How to leave a beloved man painlessly and calmly live on?

How to leave a beloved man painlessly and calmly live on? They say that if you do not see the prospect of a relationship with your loved one, it is better to leave him. So you will give freedom to him and yourself, you will have a chance to meet like-minded people, to find happiness. But these words are easy to say. And when it seems to you that you love, it is almost impossible to break off relations just like that, to deprive yourself of the opportunity to be with your loved one. Read how to get away from the man you love and not break your life, not lose your mind and find the strength yes.

Desire to leave the man you love

Agree, it sounds absurd – you love a man and at the same time want to leave him. After all, if there is love, then you need to cherish it, take care of it, save it. However, sometimes there are well-founded reasons for thinking about parting:

  • The man is married and does not want to get divorced. It suits him to live on two chairs – to have a family and at the same time a mistress. Choosing you, he may be afraid of losing face in the eyes of relatives and colleagues. If you are happy with the details, and it is not possible to do so, it is not possible to do so. However, whatever the reasons, you once understand that the connection with him is a dead end.
  • Fate has connected you with an alcoholic, drug addict, gamer or Don Juan. Instead of love, you get violence, betrayal, fear of losing yourself and being rejected.
  • Your loved one is a tyrant or a jealous person who does not allow you to live and breathe freely. He controls your every step, humiliates. No way in the cup with the children, the sport, the spa; sometimes uses force.
  • You’re actually trying to get away from a man you don’t love. It still seems to you that you love, but an inner voice says that your relationship is a scam. For love, you took jealousy, addiction, a desire to have a young man, an attempt to conform to stereotypes, the words of others that a man is an enviable groom.
  • In your relationship there are always conflicts, quarrels, deceit. You are exhausted and often feel empty.
  • The relationship you want to end is not the first one, and you’re just afraid of what people will say. You also worry that you will never find someone who will love you again.
  • Fear of loneliness. The fear of being alone is one of the strongest. At the same time, women often do not understand that it arises not because they really will not meet anyone else, but under the influence of stereotypes, self-doubt.

Whatever the reason for the thought of leaving the man you love, there will be EMO-rational tension. Feelings of loss, fear of being alone, doubt, pain, disappointment, depression, even suicidal thoughts are what you will have to face. Tears, bitterness, disappointment, sleepless nights – Companions who will settle in Your Heart and will follow you day after day.

How to leave a man?

It seems that you say goodbye and leave – what’s difficult? However, it is difficult to leave even that man whom you do not love. What can we say about the situation when your heart is filled with love, your heart beats frantically at one moment.

How to leave a man?

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you announce your desire to leave a man, think carefully about your decision. Take a piece of paper and write down all the pros and cons of your action. Don’t limit yourself. If you have almost decided to leave, do not control your feelings by consciously not writing down the cons of parting.

After the list is ready, read it, perhaps additional thoughts will appear. The point of the program is 0 to the 10th. And 10 will correspond to the maximum importance.

The next step is to sum up the number of whether you are ready to leave. If yes, do what you have in mind. If you’re still in doubt, give yourself time to think again.


Only in the event that you are afraid to surrender to your loved one and change your mind, do not trust him so much or worry that he will use violence, should you communicate your decision in writing. In all other cases, it is better to meet and discuss everything calmly. Invite a young man to a cozy quiet cafe and express your thoughts there.

A personal meeting is associated with a lot of tension, but at the same time helps to avoid the discomfort of sobeleni. If you want to know where you are and that fact, you have to have a little time when you are there.

If you want to cry on the last date, cry – let your feelings be alive.

Avoid conflicts, swearing. It is better to leave friends, especially if you have children, mutual friends, interests.


The first time after parting, you will be bitter, you will constantly want to cry. No need to stop yourself, cry, roar. The more fully and freely you express your emotions, the easier it will be in the future.


No word, it’s two and there’s a word – it’s not about that state. On the contrary, it is important for a girl who decided to leave a man to figure out what to do with them. Gifts from a loved one, his shirts, or a sock accidentally found under the bed can open up internal wounds. At the same time, if under the influence of an impulse you throw everything away, in a few years you will feel bad about it. You want to look at the photos, remember the past, but nothing will remain.

Therefore, it is better to immediately decide what you will do with the things of the already former young man, and what you want to know about.

If you lived at His House, it is better to pack all your things so that later things do not serve as a reason for meetings and an attempt to prolong the agony of relationships.


If you have made the decision to leave, told your boyfriend about it, but you yourself cannot accept the current situation, Write Letters to yourself. Address them to your young man, ask for advice, tell about what happened to you.

Letters will allow you to go through the breakup more gently, not to interrupt the communication that has become part of you. At the same time, they can return to the Recordings in the future, analyze them, find their weak and strong points, and work out emotions.

New life

Once you’ve calmed down a little after the breakup, it’s time to start looking for yourself in a new life. Remember your hobbies, discover theaters, travel, strangers, sign up for courses, fitness, please yourself in a beauty salon or spa center. All this will open the doors to a new life for you, give you interest, inspiration.

Meet your friends, get creative. Over time, when the wound on the heart heals, you can try to go on dates. As practice shows, no one is left alone, and most often new relationships arise. Buy only one of the projectiles that is sold in the fiasco, be careful with the number of people.

Conversation with loved ones and a psychologist

Sometimes a heart-to-heart talk with your mom or a friend brings harmony to your soul. You open your world to them, cry out grief and pain. Using experience, wisdom, empathy, they help you calm down.

In some cases, after a decision has been made to leave a man whom you love or don’t love, it’s worth a paltih. This must be done if you are depressed, you cannot return to life, you perceive the young man as your own savior.

It’s not easy to leave the man you love. Before making this decision, weigh all the pros and cons, and only then follow the voice of your heart and mind.

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