How to make a girl want you without saying a word? 💘

How to make a girl want you without saying a word? What if I told you that you can create sexual tension with any girl you want?

Captivate her to such an extent that she only thinks – what is it like to be with you now, to be yours?

So that she does not pay attention to anyone around, but is focused only on YOU?

And even better: that you can achieve all this without even opening your mouth. How to make a girl want you without saying a word?

Do you want to know? Let’s talk about it today then.

How to make a girl want you without saying a word?


So, to seduce a girl without words means you need to gain determination. But I’m not talking about the certainty that psychologists constantly talk about, but about another. About your intention. The goal is to seduce this particular girl.

The thing is, when a person knows how to do something right, they don’t feel excited like crazy.

Guys who understand WHAT they want and why they do things have a HUGE advantage when it comes to attracting and seducing girls.

There is some subtle feature of female perception here – such men, only by their appearance, have ALREADY made a pleasant and captivating impression and awakened sexual desires deep inside us. Long before they take a step towards us.

How is this possible?

Communicate with us without words. More specifically, show that you have those character traits that unconsciously turn us on.

These are, for example, confidence, social and emotional (EQ) intelligence, dominance, charm, and playfulness.

Most men (to your delight) do not know at all that it is in their power to convey and demonstrate all this BEFORE they approach a woman.

let me share with you three wayswhich will help to create a strong sexual attraction in any girl before you talk to her.

#1 Let her catch you

If you are going to take a girl – take it! Jokes are jokes, but nevertheless – there is some truth in this.

There is nothing more unpleasant for a girl than to catch the eye of a guy looking at her so that he immediately takes him away, as if he was grabbed by the arm like a naughty child who stole a candy.

“It’s not me! I’m just sitting here, fixing the primus.”

Here’s the thing. If you don’t even have the strength and self-confidence to look at us without apologizing and feeling some kind of terrible embarrassment, then with a high probability you don’t have the opportunity to give us the sexual experience that we fantasize about. That’s the logic, female.

Plus, in order for sexual attraction to arise, the situation must be like a two-way street. That is, there must be a mutual event with a consequence:

– you noticed each other;

You have a feeling that something else might happen.

Look at the girl and don’t look away – here are the best ways to do this and thus communicate that you are not afraid to show your sexual interest.

#2 Think obscene things

For the emergence of sexual tension, eye contact alone is not enough.

It is what your gaze carries in itself that determines whether a girl will be interested in you or turn away irritably.

And what influences this view? – Your thoughts that run through your head. They are reflected for us in the eyes of a man. You can relate to this as you like, but try to check – and you will see that this is actually the case.

That’s why if you’re nervous and tell yourself that you’re a loser that no woman would want to sleep with, then that’s a guarantee that we’ll think the same of you too.

Some argue that you should think positive thoughts, tell yourself what a wonderful guy you are, and that any woman will be incredibly lucky if she meets a man like you.

While better than the suicidal self-flagellation that many guys think of, it’s not the best strategy either.

In fact, much more effective and damned seductive – if you have in your head hooligan thoughtswhen you look into a girl’s eyes.

You are free to think whatever you want, as long as it makes you excited.

Maybe you’ll imagine her naked next to you later that night, or the different ways you’ll please each other.

When you think of something naughty, it creates a satisfied smirk on your face and shows your sassy confidence that no girl can resist.

We catch your sexual challenge that you throw, and this, in turn, makes us think about pleasure and you right now!

How to make a girl want you without saying a word?

#3 Take your time

Keep in mind, the longer something happens (anticipation), the more the tension and degree of the event increase.

Think horror movies or thrillers. Good events create the feeling that something terrible is about to happen … That’s it, now … But the writers and directors deliberately delay this moment forcing you to wait and creating an unbearable expectation that does not let you tear yourself away from viewing.

Sexual tension works the same way.

If you catch her eye and start talking right away, you won’t have time to create that tension.

But if you had to exchange a glare a couple of times within 5 minutes, then that would be enough time to let the girl’s imagination run wild about what could happen between you.

In other words, take your time. Catch her eye and linger for 10-15 seconds. This will work flawlessly: she will be interested, intrigued, and even already subdued.

There are situations when you do not have time for such games at your disposal. When you see the girl of your dreams walking down the street, if you wait 5 minutes, you will simply never see her again.

In this case, slowness can be used to your advantage in another way. You don’t have to wait to come up and strike up a conversation, but the trick is that when talking need to speak slowly and pause at the right places. This method is also very good at building up sexual tension.

Even silence for a couple of seconds after a simple “Sorry”, while you are looking at her, already works in your favor and drags her into the pool (of your intrigues 🙂)

Using these 3 easy principles will allow you to have a strong influence on women.

Of course, after you arouse her unprecedented interest and draw attention to yourself, you should go and talk to her. Best of all, after making the girl want you without saying a word, take her away from where you were in order to switch all attention to you and continue the acquaintance. How to make a girl want you without saying a word?

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