How to make a Colleague fall in Love with you?

How to make a Colleague fall in Love with you?
How to make a Colleague fall in Love with you?

How to make a Colleague fall in Love with you? In love with a colleague: the right way to deal with love in the workplace.

I noticed her the first day when she went to the office. Then I sat at my computer and paid no attention to anything around me because I was too busy with work.

However, when the boss walked in and introduced her to us as our new work colleague, I felt out of breath in no time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman more beautiful than her.

She introduced herself to all of us and when she reached out her hand to me and smiled at me, I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. I thought, “What is happening to me?” “Chill out. Take a deep breath, ”I said to myself.

I only interpreted my reaction as a passing feeling since I haven’t had a girlfriend in a long time and she was so beautiful, so I thought it was just a first impression and a passing reaction.

Over time, she integrated well into the team and learned very quickly. I always watched her out of the corner of my eye when she goes into the kitchen for coffee and I’m sure she is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Her eyes, her smile, her posture, and her graceful walk. You have to see her, I’ll tell you. It would grab your attention and impress you. She looks like an actress, no, like a top model.

Day after day it drives me more and more insane. Once we had a Christmas party at the company and although there were a lot of us in the room, it somehow got to the point where we both started a conversation.

I’ve laughed like never before in my life, I’ve laughed tears, I’ll tell you. In those few seconds, minutes, or hours, I don’t know how much time has passed, I realized that she is my dream woman in the truest sense of the word.

Yes, yes, I know it may sound a bit premature to you now because I don’t really know her well, but deep down I felt an attraction that I haven’t had in a long time.

How to make a Colleague fall in Love with you?
How to make a Colleague fall in Love with you?

I even thought it might be the alcohol, even though I didn’t drink much. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I could feel something so strong for a person I knew so little about.

But over time I realized that I was madly in love with her. In love with my colleague from work.

She is in front of my eyes every day and I can’t touch her, hug her.

I can’t wait to go to work to see her and I hate when the day is over. I think I’m the only one in the world who’ll say that. I watch her every day and imagine how wonderful it would be if she were my friend.

Can you imagine, it’s a hell, do you understand me?

Man … I don’t know what to do. Could she be on the same wavelength or am I just a work colleague for her? Should I tell her something and take the risk of endangering a pleasant and good working atmosphere by creating tension?

I’m going crazy, I swear to you …

I laughed when my good friend Chris told me his story. He was so sweet talking about his work colleague and his feelings.

I haven’t seen anyone speak of someone with so much excitement in a long time, so I decided to share their story with you guys because I believe there are many of you who have been or are going through a similar situation.

So Chris told me that he is in love with his colleague and that it bothers him a lot that he doesn’t know what to do.

He doesn’t want to risk creating an awkward situation at work and, on the other hand, this might be the best relationship of his life.

After listening carefully to him, I gave him some advice that I will list in this article.

From a woman’s point of view, from a relationship counselor’s point of view, I’m going to reveal a few secrets about how to make a woman you like fall in love with you and what exactly to do when she is your colleague.

In love with a colleague: This is how you can make a Colleague fall in Love with you?

1. Avoid all possible faux pas

In love with a colleague: This is how you can make your work colleague in love
In love with a colleague: This is how you can make your work colleague in love

Imagine you’re going into battle now. Would you like to know what the field is like and what you might encounter before getting into a fight, right?

In this case, too, you should “scan the terrain” so that you can begin conquering without encountering traps.

Relationships in the workplace can really be like playing with fire at times. So you have to think carefully and check the situation in order not to slip into one of the following faux pas and cause yourself problems.

Check how your working atmosphere looks like
Companies may have different rules of conduct in the workplace and for relationships between work colleagues.

For example, the working atmosphere in a company can be very relaxed if the boss is relaxed and tolerant, while on the other hand there can be stricter rules that even prohibit you from talking to each other during working hours.

