How to know if a Man is in Love with you? 20 Signs

How to know if a man is in love with you? is not an easy task, however, today I will share 20 signs that will confirm his feelings.

You just have to keep reading carefully and discover the signs that will indicate that he wants you more than as a friend.

Sign #1: He compliments you often.

How to know if a man is in love with you

Pay close attention to this sign because it will reveal his feelings for you.

If he tells you how cute you are or how well you do things on a regular basis, but also highlights your virtues, he almost certainly loves you!

Flattery is a good sign of attraction, so don’t go unnoticed, they can tell you that that special man loves you.

Sign #2: Trying to impress you

If a gentleman is very attracted to you, he will undoubtedly try to impress you.

He will want to let you know that he is smart, brave, great, in short, that he is an excellent match for you.

How to know if a man is in love with you is a matter of observation, sooner or later he will give himself away!

How to know if a boy likes me will be the question that you will solve if you continue reading.

Sign #3: He listens to you very carefully 

Have you noticed that the guy you like listens to you very carefully, remembers most of the things you say, and almost never contradicts you?

Well, dear friend, it is a fairly obvious sign that he is fascinated by you.

This attitude only shows that he wants to be nice to you to please you because, ultimately, he is interested in you.

He wants to find things in common that connect you to give the impression of being compatible with you.

In this way, you will more seriously consider him as a possible candidate; so if you like him, don’t miss the opportunity to share more with him and get to know him better.

Sign #4: Find excuses to be with you

How to know if a man is in love with you will be easier to discover if you notice that the gentleman you want for you wants to spend a lot of time with you.

A boy attracted to a woman does not miss an opportunity to be with her and share pleasant moments.

If you perceive that he is closer to you than before and that he does many things for you to include him in your routine, it is only due to one thing: he is in love with you.

Sign #5: Look flawless

How to know if you like a man

If he likes you, you will notice that he looks impeccable every time you meet him, his appearance will speak for him!

A well-thought-out look, a good hairstyle, and a special scent will indicate that he does not want to give you a simple impression, but the best impression.

The fact that he places so much emphasis on his appearance as one of his methods of conquest is a sign of eminent infatuation, so don’t hesitate, to let yourself fall in love and enjoy love.

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Sign #6: Does he treat you differently than other girls?

Be very careful how you treat other women; If the treatment is equal, he may not be that much in love, but if he flirts with you and does not pay much attention to other women, then he could be.

When you get a chance to be around him and other women, watch how he behaves and start drawing conclusions.

If he is more chivalrous, polite, and seductive with you, then you could be the apple of his eye.

Continue reading and how to know if a man is in love with you will be very easy to discover with the signs that I share with you.

Sign #7: Pay attention to body language

A great way to sense someone’s feelings is by analyzing their body language.

The movements, the gestures, the looks, etc., will bring to light all the feelings of that man.

Some signs of body language to be aware of are:

  • Constant look: A look says more than a thousand words; your intuition will warn you about what your eyes cannot shut up. Also, if you notice that his pupils are very dilated, surely the emotion invades him pleasantly.
  • A lot of nerves: If you feel more nervous than usual, he blushes when he sees you and holds you close, if you notice that he trembles, sweats, or sighs frequently and he has a hard time communicating clearly, surely he is more than delighted with you!
  • He smiles more than usual: When he is in your company, he tries to please you by smiling a lot, which is an excellent conquest tool to captivate your heart.
  • His hands and toes will be directed towards you: Although it is an unconscious action, it means that his attention is 100% on you.

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Sign #8: He seems a little jealous

Although it sounds a little strange, jealousy will indicate that this boy has a great attraction for you.

You can perceive, for example, that the man to whom you tell most things does not like conversations involving other guys or goes into alert mode when someone flirts with you because he will feel threatened.

While jealousy isn’t a good sign, it could help confirm his feelings for you.

You already know that when we fall in love, we want to have the attention of that loved one and we do not even conceive of the possibility that their feelings belong to someone else.

Sign #9: Imitates you

It is not at all strange that if someone has an interest in you, they imitate some of your gestures, movements, postures, and even your vocabulary, be it consciously or unconsciously.

It will be very evident because he will smile when you do it or touch his hair once he sees you perform that action; that is, it imitates you so that you notice it.

So when you are close to that boy, pay close attention to his behavior, and if this sign is present, it is most likely that you share feelings.

If you want to know more about the subject of falling in love, consult the article published by, and how to know if a man is in love with you will be a matter of understanding the signs.

Sign #10: He looks at your lips a lot.

male body language

If his gaze focuses on your lips, it is a very obvious sign that he is dying to kiss you, but it also means that you have him quite in love and that you stay up late.

He wants you very much and it will be a matter of days for him to decide and declare his love for you.

Pay attention to this and the rest of the signs that will help you understand the feelings of the gentleman you like.

