How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons

How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons. The statistics of female infidelity fluctuate depending on geographical data, the age of the respondents, the type of adultery (one-time or permanent). And this is not counting such a factor as lies in the answers. According to various sources, in 40-70% of families, wives cheat on spouses or have done so in the past. And although the gap between the indicators is large, even its minimum figure makes you think and involuntarily look at your missus. So how do you know if your wife is cheating?

Signs that a wife is cheating on her husband.

1. Picky about appearance.

She begins to find fault with her appearance. Just like that, all of a sudden, without an objective reason. When asked why she decided to dye her hair and exchange jeans for dresses, she gets angry or answers something illegible. Usually, traitors begin:

  • buy sexy translucent underwear, sweaters with a deep neckline, short shorts/skirts;
  • wear heels when they go somewhere without a spouse, although they used to prefer other shoes;
  • observe hygiene more carefully, remember to shave your legs and intimate areas more often;
  • take a shower/bath not only according to the usual daily “ritual”, but also before going out somewhere;
  • apply “ceremonial” makeup, manicure, use perfumes, creams more than before;
  • fight with the shortcomings of the figure – train, adhere to proper nutrition, go to salons, although before “there was no opportunity/time/strength”.

In general, she begins to behave as in the first years of meeting her husband. She is again trying to impress, but most likely she is no longer a spouse. Not mine, anyway.

2. Indifference to the assessment of the husband.

On the street – she is a goddess, any fees are a search and elimination of minuses. However, at home, she stops caring for herself the way she used to. She doesn’t care if she attracts her husband. Bathrobes, strange and sometimes even frightening masks, curlers – the husband becomes a witness to the reverse side of beauty.

The wife now does not seek to charm, seduce the faithful, she does not care how he reacts to her. Any compliments and criticism pass by her ears, without touching the treacherous strings of a windy soul.

How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons.

3. Blockage at work/study.

Sadistic boss, end of the work quarter, tender, colleague/classmate who asked to replace or does not want to help in a joint project, untimely session, “tails”. The list is huge.

Meet tonight? Not worth it. Spend “to work on Saturday”? Nope. Come help with business? Absolutely not.

She will ask or even demand not to come to her place of work/study. Will motivate by the need for freedom, trust, put forward an argument like “The girls will laughWhat are you like with the little one?. Or maybe submit a lie in a beautiful wrapper “I don’t want you to strain / you’re so tired / it’s so cold there, you’ll get sick more ”.

4. Girlfriends.

Surely she has friends, but lately, she has somehow been visiting them too often. Or the wife remembered her classmates, classmates, colleagues from her former job and decided to see everyone at once.

Asking friends about your missus, where did she wear it until 3 am, is often a waste of time. Obviously, they will hide her “hobby”. Or, quite often, they will not be aware either. Because Lida / Katya / Olya came to visit, but left at 21:00. But where she was the rest of the time – even the FSB will not figure it out.

Another situation is that she has a “new girlfriend”, with whom she is in no hurry to introduce her husband. Needless to say, it may not exist at all? Or perhaps “girlfriend” would mean someone with not friendly intentions at all.

5. New hobby.

Yoga, dancing, cooking classes, art classes, literature clubs that she hadn’t even mentioned before. True, she goes to them somehow irregularly or too often, she doesn’t show ads/site, she doesn’t speak clearly about the place where everything happens.

She does not want to show what she has learned – she is probably shy. What they did in the classroom does not immediately remember. However, after a couple of weeks or months, this problem disappears – lying becomes a habit and becomes not so difficult.

How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons.

6. The battery of the village.

She constantly, even during off-hours, has her phone turned off, although this was not the case before. Hit parade of excuses:

  • the battery is dead, I forgot to charge at home;
  • there was an urgent unforeseen meeting, could not turn it on;
  • the phone is constantly buggy, probably broken;
  • forgot to turn it on after work;
  • I didn’t realize I left my phone at home.

Still, possible options are “offended”, “you call too often”, “tired of SMS from the operator”, “I wanted to be alone”. When used once, they often turn out to be true. But with regular repetition … It’s not difficult to guess.

7. Restricting access to gadgets.

Her laptop, and even more so her smartphone, is a forbidden area for her husband. With barbed wires, angry grinning dogs, and guards of the same kind. When the enemy (husband) approaches the designated area, the siren immediately turns on. Usually, it sounds like “Don’t touch!” on the highest notes. The interception speed increases to the “cheetah” mode.

The spouse is now talking in another room and in a muffled voice. All gadgets are password protected and always with her.