If it is the latter, you can be sure that flirting and romantic relationships would not be desirable in such a workplace. If the atmosphere is otherwise relaxed and tolerant of such things, the signals are green, at least in this area.

• Check their relationship status

This is definitely a must-do! Before embarking on any form of flirtation and seduction, establish that the colleague you are in love with is single.

I am sure you do not want to experience an awkward situation where you are talking, you melt under the beauty of the feelings that flow through your body when you look into her beautiful eyes …

And when you finally have the courage to ask her out on a date, she looks at you with raised eyebrows and says, “Well, I’m married, I have two children.”

That would sure put blush on your face, wouldn’t it?

So how can you check that?

Well, it might sound a bit like stalking, but we live in a time when we have more or less access to everyone’s life through the virtual world.

So it is a good idea to check out their social networks and see if there are any pictures of their husband, boyfriend, or children anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

If you can’t figure it out that way and still want to remain discreet, you may be able to ask another colleague. But maybe it would still be best to find out, for example, by talking to her.

About as:

• “Hey, those cakes you brought to the party the other day were really delicious. Your friend can be really lucky. “
• “Yes thank you. 🤭 But I have no boyfriend. “

Or something similar. So you will not ask them directly, but rather take a detour to find the answer that interests you. And then you have free rein to begin conquering.

Check What Her Opinion On Relationships At Work
The last and no less important thing to check is what her opinion is about mixing love and work.

Perhaps she is of the opinion: “I would never be with a colleague from work, it’s too complicated.”

So it would be a good idea to tease this information out of her as well before admitting how you are feeling or doing anything about it.

2. Be sure to maintain discretion

Okay, let’s go … Regardless of whether the working atmosphere is relaxed and what she thinks about love relationships in the workplace, you should still approach everything with a lot of discretion.

After all, you don’t want to be the subject of gossip from other colleagues. Therefore, your advances and moments of flirtation should only take place when you are alone.

For example, if you happen to meet at the copier or coffee machine or in the kitchen.

Obvious hitting is definitely a no-go.

Try to tell your colleagues at the company as little as possible, at least in the beginning, that you are in love with your colleague so that you don’t become the main characters on the soap opera at work.

Regardless of the outcome of your relationship, you will save yourself embarrassing situations to be the topic of conversation at work.

3. Try to spend as much time with her as possible

In love with a colleague: This is how you can make your work colleague in love
In love with a colleague: This is how you can make your work colleague in love

It is certainly not easy at work. Okay, you spend 8 hours in the same place, but you are not really at all. You are work colleagues in the company and after all, you have to behave like that.

Although 8 hours is a long time, there is still not enough time to approach her and let her know that you like her because, firstly, you are surrounded by other people most of the time and, secondly, you have to concentrate on work.

We mustn’t forget about work, otherwise, you could get fired. 😜

So invite them to take their lunch break with you, or if you are a smoker, take the opportunity to take a break from smoking.

Maybe this is an opportunity for you to talk to her and get to know her better.

Use these breaks to make them smile, cheer them up, and bring a little positive energy into the day because the workday can be very stressful at times.

If you can do that, she will be very grateful to you and will be happy to spend every next lunch break with you.

4. Flirt

You probably want to shout out in front of everyone that they and everyone else know that you are in love with your colleague, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to somehow indirectly let her know that you like her and how else are you going to do that other than by flirting.

The art of flirting is crucial in the conquest phase. The way you speak, the words you choose, even the movements of your hands can tell a lot about you and your feelings.

You know yourself that facial expressions and gestures sometimes say more than the words themselves. So to complete the flirting package, try to combine the two.

The easiest way to start flirting is with nice compliments.

For example:

• “You look very beautiful today. Have you changed your hairstyle? “
• “Your smile really brings positive energy to these surroundings.”

You can find inspiration for more compliments here: Compliments for Women

Of course, as I said, you should do this in those moments when you are alone.

Then nothing like further.

