How To Know That She Is Using You? 25 Signs

Even adult men find themselves in a situation when a girl uses them for some of her own purposes for whole years. What can we say about young guys who are as twisted by girls as they want? How to understand that a girl is using you, manipulating you for her own purposes, and divorcing you?

How To Know That She Is Using You? 25 Signs
How To Know That She Is Using You? 25 Signs

There are quite a few not very good girls and women in the world who arrange their lives using the men around them. It is much easier to twist a man or man to get something you want for free than trying to work hard yourself. The fair sex learned to manipulate, use and ride on a man’s neck.

As a result, men realize after months or years that they were simply used by women for their own purposes. So after a divorce or separation, a man’s eyes open. Usually, they stay like that at a broken trough when there is no money, apartment, health, and desire to live. How can you not get angry with the one who deceived you for so long?

Such a situation does not suit men, because many of us fall into such cunning traps, due to our naivety, excessive love, and love for female charms. How to understand that a girl is using you, and also what to do about it? Here is a list of red flags that should warn you that this beauty is not crushing on your personality, but only with the aim of profit. Signs of a man’s divorce, as well as the use of his selfish purposes by insidious women.

25 Signs to Find Out She is Using You or Not

1. She determines your worth

The fair sex loves from the very beginning to find out the thickness of the wallet, the availability of an apartment, place of work, and the amount of a man’s salary. She can ask about your travels and pastimes to find out the level of wealth.

All this is often not idle and curious, but a common mercantile interest. If a girl shows excessive interest in your finances, then this is rather strange. Maybe they are going to use you, not love you?


2. She makes you jealous

Does the girl flirt with others, talk on incomprehensible numbers, receive unknown messages, and communicate with murky men? Someone brings her up in cool cars, flowers and gifts appear out of nowhere?

Why do girls all the time throw firewood and even add kerosene to the fire of jealousy? A girl makes you jealous to show her relevance, and also to make a man invest more in her. But if you don’t do it, then a replacement will quickly be found. Get out your credit card quickly, redneck!


3. She does not introduce you to loved ones

The girl avoids introducing you to close people, relatives, friends, and girlfriends. This may indicate that you are perceived as a temporary or camping option. She considers you to be her boyfriend, but not for a long-term relationship. It is possible that someone else is already presented as her man, and you do not fit into her life in any way, except as a loser in the friend zone.

4. She manipulates you

How to understand that a girl is using you for her own purposes? The girl plays you and manipulates you. If you do something that is right, you will get something in return. A kind of barter exchange. Often these are ultimatums when you get hysterical or brainwash. If you don’t do what she wants, then you will be uncomfortable. A girl can be offended, sulk, be silent, ignore and be cold. The girl uses manipulation all the time to make you dance to her tune, with a deep sense of guilt.


5. She is counting on your finances

The girl never pays for anything. Little girls are born for love, and big men are born for work. Your girlfriend took as a principle when you have to pay for everything, as if you took her for your maintenance. The girl is trying to transfer from the neck of her parents or past lovers to your neck.

The girl will hint that you should pay her monthly maintenance, at first simply asking to buy something or give some money. Don’t you think you’re dating a kept woman? She will not hesitate to pull money out of you for something necessary for herself, not wondering how much you have left. All your money is your money, and all her money is her money.


6. She remembers you at the right moments

How to understand what a girl does not love, but uses? The girl pulls you when she needs it on business. Help in something, buy something, pick it up from somewhere, go shopping, do something. It says that you are a real man, which means you should. Often such requests are communicated in the form of an ultimatum and in a commanding voice. This sounds more like blackmail and manipulation than a nice request. You’re being used like an errand boy.

7. She demands gifts

The beauty is ready to share time with you if you buy something but desirable and expensive. Leave teddy bears and other cheap romantic nonsense to other fools, and you can’t fool her.

If you don’t constantly give your girl something of value, then she will not want to spend time with you. She is busy, tired, or out with her friends. Girls’ best friends are diamonds, jewelry, a phone, branded items, a car, an apartment. The bigger and more expensive, the wider her smile and legs.


8. The girl seems to hide you

The girl prefers not to go with you to popular public places, choosing more secluded ones. It is better for a girl to take a walk somewhere on the outskirts, outside the city, or in a little-known place. She will choose to ride a wheelbarrow, but not shine in public. It is very possible that the girl does not want to be seen by her acquaintances or her boyfriends. Suspicious? Suspicious.

9. Girl Sells Intimacy

Is the girl using you? What about your bed and intimacy? The girl is not engaged in free sex, but rather barter? Buy her the latest iPhone, a mink coat, or a wheelbarrow, and she will give it to you. A girl is ready to suck you off right in the car if you buy her a car, but not before. The chick will put on the most beautiful lacy lingerie, but first, a ring or other expensive piece of jewelry.

All this is a sign that a girl is spinning you with sex for gifts and expensive things. Here is the usual household prostitution, way and veiled. If you want to get under her panties, then be ready to pay in full for her body. The higher the price, the more difficult the tricks in bed and the more any perversions to your taste.

No money, no honey! The phrase is translated: “no money, no honey.” This expression was used by prostitutes to hint to clients that they need money, not talk. Does your girlfriend do the same? How does she differ from the representatives of the ancient profession?


10. The girl does what she wants

The girl benefits from communicating with you, but you have no influence over her. She does as she pleases. She does not think about your feelings, thoughts, desires, goals. There is only her wishlist, which is 1000 times more important than yours. You either please her and agree, or go through the forest. The girl does what she wants, and also does not consider it necessary to inform you.

