How to know your man and if he needs you?

How to know your man and if he needs you? In the crowd, at parties, on the way home, you come across a lot of men. They are all different and bright. Someone is brilliantly handsome, someone is in a hurry on business and looks at the asphalt. How to recognize your man, make sure that the one because of which you suddenly felt a prick in your heart is the only one?

On the advice of a psychologist, try to try on the following 10 Signs to get to know the man you love and finally become happy.

First sensation

They say that love at first sight does not exist. But it happens that you get to know a person, you feel some kind of inner anxiety, a desire to get to know him deeper, to grab him, take him to you and not let him go.

You can’t say that you liked him outwardly. But inwardly you felt how invisible strings were being formed, so strong that they could not be broken.

And you can also feel how happiness fills you. When you think about it, dopamine is released, which gives rise to a feeling of pleasure and joy.

Such an impulsive feeling can be a manifestation of intuition. She suggests – here is the one with whom you can be comfortable. You want to hug him, love him. You want to support him in difficult times.

Where does the feeling come from that this particular man is yours? Perhaps, once upon a time, you drew an image of him for yourself. Maybe she read about him in a book, supplemented with the missing details. Or saw it in a movie.

This image has been preserved, and at the moment when the man corresponding to it appeared, you felt a special relationship with him.

Believe or not intuition? There is no answer to this question. The only thing that can be said is that such a relationship has a chance. They can be happy for a year, five, ten, all their lives. No it isn’t difficult and it’s not hard to stop, to one of them, to some of the drugs.

The second important advice of a psychologist is that when you feel a deep inner interest in a person, do not rush to make a decision. Give Yourself a chance to get to know Him better, put up with his cockroaches and just feel if You are comfortable with him, if he does not cause negativity and tension.

If the following signs apply to you, you have probably met your man.

TOP 10 signs of “your” person

  • With the man you love, you feel comfortable.

You don’t need to adapt to anyone, change, dye your hair or wear a dress if you love jeans.

How to understand that this is your man?

You can forgo a high salary and go freelance or open a pottery school. If you want, the arguments should be taken from you.

And do you know why that is? He wants you to be happy. Then a fire ignites in your eyes. You are ready to dance with happiness and love the whole world. You do not break yourself, do not try to fit into stereotypes and norms, but bloom like a spring flower.

  • you forget about the past

Problems, misunderstandings, that are related to the stalkyvales in the project, that are in the way of the people who are in the project. You feel refreshed, uplifted, light. Disappointment, self-doubt, anxiety are gone.

Sometimes you remind yourself of a contented, well-fed cat that lies by the fireplace, feeling completely satisfied. It remains only to purr with pleasure.

With the past, all your former lovers go. As long as you want it to be the part that belongs to you, to the individual and to the place where you live. No, he is not the best, not a winner, but he is different, the one you need.

However, it is not possible to speak, so that in this case it is not possible. It is a complete image. If it is disassembled into details, then the feeling of magic will disappear.

  • You feel his protection

There are many stories, fairy tales about guardian angels. They fly in, cover with their wing for protection, give peace and tranquility.

This is how your man can be. Under his wing, you feel like a woman who is not in danger. You are at peace, calm. You have someone you can trust.

  • Your speech changes

Remember how mothers often talk about their child using the pronoun “we”. They do not separate themselves from it, they feel as a whole. With age, the child gets bored with this, and he gets angry when he hears “we”, pays special attention to the fact that he is an independent man.

So it is with a loved one – one day you notice that you are increasingly pronouncing “we”. His name, the pronoun “he” disappears from your speech, the constant “yak” goes somewhere. Inside you united with your man, turned into an integral and inseparable entity.

You can also pay attention to the fact that speech becomes more positive, swearing disappears. This is facilitated by a feeling of happiness, peace and tranquility.

  • He is always there

A man who loves and wants to love you is always there. This is not an illusion or fiction. He meets, sees off, sacrifices his time to take you to a beauty salon or re-paste for the hundredth time.

He does not freak out, does not humiliate you. Accepts your whims. Knowing that you are tired, he buys your favorite dessert or takes you to a place where you can calm down and come in. He seems to become your shadow.

It happens that you do not notice his presence, and then, when he fell ill, went on a business trip or left because you kicked him out, you realize what a huge part of your life he filled.

  • He inspires

For some, even the smallest failures turn into a monstrous weapon for killing desires and plans. He will look at you, and you already know that any of your undertakings will turn into failure.

A loved one will say a word, look at you, and the problem will turn into a petty, annoying misunderstanding. You yourself will be surprised what you were afraid of and why you were so worried. You start dreaming, acting, making plans to implement them.

  • He understands without words

You will know that a man is yours when you realize that he understands you without words. Your look, smile, wrinkle, gesture will be enough for him to hear you, support, help or pay attention to what interests you.

Remember when you were with others, You had to fill the space all the time, speak, find words, remember jokes. It’s that bad, and it’s possible to see that it’s still there, and it’s liquefied.

And with your loved one, you can just listen to the silence and enjoy it.

  • You may not agree

Neobyatelno where all the drugs are. You can have a different point of view on many issues, you both have the wisdom to see the correctness and the right to exist of the other’s opinion.

Variety, as long as it is not accompanied by aggression and attempts to prove that you are right in everything, complements and y.

You understand that you are different people and appreciate it.

  • Independence

Meeting with your beloved, the only person for you, you will understand that you are free. He will not try to subjugate you or turn you into a victim.

And you unconsciously follow this principle – you respect its freedom and independence, recognize its uniqueness and feel that you have no right to remake it.

The models are the same, which are the case and what the original in the project is. In the ideal way for the currents in the second emotional state between the skin and the skin.

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