How to know if we are compatible in love [Version 2022]

Sometimes when we fall in love, we wonder how to know if we are compatible in love with that person.

To answer you, imagine the following scenario:

You are walking unawares through a corridor of your university. It’s a beautiful afternoon and you just got out of class.

Really, you didn’t pay much attention since your mind only has room for that boy who gives you butterflies in your stomach.

Unfortunately, he has no idea of ​​the attraction he generates in you.

Suddenly you bump into someone and all your books fall to the floor, they both lean in and their hands make contact at the same time as their gazes.

What a surprise, it’s him! Smiling, he grabs you by the waist and gives you the kiss you dreamed of a few minutes ago in class.

Wake up! Life is not always a fairy tale and this kind of thing happens, by far, once in a lifetime.

Therefore, today I will solve your big question: how to know if we are compatible in love .

In addition, you will learn how to know if a man is in love with you without having to expose yourself.

expert advice

I think that to fulfill your dreams and achieve your ideals you must make an effort and learn new things every day that allow you to do so.

Although many do not know it, on the sentimental level things work in a very similar way.

If we are not clear about this, a crush can become quite frustrating, no matter how old we are.

There are some keys, not very well known, to know for sure if someone likes you more than as a simple friend.

Even if he is shy or very closed with his feelings, with these keys you will discover it.

Such cues can range from icebreaker questions with a man to learning to watch for necessary cues.

This is a classic situation:

You like a partner or acquaintance, you can’t stop thinking about him day and night, but you can’t get solid proof or confirmation that this feeling is reciprocated.

And it is that sometimes situations are more complex than simply asking a cold and direct question.

I invite you to read « How to know if he likes me: 10 confirmed signs » , so that you can check his true feelings towards you.

Maybe you’ve been friends for a long time and you don’t want to damage the friendship, or maybe you work together and you don’t want to risk creating an awkward situation if it turns out your friend doesn’t see you that way.

The main point is that sometimes it can be very helpful to feel confident that the other person likes you before taking the next step.

It may not sound very mature, but it is a reality.

How to know if we are compatible in love, if there is a person in your life that you cannot “read” properly?

We offer you the main signs to know for sure!


According to numerous studies in the field of psychology, a slight mimicry indicates desire.

This means that if someone tends to mirror your posture, the way you stand or cross your hands, it could indeed be a case of attraction.

This behavior is unconscious and usually occurs when both are together and alone.

To learn more about the subject, check out the article on, it will surely interest you!

Even knowing a little more about this could give you the keys to conquer more safely.

Excuses for physical contact

Tips to discover if you are attracted to the boy you like

Sometimes it is not easy to differentiate if they are lucky coincidences or if your boy is acting, for this reason, I receive hundreds of emails a day with the same subject: How to know if we are compatible in love ?

And rest assured that when someone falls in love with another person, they usually find excuses to get some physical contact.

For example, that special man in your life might ask you to help him with something, or he might even manage to take you to the beach and play games in a way that warrants contact.

She may also sometimes walk through a tight space in the office when she could have gone somewhere else, just to get your attention.

This is one of the signs that he is really in love and you didn’t know it!

always laugh at your jokes

Sometimes, even ourselves, we realize that the comment we made in that meeting was certainly not so funny.

However, he rewards you with a smile: he found it hilarious.

In this case, dear friend, psychology teaches us that the fact that someone laughs or not at your jokes or jokes is one of the most important indicators of interest.

He knows this is significant because choosing not to laugh would be an active display of dislike.

Falling in love with a man by making him smile is possible, you just have to be very nice and funny!

Ask about your past relationships

Curiosity about past relationships can become a sign of hope for romance.

This perhaps means that the person is beginning to imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with you.

Every time you ask yourself: “ how to know if we are compatible in love ”, keep this sign in mind since obtaining information about your relationship history allows you to visualize yourself as a romantic partner.

This heightens your fantasy, intensifies the attraction, and eliminates the old mental image of a purely friendly relationship.

Inquiries about past relationships establish the existence of a legitimate interest.

This is a way to differentiate someone who is truly crazy about you from the typical Casanova man who repeats box phrases like a parrot and only wants to take “one more” to bed.

If your guy wasn’t genuinely interested, he wouldn’t even question himself enough to ask about that sort of thing.

Find out how interested he is in you with the accurate Love Interest Calculator .

Change your route to be close to you

How to know if he likes me

Also in many cases it has been observed that people who have a love interest for others often deviate from their usual paths to be close to who they are attracted to.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that these people are going to try to stalk your house or spy on your backyard (that would be too disturbing).

But they may frequent that shopping center that is close to your house or decide to attend events in which you will also be.

In other cases, they make excuses for both of them to do errands together, basically because they know that they are details that make people fall in love .