Try to lightly touch her shoulder or arm. Just superficial enough that you can feel your closeness. It is also important that your body language is open and that you show confidence when you flirt with her.

Head up, shoulders straight, arms open, and a big smile – a sure recipe for success.

Bonus tip: If you want to collect extra points from her, show her that you are ready to help her. For example, if you see her carrying a heavy package, you can take it over for her. Open the door for her and help her if she needs help with her work.

I am sure she will appreciate it because there are very few gentlemen today. Just be careful not to let yourself be exploited.

5. Find out if she likes you

Try to read the signs of flirting you are showing her in her movements, facial expressions, and the way she talks to you.

A woman’s body language can tell you a lot about whether she likes you or not.

For example, when she smiles and runs her fingers through her hair while talking to you.

When her body language is open and she is trying to find a way to touch you. If she tilts her head a little and you notice that when you compliment her she blushes – you hit the bull’s eye.

If you notice these or similar signs of flirting and falling in love, you will at least know that you are on the same wavelength.

6. Take her out for a beer after work

In love with a colleague: This is how you can make your work colleague in love
In love with a colleague: This is how you can make your work colleague in love

Since you don’t have enough space and time to conquer your colleague at work, you should ask her about a private meeting.

It doesn’t have to be a date straight away, just a beer after work in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

After a busy day at work, everyone needs something to relax in, so you can suggest going somewhere for a drink.

It gives you enough opportunity to show your fun and relaxed side outside of work and approach it that way.

To convince her with your charm and humor and to show her no longer just as a colleague, but first as a friend and then maybe a little more.

You never know, maybe a great love will be born.

Bonus tip: If you invite after work for a drink and she also takes along your other colleagues, this may mean that you already in the Friend Zone are landed and she sees you as any other colleague. Just as a colleague. 😬

7. Invite her on a real date

Have you carefully analyzed the situation down to the last detail and determined that she likes you too and that they don’t ignore your compliments?

Then it is time to take the first step to get you out of the relationship with your “work colleagues” and invite them on a real date.

That way, you’ll really let her know that you like her. Not a friendly beer, not a business meeting, but a real, real date.

The rest is a story in itself.

Remember, however, that this shouldn’t affect your company relationship or job.

In love with your colleague, but unhappy?

These previous tips were for in case you had the chance to win over your colleague. But this story, like any other, can have a different side that is perhaps much more difficult:

You are in love with a colleague, but unhappy.

What reason could you be unhappily in love?

1. Your company does not tolerate romantic relationships between employees

2. Either of you or even both of you are already taken

3. She doesn’t return your love

Here are some possible solutions to these problems:

1. No love in the workplace.

If your company does not tolerate romantic relationships between employees and you both have a feeling for one another, you should consider changing jobs.

The only question is how strong your feelings are for each other and whether the current job is more important to you than any relationship.

It is up to you to make the right decision. The second solution is to be in a secret relationship, but such things can always be exposed no matter how careful you are. So you should judge for yourself whether this would be a good idea.

2. She’s forgiven: If she’s in an unhappy relationship, it’s not out of the question that she might break up, but there is no way you should be forcing or the type to break a partnership. No matter what this partnership is. It is better to keep your distance.

You are taken: First, think carefully about the type of relationship you are in and why you are in a relationship at all when you are in love with another person.

Is your relationship just in crisis, is this just a passing crush you feel for your colleague, and does your relationship or marriage have a chance to be successful? Important questions that only you need to find the answers to before doing anything.

3. She just looks at you like a work colleague.

You have to accept that. We cannot force anyone to love us. There are some things that we just have to let go of and wait for something new to come into our lives, or maybe even something better for us.

Unrequited love can be very painful, but it will pass. Keep your distance from your colleague and only talk to her as much as is necessary.

And if you really can’t stand being in the same place as her because it reminds you of your suffering, changing jobs is always an option.

I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you the best of luck! ❤

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