How to make a girl fall in love with you? 9 proven tips

How to make a girl fall in love with you? It often seems to men that female sympathy is too chaotic, unpredictable. However, many ladies are looking for the same qualities in guys that almost immediately arouse interest and location. The following 9 tips will tell you more about how to make a girl fall in love with you and keep her attention. Some of them are very simple, for the rest you will have to work on yourself. But is this a problem for someone who is truly in love?

1. Understand feelings.

Before proceeding directly to the “seduction”, it is better to first make sure that the desire to fall in love with a girl is dictated by good reasons. Does it make sense to waste time and energy just for fun or out of boredom? If you want to attract the attention of a young lady because of feelings for her – this is another matter.

However, this is not all. It is not enough to understand yourself – you will have to take a closer look at the girl. It will be a pity for the effort spent on the wrong person. And to make sure that the lady of the heart is suitable for the role of a lover, it is enough to communicate and watch her. Especially carefully it is better to follow how she:

  • behaves with service personnel (sellers, waiters, cashiers, etc.);
  • knows how to listen and hear the interlocutor;
  • speaks about former partners, relations with them;
  • talks about his own future;
  • responds to the difference between himself and the listener.

A large amount of negativity, whims, misunderstanding of one’s own desires and goals will warn in time of possible problems in relations with such a woman. Next, the guy will have to decide whether he should even contact her.

2. Look after your appearance.

If the object of sighing and your own experiences are determined, it’s time to move on to the next paragraph. Appearance is important not only for guys. The first impression strongly depends on how the gentleman is dressed, what hairstyle he has, whether his nails are in order. The opinion that a real man is always powerful, bassist, hairy and radiates the smell of sweat is long outdated. Civilization rules in the 21st century, so the timely correct application of deodorant, brushing your teeth, and caring for your hair are essential parts of your daily routine.

With hygiene, everything is clear, it remains to deal with the style and appearance in general. There are no special secrets, so the basic rules are very simple.

  • Branded clothes, expensive accessories are great, but they are not half as important as elementary neatness.
  • A pleasant unobtrusive perfume is +100 points to success with any lady.
  • Long-haired rockers, punks with mohawks, bang-haired emos are not to everyone’s taste. This is desirable to consider when meeting a girl.
  • It is not necessary to look “stylish-fashionable-youth” or “expensive-rich”. Sometimes simplicity is much better than extravagant and confusing husk.

The external data that young ladies pay attention to is not only costumes and facial features. It’s also a level of confidence.

How to make a girl fall in love with you?

3. Express self-confidence.


Do men need catwalk courses along the string / with a book on their head / from the hip? Fortunately, no. In this regard, everything is extremely simple.

Tip one – do not fall sideways at every step, bouncing and maneuvering with your shoulders, as teenagers in the yard do, feigning brutality.

Tip two – adjust to the pace of the girl’s walking. If you can’t take a step, just slow down.


In many pickup courses, lecturers argue that a man should take up as much space as possible. Expectations: demonstration of strength and alpha-beginning, a tendency to dominate. Reality: stupid look, inconvenience for the girl, complete disrespect. This also applies to attempts to immediately touch the lady. It is unlikely that she will regard this as a sign of self-confidence. Rather, as a symptom of inadequacy or unbridled arrogance. At first, it is better to keep the distance, reducing it gradually, smoothly.

But straightened shoulders, a straight back, a direct look really make a good impression. It is also advisable not to hide your hands in your pockets or behind your back. Such gestures are unconsciously alarming.

Manner of speech

Speech defects are not the biggest problem, although it is still desirable to solve it. But what is more difficult is stuttering from nervousness, muttering under your breath, sounding too quiet. Such signs cause pity rather than sympathy. There is a risk of never seeing the interlocutor again after such a conversation.

It is better that the voice sounds confident, but without aggression or attempts to shout down everything around. It is better to forget about too abstruse expressions, parasitic words, obscene language.

4. Exude optimism.

If you try to charm a woman with stories about your problems, the injustices of fate, the futility of life, then she will run away. And if he doesn’t have time, then the maternal instinct will turn on, forcing him to perceive the poor fellow as a negligent child. Even for friendship between a man and a woman, this option is unusually bad, to say nothing of romance. This does not mean that you have to put on a mask of a cheerful clown, hushing up problems. However, at first it is better to mention them only in passing, only after a direct question and in the future a la “I will decide everything myself.”

An equally important quality for a guy is a good sense of humor. If he was lucky by nature and mom and dad shared the humor gene, there will be no problems. If not, you’ll have to get out. But how?

  • Internet to help. The main thing is to distinguish good jokes from too vulgar, dubious, racist, etc.
  • The world is full of books about healthy self-irony and methods of its development.
  • A good mood sometimes saves everything. Gaining positive emotions even before the meeting can be extremely useful.
  • Talking about comedy films cheer up, set a new topic for conversation.
  • Telling funny stories about animals or watching them while walking is another way to have fun.
  • Attractions in the park, children’s pranks like face painting or soap bubbles will make almost any lady smile.