How to know if a man is in love with you is a matter of knowing how to read his language and that’s it, so go find the necessary clues to decipher it.

Sign #11: Pay attention to his words

In the midst of jokes or phrases with double meanings, he may be confessing all his feelings.

Do not miss any detail of his speech and analyze his words and conversations, you will find many clues!

If you want to know how we choose our partner, be sure to read this article published by

Sign #12: Subtly flirts with you

It’s not always so easy to identify when someone is flirting with you; however, when it comes to seduction, there are some aspects that are impossible to hide.

If he is playful, tries to make contact with you, looks into your eyes and lips, constantly teases you, and flatters you, he will surely want to conquer you.

Some other signs of flirting are:

  • He strives to make you feel good and comfortable whenever they see each other.
  • Offers to do you favors.
  • He constantly asks you if you like someone.
  • Laugh more when you’re around.
  • You notice that he looks at you a lot, even more so when he thinks you are not noticing.
  • He turns his body towards you when you talk to him.
  • He gets very nervous when they meet by chance.
  • They preen very frequently when they are seen.
  • His eyes light up once he has you face to face.
  • He sends you songs where he declares his love for you. In addition, it makes use of social networks to get your attention, likes most of your posts or comments on them.

Sign #13: Talk about yourself with mutual friends

If several of your mutual friends tell you about their interest in you, it is sure that he is delighted with you!

He will express his liking for you with the intention that it reaches your ears and you can have more information about his feelings.

He could even persuade said friends to ask you about him.

Therefore, if you suspect that a man likes you and your friends casually tell you about him, it is very likely that he is also attracted to you.

How to attract that special person is not so complex if we put everything on our side and resort to the true details that make us fall in love.

Sign #14: Shows interest in your hobbies or hobbies

An excellent indicator that he likes you is the fact that he begins to show interest in your hobbies and interests.

That is, even if he is not a big fan of movies, sports, or yoga, he makes an effort to share these topics with you and is interested in what you are passionate about.

This is a sign that you cannot lose sight of but that, in addition, you must value highly because not everyone will take on the task of analyzing what you really like and share it with you.

Sign #15: Calls and texts you frequently

Signs that a guy is attracted to you

Once the man you love is in love with you, you will begin to notice that he writes to you more frequently and his calls become recurrent.

Maybe when he calls you, he just wants to hear your voice and not necessarily because he needs you for something specific.

Don’t be too surprised by the attention he is giving you, he is absolutely in love!

Enjoy that interest and reciprocate if it is the case.

Sign #16: He always has time for you.

Nowadays, we are almost completely absorbed by our obligations, so we have little time to enjoy the really important moments in life.

Now, if despite this, that boy seeks time to be with you, it is because he is interested in you, there is no other explanation.

Try to accept their invitations with pleasure and make them quality meetings and conversations.

Take advantage of this moment of love that life is giving you and try to make the most of this experience and all the romantic plans that you can share.

Sign #17: He likes to accompany you anywhere

If this man accompanies you even in the most boring things, such as going shopping or to the bank, he likes you enough to prefer being with you in any situation, even the not-so-fun ones!

He just wants to spend as much time as possible with you because you are his goal to conquer and the more shared experiences they have, the greater the connection they will establish.

Sign #18: She cooks for you and always makes you feel very special.

If you perceive that he focuses on pleasing you, cooks for you, is always ready for you in almost every way, invites you out, and strives to make them quiet places and to your liking, also if he proudly introduces you to his friends and family, dear friend, this boy is not only in love, but he wants you as his partner for a long time!

How to know if a man is in love with you is easier to find out if he shows you his love with conclusive evidence of affection.

Sign #19: Fight to win you over

When a man is hell-bent on seducing a lady, he will do everything in his power to achieve it, even if she is not interested.

You will notice that this guy is going to treat you like the most special woman in the entire universe.

As I told you before, he will fill you with compliments, he will always want to have you close, he will stare at you with shining eyes as if you were a goddess, he will smile more than usual when they see each other, he will worry about you and protect you.

Let yourself fall in love and do not resist if you also like it!

In addition, I invite you to keep in mind the mistakes that women make in the conquest phase so that you avoid them and build quality relationships.

Sign #20: They magically match

How to attract that special someone

Perhaps you have noticed that you meet that special boy, as if by magic, in the places you go; that is, they meet mysteriously and unexpectedly.

Well, I must tell you that only 40% of the time it is by chance, the remaining 60% are meetings meticulously planned by that man who wants to be with you.

They do not meet by magic or by chance, he is in charge of propitiating them on purpose to keep you closer and interact, for that simple reason he attends the same places as you.

Do not doubt his intentions, he likes you, period!

How to know if a man is in love with you will now be very easy with the above signs, do not lose sight of any and discover the mystery!

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