How to learn to beautifully ask for money and gifts from a man to give?

How to learn to beautifully ask for money and gifts from a man to give? As long as you want to test on the project: under the test. I mentally checked: I had long ago found a solution on Woland’s win-win advice to the heroine in Mikhail Bulgarakov’s novel. It is priceless: “Never ask for anything! Never and nothing, and in features of those who are stronger than you. They themselves will offer and give everything themselves! – respect to you and respect, you know the Russian literary classics quite well.

How is it for others?

In real life, everything is much more complicated. No where the representatives are ten years old and you have to do with one of the liners. Material topic in the clothes that are in the way of the clothes, and to and from those. Women lack confidence that they have rights in this area, even if they are legally married.

And some mercantile young ladies from among those who are “knee-deep” in financial conflicts lack tact, the ability to soundly argue endless requests and desires, they are driven by a wave: I want this and that, too, not commensurate with the financial capabilities of the gentleman.

How can it be that the “sponsors of the wolves” are full and do not endure inconvenience when the companions look into their wallet, and the “cute lambs” are intact, if they decide to ask for a “comfortable life”, we will deal with you together.

To take or not to take – where in what is the first dilemma

The verdict of feminists and self-sufficient persons: in no case do not take it, it humiliates our proud feminine dignity and turns us into those very notorious kept women living at the expense of these unbearable gentlemen. To beg and to beg, in their opinion, in our world arranged differently compared to medieval dogmas -.

The female sex has long caught up and overtaken men in matters of successful business. He knows how to make good money himself and can spend personal capital, a good salary, fees for creative success without looking back and shouting from a partner: where do you need all these rags and bells and whistles.

The truth actually lies in other rules. A woman appears in this world not only to enjoy it, but also to fulfill her planetary super-task – the birth of offspring. During the period of this function, she is financially vulnerable, “falls out of the labor cage” for the period while she is taking care of the baby.

We did not invent a long tradition: he is the earner, she is an equal consumer. To take money from a man is not shameful, But that’s right, if you are reasonable in Your Spending, of course, and are not used to everything at lightning speed “Blow down the drain.” Although some men are sincerely crazy about how their good sweetheart gracefully spends astronomical sums without batting an eyelid. True, these stories are often drawn from the world where “roses are for the rich.” If you are not a representative of the “luxury kingdom”, let’s return to more likely and understandable versions.

The main rule of how to ask a man for money

How to get money: the art of motivating a man?

You will be surprised, but material foresight and insight on the topic: how to painlessly and fearlessly ask a partner for money, came to mind not for women psychologists, but for men working in the field of improving interpersonal relationships.

Either useful skills originated in their heads from their own life experience, or they can calculate their male reactions to female “tricks” better, but as a result of psychological experiments, they have developed and are now successfully applied by their clients, the following “golden rules”:

  • Soft, even a little affectionate and gentle confidence in your loved one is your first trump card.

No hysterical scenarios, the lowest requests with notes of a beggar woman standing on the porch, tearful whining, threats, blackmail, vicious ultimatums with a twisted face. You are in a complacent mood, you will undoubtedly be grateful, you are not in a hurry to sign the false statement “you need a lot and urgently,” trembling internally from the greed and commercialism that tear you apart. It will help – thank you, if it can’t or offers to wait – it’s not a tragedy.

  • Don’t forget to say a fabulous “fee” for two people and privacy.

Not all representatives of the Male Clan can be considered “Rich Pinocchio”, they may not even have such free amounts. Moreover, natural stinginess, characteristic stinginess, the habit of doing only necessary and justified ones will act as an unfortunate plus.

Today, a miserable tranche for shopping at your favorite confectionery and expensive coffee, tomorrow we’ll talk about a ticket to the resort, where do you want to hit the road with your girlfriends. “Tame” the patron slowly but surely, from simple requests to tangible investments.

  • Clearly argue the benefit for the partner, even if it only consists in the fact that at a party in honor of the corporate success of his company, not a single lady will have such a luxurious dress.

After all, you are his woman, his pride, his well-deserved reward and should look 100%, that is, stunning e. The request should not be submitted on a “tray” of Ornate hints, but definitely on the shelves: you need so much money to buy something so-and-so. Result for a man: He will look like a respectable, prosperous, prosperous hero next to a companion thus dressed.

  • Turn on all your magical feminine energy.

Turn into a fairy, the queen of feelings, an object of desire, mischievous, and at the same time a wise Vestal Virgin – the keeper of everything. Don’t forget about the wonders of charm and charisma. Inadvertently express A couple of compliments, try on the role of Affectionate cunning Kitty, Red Wise Chanterelle, Who knows how to fluff her seductive tail in time.

With a hint of rejection, do not turn into an evil fury, skillfully hide your disappointment, maybe you just chose the wrong moment, tomorrow everything can be started all over again.

After reading our recommendations, do not rush to frown in disgust: well, here’s something else they came up with, I won’t participate in all these receptions, it’s better to put on old boots with knocked-down heels again, take a pretty shabby handbag, and proudly go to the store to buy stock products from numbers that were thrown out there today at a discount.

If you like life without frills, your children nearby, deprived of elementary childish joys, do not upset you, curious glances at your long-term unfashionable, fairly “tired” outfit do not hamper – well, all the cards are in your hands, stay unmercenary. Just remember that not all men are quick-witted, not everyone wants to get into purely feminine, as they think, problems with expenses, but at the same time they are by no means greedy, they lack intelligence, to measure the needs of reality with family income.

All our advice in the article lies entirely within the framework of what is useful and permissible for a woman, they do not bear a single drop of coercion in the matter of making a revolution in your material worldview. If you are ready for the new EXT.

In your life, a lot will definitely change into a better, much more pleasant story. A man will get used to the fact that he is a loving sponsor and will wait for you to once again initiate a request for money, or in general, he will throw them up with almost no restrictions and total control over your expenses.

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