How to make a friend fall in love with you if he does not want a relationship with me?

How to make a friend fall in love with you if he does not want a relationship with me? No one wants to hear from the people who ask for it. Sometimes you break up because of a trifle. And sometimes a man wants to be a friend, but you like it – the advice of a psychologist on what to do will help you figure it out..

something important

Any person, be it a man or a woman, when meeting or communicating with people of the opposite sex, even for a second, evaluates them as partners or lovers.

And you certainly do. And the movie of the movie that you like, but decided that you should be friends, I looked at least for a second zoy to that t ^. Now in the moment it is so old, and on the other hand, it is still possible to use a drug.

Why did this happen? Several reasons are possible:

  • You are not his type. This does not mean that you are ugly, scary, thin or fat. It’s just that every person likes a certain type.
  • He is interested in friendly communication with you, and he does not want to break the charm of conversations with love relationships and passion.
  • From the height of his experience, a man knows that nothing will come of your relationship. You paint him as a noble knight, but in reality he is a petty swindler. Or simply suffers from a disease that is embarrassing.

Or this is the situation. The man is 15 years older than the girl. A spark flashed between them, but he told her that, despite the feelings that arose, he could only be a friend. The reason is that in his life he met a lot of women, and you are just one more link in his relationship.

This confession sounded a little boorish, but truthful enough.

  • He has another woman, and he sincerely loves her. You may like him. You may look much better than that woman, but you can’t command your heart, and everything that he can offer you is necessary.

No is and good news. If a man has asked you to be friends, it doesn’t mean that he will never like you. Anything can happen, even if you are a long-legged blonde, and he loves short brunettes.

Friendship between a man and a woman: is it possible?

Psychologist’s advice

After the main problem of understanding why you like someone who can only offer friendship is solved, it is worth discussing your further actions.

Whatever relationship you are with a man, remember personal boundaries. You are a unique person with your own interests and needs. You have your own character, your own meaning of life. Don’t stop there.

This is especially wato in situations where you are trying to please a young man who is thinking up a hood. Usually it is in these cases that you begin to remake yourself, reshape yourself. Buy new clothes, lose weight, fall in love with rock.

All this may be foreign to you. You break yourself, you feel uncomfortable, you don’t know how to live on in a new role. And the result remains the same – the young man and does not think about love.

Don’t ask for reciprocity. If it doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t. You won’t be forced to love. On the contrary, constantly offering yourself, you can spoil the relationship and lose the trust that Vamirov has already formed.

Friendship has certain benefits. Sometimes it is deeper than love relationships and gives more pleasure and satisfaction.

You should not be humiliated also because it is possible that a man wants friendship with you for the simple reason that he appreciates you and is afraid of losing you. With your excessive insistence, suggestions and allusions to something more, you will destroy the charm, kitty.

  • Talk about your feelings

You need to share feelings not with a person from whom you needlessly expect reciprocity, but with a diary. A man can trample on love by laughing at it, ironically, or laughing it off. A diary can be trusted much more.

Write about your meetings, thoughts. Contact a young man through a diary, tell him about your feelings. You will not keep them in yourself, you can splash out of yourself, give them freedom. As a result, you will get the opportunity to consider them, accept or reject them.

Communicating with a diary can create a feeling of platonic unrequited love. This is probably the case with your STORon. Proceed in advance, as long as you are aware of it. And then it’s worth either accepting or destroying the magic of such a relationship.

There is a risk that by abusing the diary, you wind up your feelings and think that a man loves you. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful and remember that you are only friends.

Favorite, important occupation helps to find inner balance in moments of mental turmoil. Try to find it for yourself. It could be growing flowers, taking care of cats, taking care of children, or doing yoga.

Through your favorite activity, you can realize yourself, become successful. This, in turn, will increase self-esteem, ignite the inner fire that attracts people so much.

A nondescript girl could not find a place in life. She opened a yoga studio and a cafe with healthy food. All this fascinated her so much that no one could remember in her the gray mouse that she once was. Gradually, the man she liked became her husband.

Men usually pay attention to strong, self-sufficient women, because they need to be achieved. With them you can be sure that they will help. Perhaps the person you like will pay attention to you as a woman.

At the same time, and you will be interested in pursuing a hobby or favorite work. Less time will be spent on sadness.

  • spend time with a man

Usually, being a friend means that you can communicate with a person, spend time with him, without a twinge of conscience and embarrassment, call him for a walk and throw yourself on his neck if he goes to meet you with another woman.

Use it. So you can get to know him better and interest him.

Maintaining friendship is also important because in our age of speed, the Internet, a huge number of real and virtual meetings, people quickly wean themselves from friends and forget them. It is possible that while you are waiting for the next meeting with a man, on will already make an appointment with another.

  • What’s wrong with friendship

And finally, something to think about – what’s wrong with friendship? In fact, this is an opportunity to get to know a person better without EMO-rational swings, passions, resentments, haste.

Feelings do not limit you, you listen to a man, recognize his thoughts, dreams. Sometimes you help him. Sometimes you get help. Relationships develop gradually. Nobody is forcing them.

All this does not matter when passions boil inside you, you dream of romance, kisses, family happiness. But if you let go of desires and leave only the awareness of the current moment, then you can understand whether this person is really important to you, or whether you have come up with love for yourself.

If important, then you will continue to enjoy your friendship with him. If not, then continue to maintain friendly relations, and look for love with another.

  • And if you risk

If you don’t have the strength to endure, and you want to achieve a man, try to act in detours. Example:

  • Be pre-dated, pre-dated with little. Do not answer the phone, messages. Pretend you just disappeared.
  • You can suddenly go on vacation and forget to warn about it.
  • Or appear in front of him with a handsome guy, let him admire how happy you are together.

All this will create the effect of surprise, loss, bewilderment. If he considers himself your friend, he will definitely begin to act. And who knows, maybe he will feel that he loves you.

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