11. The girl is interested in other men

Some heifers do not hesitate to maintain relationships with different men, choosing more optimal and expensive options. She always has some strange acquaintances and dubious calls. The girl is given gifts, flowers, and she has expensive things. The girl often disappears somewhere with her friends in the evenings, nights, and whole days. But the catch is that maybe she spent the night not with her friends, but somewhere in someone else’s male embrace.

12. The girl uses it as a temporary option

Sometimes some chicks do not hesitate to use you for a while until they find a more suitable option. But you are not considered even in the worst nightmares. The girl does not make plans with you, does not discuss the future, does not think about the future. She is with you now, but no one told or promised you about tomorrow. Don’t you think this is strange? It is very similar to the fact that you are used in a relationship, but only for a while.

13. The girl doesn’t care about your problems

When you start talking about problems to a girl, does she try to dodge the conversation, or is she lazy on the phone? Is her broken nail worse than your firing or other problems? A mercantile girl does not care about all your difficulties, because they do not concern her. She does not care about your problems, and even more so. You are only a temporary resource that is being used.

14. The girl wants space

She may not be busy with anything, but she does not want to see you. She loves to spend time with everyone except you. She is ready to free up time for anyone, but you are not one of those numbers. The girl avoids obligations and wants freedom from you. Why then does she need a relationship? Probably to get something in return using a man. But this does not mean that all the holidays and the best time will be for you. It will be for someone else.


15. The girl owes you nothing

Entertain, pay, take care, give gifts, please and please. You owe her a lot of things, like a real man, but she owes you nothing! The girl lives by the principle that she does not owe you anything and is a free person. She is not your slave, cook, mistress, or servant.


16. The girl fights constantly

Does the girl seem to get high from quarrels so that the man is always to blame? She will not be shy in expressions, humiliating your self-esteem and self-esteem. When a woman in a quarrel allows herself too much, then there is not even a smell of love. A girl does not appreciate and does not love a man at all, which means she can afford to go beyond the limits. Therefore, there can be any obscenities, curses, and humiliation of a man’s personality.


17. Girl Makes You Guilty

How to understand that a girl is using you for something? Girls who love to use men often quarrel and regularly make scandals. Why? A guilty man is useful and beneficial to a girl.

You do what she wants, and you also crawl on your knees for forgiveness. What will be there in the teeth to appease a woman? When in a couple of days you crawl with a new expensive trinket or gift, the girl forgives, but only for a while. Doesn’t it seem like a divorce to you, as well as the fact that a girl is using you?


18. Girl with you only in good times

A mercantile girl will be with you only when there is more profit and benefit from you than problems. As soon as you stumble, get less money, have problems, or become poorer, it will simply evaporate. She will say: “Sorry, but you can’t order your heart.” Then the girl will retire in search of another man who can support her. You were used and then asked. Cruel, but what did you expect from a corrupt chick?


19. A girl is not interested in you

The girl is completely indifferent to your life, your conversations, your dreams, and your family. If a girl has no interest in all aspects of a man’s life, then this indicates the absence of the slightest feelings for him. All this is logical and elementary, but one should not blame everything on female inconsistency.


20. The girl doesn’t appreciate your resources.

How to understand that a girl is using and promoting you? Your friend doesn’t care about the time you waste. She can cancel an appointment or make you waste a lot of time on unnecessary things. She doesn’t care how much effort, money, resources, and energy you spent on something. She does not consider it necessary to take care of you, because this is only a temporary option that needs to be sucked to the maximum. If you die at the same time, then she will not be very upset.


21. The girl is selfish

The girl wants to do only what she wants. Your opinion is not taken into account at all. She doesn’t care about your feelings, interests, hobbies. No compromises, agreements, or concessions. Either in my opinion, or – not at all! These are ultimatums where you are presented with a fact or an order from the female side.

22. Girlfriend you dynamite

Do you remember the cases when a girl eats up a round sum in a restaurant or lets you pay for herself in a club, and then merges in an unknown direction? “I do not owe you anything!” – she will say goodbye. We call such girls “dynamos”, who promoted us, but left with a nose. If in a relationship you are also promoted and used, then this is a dynamo girl.

23. The girl doesn’t respect you

A girl comes to you and asks for something, but does it without the slightest respect? Sometimes girls don’t care about a guy at all. When a girl allows herself to disrespect and neglect you, then this speaks of common use. The girl not only dislikes you, but also despises you at heart. She doesn’t even consider you a man, and therefore behaves ugly.


24. The Girl Breeds You

The girl constantly cheats you on something. You have to buy something, do something, give in to something. The girl takes you out for jewelry, gifts, a ticket, an expensive restaurant, clothes. You feel used all the time. Does the girl breed you? Sure. This is definitely not a loving or healthy relationship. Stop buying women’s tricks of manipulation and divorce.


25. Relationships are like a one-sided game

You always do something for the girl, but it is stupid to expect reciprocity from her. The girl only accepts, does not give you. The receiving person has no boundaries, but she is not satisfied. It’s an unhealthy relationship when only one invests in it.

  • Unreasonably angry when you forget to give her something.
  • He does not thank for things, but rather expects to receive them from a man.
  • Making deals using his body.
  • Manipulates and threatens until he gets his way.
  • Reproaches you for being selfish when selfishly wants to get something.
  • It’s always your fault that she’s in trouble or your relationship isn’t perfect.
  • Treat your emotions, feelings, and desires with disdain.
  • Uses the words “real man” with the words “must”, “must”.

How do you know if a girl is using you? Take a close look at your girlfriend to analyze her actions. Listen not to her words, but watch what she does. Is it worth it? Not. Do not allow yourself to be used and to breed.

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