It is possible to show sadness at the first meetings only as a sign of sympathy, support, if something happened to the girl herself. At the same time, it is better not to delay with this minor, but to quickly cheer her up or at least distract her.

How to make a girl fall in love with you?

5. Arrange surprises.

Women expect something pleasant, exciting, sometimes unusual from their gentlemen. A couple of small cute surprises will come in handy. And it’s not even about gifts or exotics. Even such cute little things will do:

  • pick a bouquet of wild flowers or make a neat floral origami;
  • bring her coffee for lunch when she doesn’t get enough sleep before work/study;
  • meet her from work or offer to spend somewhere;
  • have an unexpected picnic (so that she doesn’t have to walk through the fields in heels, it’s better to go to the park);
  • make a collage of joint photos with funny / cute inscriptions;
  • visit her when she is sad/bored/lonely.

Sometimes even a well-spoken compliment can be a very pleasant surprise for a young lady. Surprises are based on creativity and the desire to please.

6. Give compliments the right way.

Appearance, humor, confidence have already gone into action, it’s time to sweeten everything with affectionate words for the girl. Attention: the phrase “you are beautiful” is boring, banal and worn out to holes. What to do with the pikapersky “Your parents, by any chance, are not pirates? Are you such a treasure? Fill it with fuel, set it on fire, scatter the ashes on the outskirts of the most remote village and not admit to anyone that such words even came to mind.

The scheme of a successful expression is not so convoluted.

Short fact + positive rating = good compliment.

For example:

  • “Your eyes are so bright, I love how their color shimmers.”
  • “You look great in that dress, you have great taste.”
  • “And you read a lot. I have always respected the thirst for knowledge, you are doing well.”
  • “You are so active! I admire your energy.”
  • “You have clear goals, I see. I love girls who know what they want.”

In the description of appearance, comparisons can also be used, but you will have to be more careful with them. One lady will like the comparison of her gait with the soft step of a proud lioness. Another will say that lionesses weigh more than a centner, and then accuse them of mocking weight or fanatical opposition to sacred body positivity.

7. Give her something to admire.

One way to do this is to share your achievements in some area. It is to share, and not to impose, to boast, to draw a ray of glory onto oneself. What these successes will be is also important. A cardboard medal for eating shawarma at a city festival is a funny record, but not a serious victory. You can express your love for work, its details, for some kind of hobby. For example, volunteering, learning a foreign language, playing sports, results in these areas are good options.

If it seems that there are no significant achievements or they are understandable only to those who themselves are engaged in such matters, you can cheat. A few little things that a girl will appreciate:

  • the habit of leaving tips in cafes;
  • Willingness to give up your seat on public transport
  • assistance to passers-by on the street (return a fallen wallet, help load a bag on the bus, show the way, etc.);
  • feeding homeless animals and birds;
  • games with children, supervision, care for them.

The smaller and simpler the action, the more often it is better to repeat it. Then it will please the girl, make her take her friend seriously.

8. Be honest.

You don’t have to talk about all the details of your life. It is possible not to touch on some personal topics. In the end, no one canceled the right to privacy. But lying is clearly not the best idea. If you don’t want to talk about something, it’s enough to politely and directly tell your partner about it.

An adequate person will calmly accept the phrase “I’m not ready to talk about it yet. I will definitely share the details with you when we get a little closer.”. Lies are either strikingly evident, or later revealed at the least opportune moment under dubious circumstances.

9. Show courtesy and tact.

If we talk about behavior, then these qualities are manifested in the fact that:

  • give the girl a hand when she gets out of the transport;
  • hold the door in front of her;
  • leave a chair in a cafe / restaurant;
  • offer your jacket / sweater if it is cold;
  • accompany her home, especially at night, etc.

These are well-known truths. But courtesy is also shown in communication. In addition to the ability to be a polite conversationalist, one trick may be needed. During one of the first meetings, it is important to listen carefully to the stories of the girl. It is advisable to highlight a few small details that she talks about and remember them. And during the second date, ask related questions.

For example, earlier the young lady enthusiastically talked about how she liked her last visit to the zoo. Questions for the next meeting:

  • “Last time you said you like going to zoos, but you don’t really like the locals. Why?”.
  • “By the way, I forgot to ask that time: what made you so embarrassed near the cages with cheetahs?”.
  • “You promised to tell how your conversation with the cage cleaner ended. I’m all ears.”
  • “You mentioned that you love birds. The city will soon hold an exhibition of parrots. Do you want to go?”

The whole point is to show that the girl’s words are valuable, she is interesting, you want to communicate with her. And remembering small but important details will definitely please the chosen one.

It’s easy to learn how to make a girl fall in love with you, but making an effort to follow these recommendations is not an easy task. But these skills will be useful not only in personal life, but also in other areas such as career or self-development. Even if there is no serious love at the moment, it is better to practice these skills in advance. After all, who knows when an attractive stranger will appear on the horizon and how sharply / sharply the skill of charm will suddenly be needed?

How to make a girl fall in love with you?

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