8. Changes in sex.

There is only one thing for sure – it will not be the same as before. There are several options for the development of events:

  • the wife became more passionate in bed, she often has a playful mood, she no longer “has a headache” (especially when she returns from somewhere);
  • the wife suddenly began to experiment, to ask her husband about something new, in which she is surprisingly good;
  • she is cold, constantly not in the mood, repels her husband if he shows the slightest caress.

Sometimes one state changes into another.

9. Ignoring the spouse.

She no longer notices her husband. He ate, slept, went to work, was upset because of something – the wife does not see this or reacts somehow sluggishly. A few more clues:

  • stops cooking, cleaning;
  • does not praise, does not call affectionate nicknames;
  • stops listening to the stories of the spouse;
  • all the time making plans without the participation of her husband;
  • often “hovers in the clouds”;
  • goes to bed earlier.

Nevertheless, with amazing skill, she can combine this sign along with the next, contrasting sign.

10. Irritability.

Her husband annoys her. She finds fault with every little thing, screaming, sarcastic, condemning his qualities and actions, even if she liked them before. Any mistakes of his faithful inflates to the size of a prehistoric mammoth. May make fun or snap in front of his friends.

Her criticism is often unfounded, but cruel. Naturally, he does not talk about the reasons for such changes, he only gets angry even more. Sometimes he deliberately provokes quarrels between “I don’t notice you” modes.

How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons.

11. Strange gifts.

She has gifts, and with enviable regularity. Who gave? Yes, anyone: a friend, grateful clients, sympathetic colleagues, subordinates, a random passer-by, “found”. Most often it is:

  • underwear;
  • bijouterie;
  • flowers;
  • perfumery.

Sweets, soft toys are also not excluded… If she’s not a doctor, an elementary school teacher, or a nanny, then things are bad. Although these professions can play a cruel joke. Beloved teacher, to whom the kids and their parents give flowers all the time – it’s so convenient. Not a lover at all, no

Her stock of money increases dramatically. She buys new things for herself. But not for my own money, and not even for my husband’s finances.

It is fair to say that these signs rarely appear one at a time. Much more often they are provided as a whole package of services and relatively abruptly, unexpectedly. Therefore, if the beloved woman showed only one or two “symptoms of infidelity”, it is better to look for other explanations for her changeability.

Why is she “working on two fronts”?

If she does cheat, then a natural question arises “why are you still with me?”.

At first glance, it seems logical to leave a partner if he suddenly ceased to suit, and someone “better” appeared on the horizon. Break up and you can do whatever you want. However, in reality, women still make lovers without leaving the family. And some, it seems, do not want to change this alignment at all. Why can a girl choose this path:

  • spouse and lover complement each other. A typical example: a husband is kind, caring, sweet, but on the other hand, in a gentleman on the side there is such passion that his legs give way. And I don’t want to refuse the first, and the second beckons;
  • there are small children in the family. She is tired of her husband, she loves another, but she worries about the child, his psyche, and how painfully he can react to the divorce of his parents;
  • material dependency. She is afraid that she will be left with nothing, because her husband is the main earner of the family. At the same time, the lover, as a rule, is a typical gigolo or is “in search of himself”, unable to provide a couple;
  • fear of public opinion. It is easier for her to hide, to keep a heavy load of secrets, than to admit to the world that she has an imperfect marriage. Parents will not understand, girlfriends will look strangely sideways, neighbors will vigorously discuss;
  • fallback, or low self-esteem. She is not sure of herself. He meets with two, so that in which case at least someone stays nearby. Her biggest fear is being alone.

Rarer reasons are fear of a husband (he will kill him if he finds out), pity for him (he treats me well), revenge (if I get a lover, he will immediately come to his senses).

How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons.

Why is female infidelity worse than male?

This is not a preconceived opinion, but a well-founded fact. There may be exceptions, but they only prove the rule.

Etienne Rey put it best: By changing, a woman gets much more pleasure. For a man, this is an insignificant episode. Her adultery always expresses vengeance, passion, or sin.

This explains why there are more male one-time infidelities. Ladies prefer long-term relationships, get used to lovers more, drag out novels longer, thereby increasing the number of betrayals, even with one man.

Change is a hard blow. However, constant uncertainty, uncertainty, helplessness, fear of betrayal are also not the best companions. The signs from this article will tell you exactly how to find out if your wife is cheating. Having determined for sure whether the spouse has someone on the side, it will be possible to think over the situation, find a way out, save yourself from torment. Forgiving, changing, or breaking off relationships is already a purely individual matter.

How to know if your wife is cheating: 11 signs and reasons.

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