Another very easy sign to identify is when you notice that this person seems to be concentrating on what you are saying.

It doesn’t make conversations revolve around itself, quite the opposite: it invites you to express yourself and participate in the conversation.

For better or worse, in today’s busy world, people often don’t take the time to learn about others unless there is a genuine interest.

remember important dates

When someone is interested in another person, they will remember events such as their birthday, or the fact that there are plans to go on vacation at a specific time.

There are dates that, many times, not even your friends remember.

People who aren’t family or close friends of yours usually don’t remember those details unless they’re really paying close attention.

Of course, if you have the date of your public birthday on social networks, for example, this does not apply.

he is chivalrous

Signs that indicate that he is in love with you

Unfortunately, it is a quality that in past generations characterized most men, but today it is a rarity.

Therefore, another definitive sign that a man is interested in you is when you notice that he treats you in a special way.

Whether it’s bringing you a coffee, giving you a lift, or offering to help you set up your new TV, when he makes a concerted effort to get your attention, he’s actually showing his affection for you.

Although there are men who are chivalrous and behave like this with every lady, if you notice that it is you who receives preferential treatment, rest assured that you will catch his attention.

It is very likely that instead of feeling that he should, he wants to do these things for you since they are born from his heart because you have captured him.

Remember: chivalry and taste are also reflected in male body language , so pay attention to these aspects.

Difficulty making eye contact

This is personal advice that I can attest to thanks to my experience as a coach.

When I decided to write an article on “ how to know if we are compatible in love ”, this was one of the first signs that came to my mind.

I remember very well that when I was very young it happened to me all the time.

Although it happens to people who are very shy a lot, also the guy who possibly likes you can feel incredibly nervous around you.

This can happen often, especially in situations outside of everyday life such as parties or meetings.

Many friends have told me that when they feel an intense attraction to someone, but try to appear calm, they can’t maintain direct eye contact with whoever is on their mind.

Now, what happens when a man looks you straight in the eye , remember that a look is worth a thousand words!

Anyway, if he is a difficult guy to figure out, you can learn how to make an introverted man fall in love with you , it will be much simpler.

Invites you to meet friends or family

Another clue that a man is really interested is when he introduces you to the important people in his life.

Not only does inviting you to meet his friends and family allow him to show you a different side of himself, but it also helps him judge the possibility of a future.

To be clear, when a man introduces you to his friends and family, he takes you very seriously.

Therefore, he wants to see how you interact with his loved ones to determine if there is potential for you to have a real future together.

After all, if you don’t get along with his friends and family, his hopes of being in a relationship with you may be dashed.

Also, by introducing you to those loved ones, he also seeks to gain an impression about you.

Without a doubt, he is clearly interested if he chooses to include you in these different meetings, events and occasions.

 His feet always point your direction

According to numerous specialists and behavioral experts, including myself from my own experience, feet pointing towards you is often a strong sign of affinity.

This happens because people generally orient their body towards the source of their desire.

A very easy sign to identify, one more step towards our goal of how to know if we are compatible in love!

I invite you to read the text to discover more secrets about body language.

How to know if we are compatible in love: Find reasons to hang out with you!

How to know if we are compatible in love

This is another small detail that could have a big meaning.

Does the person always try to create opportunities to spend time with you?

Maybe he sends you a link to tickets to see your favorite band, or mentions a show he knows you really want to see?

Coincidence? I don’t think so, as this is usually one of the best indicators that your man is secretly looking to spend more time with you.

Gets angry when someone else tries to seduce you

Fortunately, by learning how to know if we are compatible in love, we can get to know many aspects of the person we are interested in and some are not positive.

Jealousy is perhaps one of the most undeniable signs of deep desire for someone.

When someone feels jealous when seeing one of his friends with another person, it is because he feels that his place is being usurped.

He feels jealous because he feels like he has failed and sees all his dreams and hopes of being romantically involved with you destroyed.

This is one of the most direct signs that you can read in that man who steals your sighs, it is almost a total confirmation!

Unfortunately it is common that, due to the complexity of the situation, your boy decides to distance himself and can even cause the friendship relationship to deteriorate.

Nobody wants to see in the front row how the person they like is being conquered by someone else without you being able to say anything.

To finish, I must admit that knowing what happens inside another person’s head is definitely not easy, it takes a lot of practice and keeping all 5 senses awake.

But, when it comes to someone in love, rest assured that you will find some very strong indicators to confirm it.

Likewise, you can rely on the couple compatibility test to rectify all those signs that you have identified.

In addition, if someone you know presents several of the behaviors described, we invite you to take control of your destiny and start being happy by applying our infallible ” Magnetic Desire Method “.

Insecurity is now a thing of the past as we learned how to know if we are compatible in love.

We are certain that with our help a new stage full of love, emotion and fun will begin in your life.

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