How to make a friend fall in love? 14 Steps

If you feel attracted to a boy, and both have a friendship in common, discover in this guide how to make a friend fall in love.

This does not mean that the friendship will end, but rather that you will be able to strengthen the ties that unite them and transform affection into love.

If you find yourself in this dilemma, I invite you to continue reading. Not only will you discover the foolproof ways to achieve fall in love with a friend In addition, you will take advantage of all the knowledge you have about him to achieve this goal.

Make yourself very comfortable so that you read, learn and put all your learning into practice, cheer up!


how to seduce my best friend

Since your interest is to get your friend to see you as a woman and not just as his friend, and you also want to awaken in him feelings of love for you, you should continue reading and take careful note!

we will tell you excuse me conquer a friend the best tipsso I will show you the keys to get out of the fearsome “friend zone”.

Take note:

1. Observe

It is important that you observe his behavior with you, see if he treats you differently from other friends, especially the girls he knows.

Observe how he speaks to you and differentiate how he acts with you and with others.

2. Analyze

According to the attitude you notice when observing him, determine if he is different in his treatment.

If so, define in what aspects it is; For example, see if he is more affectionate with you than with the other friends, if he dares to have physical contact with you.

If you notice that he hugs you more than the other friends, or if he looks at you differently than the rest of the world, then you are on the right track.

3. Conclude

After observing and analyzing their behavior and their actions with you in front of others, determine if there is a different and preferential treatment with you.

You must also define if this deal is going beyond the limits of friendship and think about when it can be happening.

It may be that he has been giving you the signals from the beginning and you have not realized it.

If so, then dare and achieve how to make a friend fall in love, from now on! You can also learn how Cupid’s chemical formula works, that is, falling in love.

That is why I invite you to read the article in in which you will discover more about the subject. This way you will know with more certainty what your crush can feel towards you.


How to conquer a man

He is your friend and, therefore, you know him well.

In addition to his tastes, his hobbies, his sports, you also know his actions and his way of being, that’s why he attracts you and you want to know how to make him fall in love.

For this, keep in mind excuse me arouse feelings of love in a man:

1. Arouse their curiosity

Let him see your seductive side, but carefully, let it be little by little.

This is the beginning of how to get a guy’s attention definitely.

2. Show him your intentions

This step, as in the previous one, must be done calmly.

You can show yourself more and more as a woman who is lovingly interested in her friend.

3. Look at it differently

You know that looking at a friend is not the same as looking at someone you sigh for.

Put aside shyness so that he discovers your interest in him, so you will also get him to see you with different eyes.

4. Do different things

Take advantage of their friendship to get them to share other places and live other experiences.

Make every time you share, they are good times for both of you, so you will relate positively in your memories.

5. Make eye contact

Many times we feel intimidated by the person we like, but remember that he is your friend.

You already have enough trust in him, so what better way to show him your intentions than a deep gaze?

This way you can make him nervous and definitely think of you.

6. Flirt discreetly

to get to know how to make a friend fall in love, You must show him the difference between being his friend and being his partner.

Show him that you are a very good option as a girlfriend, although he may already know it, it is better to remind him. For this you can implement phrases to fall in love discreet.

7. Appearance

Going out with a friend is not the same as going out with someone you want to fall in love with.

Do not leave your essence or the main characteristics with which he knows you.

However, make yourself known, even if it is a slight change, remember that the idea is that he sees you as his future girlfriend, not as another friend.

8. Be sweet and loving

Since they are friends, take advantage and show your affection through hugs and nice words. You will notice good results.

9. Praise him

Say nice things to him, men also like to be pampered and what better way to do it than with compliments.

You can compliment everything from their appearance to something nice they do for others or for you. Also, if you dare a little more, you can try the compliments for men.

10. Achieve physical contact

This should be subtle but effective, from a handshake, as a joke, or lightly holding his hand or arm to cross the street, to hugging him from the side while you whisper something in his ear.

It all depends on your imagination.

11. Show interest in their tastes

A friendship is based on activities or tastes in common, just as they are very important to share with friends, it is essential that you share as much as you can and try to do it in different ways than usual.

Surprise him and let yourself be surprised so that the subliminal seduction mutual.

12. Ask him out to dark and romantic places.

Since you want to get to know how to make a friend fall in love, then you can take the initiative and ask him out to more intimate places.

This can be a restaurant or a place where you can listen to music and talk.

They can also share a dinner in some unusual place, let your imagination run wild and enjoy. The idea is that you choose romantic plans subtle.

13. Let yourself be served

It is important that you know that men really like being able to feel that the woman feels comfortable with them.

Let him be attentive to you, so he shows you that he cares about you and cares about you.

14. Share interests

Take advantage of their friendship to know their tastes, if you already know them and they share some, then go ahead and share them.

This way you will let him know that not only do you get along very well as friends, but that he can also see you as a potential partner with whom to share, in addition to some tastes, also his life.

Believe it or not, even science has studied what happens to love and friendship and the value and importance that this has for us. To explore the subject a little more, read the article on

So go ahead and read and learn more.

How to make a friend fall in love?

How to make a friend fall in love

It happens that with our friends, we act a little more carefree and calm.

We can take this in our favor when it comes to knowing how to make a friend fall in lovesince on the part of the boy, the same thing also happens.

So what you can do is take advantage of everything you know and thus avoid uncomfortable questions.

Get to know their tastes, their hobbies, etc., to get closer in a more intimate way, like no one has done before.

Now that you know the keys you need to know how to make a friend fall in love, that friend for whom you sigh, you just need to have and act with a lot of security and confidence, yes, without exaggerating so as not to seem arrogant.

Take advantage of the status of friends to advance your goal and get that gentleman to notice you as a woman, a wonderful woman who has many good things to share.

You can do it, cheer up!

To learn more about how to drive a guy crazy and addicted to you, click on the video and pay close attention to the recommendations of the instructor of the Academy of Love:

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