, but he did it only out of love for himself.

If you suspect your husband of cheating

If you suspect your husband of cheating, you have two ways to find out the truth. Hire a detective or set up surveillance of a man yourself. It will not be as entertaining as in the movies and very expensive in monetary terms.

Or try installing DIALOG, and express your doubts. No it isn’t the third-party language that is available to you. Often a woman “with all her skin” feels that her husband is deceiving her, and her intuition does not fail her.

Perhaps it is better to do as the English writer, novelist, Anthony Powell said: “When you are being cheated, it is better to be in the dark, but if the blindfold is already torn off, then it is preferable to see clearly than unclearly.”

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