How to make a henpecked husband? Women’s opinion

In order for a man to become henpecked, he must initially possess the qualities that contribute to such a transformation. What are these qualities and how does the transition from an equal partner to a slave take place? What does the now popular word “simp” mean? What kind of women can never live with such men? Psychological facts and real stories – in our article.

The content of the article

Henpecked and “simps”

In the vastness of the Web, the term “simp” is being used more and more often. We will not delve into the historical roots of this abbreviation and focus on the main thing. “Simp” in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet has become something of a synonym for our native term “henpecked”. This word has a negative connotation and is not always used in the case.

One of the users of the popular TikTok platform even compiled a list of the main signs of a “simpa”:

  • He runs after girls who do not like him, and is ready for anything to beg for attention;
  • Puts in a lot of effort to impress girls;
  • Puts the interests of girls above his own;
  • He does not know how to deal with girls, does not understand their psychology, and therefore, in the matter of conquest, he acts clumsily and monotonously – he plays the role of a page;

Many compare such men to immature schoolchildren who have never learned how to interact with the female sex and see them on the screen more often than in real life.

You often saw such “henpecked good guys” in films. They dragged after the main characters of the next romantic melodrama and wiped their snot while they suffered from the inattention of the rebels and the first handsome men of the school.

Environment, psychology and women

  • “Which men most often become henpecked?”

As we know, everything (or almost everything) comes from childhood. An overprotective mother who dictates every step to her beloved son makes a huge negative contribution to his future. The son gets used to living on everything ready, not taking responsibility for anything. He grows up, but continues to live according to the usual scenario – he finds a younger guardian and takes her as his wife.

  • “How to understand that your husband is the notorious henpecked?”

One of the main signs of such a man is that he does not know how to make decisions and make choices on his own. He “consults” with his wife, but in reality he simply shifts the responsibility for the consequences of the decision made onto the shoulders of his wife. He does not know how and does not try to live differently. And since women of a certain kind live with male slaves (it’s easier to talk about this), the henpecked person has no motivation to change as such. In slavery, he is calm and full.

  • “Which women choose their slave husbands?”

Men who have serious gaps in masculinity and independence are chosen by women who are comfortable with it. For such imperious lovers of control, the public also came up with a lot of hard-hitting terms – a woman-boy, a man in a skirt, a woman with eggs, etc.

A woman who needs an equal partner who can be relied upon will not choose such a man. She needs a healthy relationship with a mature man. A man who knows his own worth and burns through life with goals and global plans will not get along with a boy-woman. He is not satisfied with his life partner, who is trying to take the place of the head and breadwinner in the family, and assigns the role of a doormat to a man.

  • “What if I want a husband-slave? Well, that’s what I want! What should I do?”

Women who turn their men into slaves, consciously or not, adhere to certain tactics. At the initial stage of the relationship, they pamper partners with affection, tying to themselves, softening and lulling vigilance.

And then the big game begins – the woman slowly but surely takes the initiative into her own hands. She makes all decisions in the family on her own, taking control of absolutely all spheres of a man’s life. If his mother and ex-girlfriends adhered to the same tactics, then there is practically no need to “break” a man – he is already used to this lifestyle.

Scandals follow. Does the man disagree? Scandal! Hysterics! There are many women among abusers and manipulators. They also know how to put pressure on pity and implant convenient attitudes and beliefs in the partner’s brain. In order not to quarrel with his wife once again, the man begins to agree with everything, finally losing the incentive to take responsibility for anything.

He also does not manage his money. The wife of a male slave controls all aspects of family life, including financial ones.

In a couple where one of the partners suppresses and subjugates the other, the issue of the environment and friends is always acute. If it seems to a male abuser that the girlfriends of his woman are trying to reason with her and slap her mentally, he will do everything to wean the insidious bitches from his missus. It’s the same with abusive women, slave husbands, and their friends.

Cons of a relationship with such a man

You will not wait for interesting conversations and discussions. Maximum – assent and weak-willed nods of the head. And hysterical ladies who feed on the energy of quarrels and scandals will have a hard time with a man who does not even react to insults addressed to him.

  • Full responsibility

You will not have a person nearby with whom you can talk on an equal footing and get good advice. You have taught him to think differently and live differently.

  • longing for femininity

Feeling weak and protected in such a relationship is extremely difficult. “Like behind a stone wall” is not about your relationship.

If you want to build a relationship with a henpecked man or turn your husband into a slave, you must be prepared to take responsibility. Life is not a Disney cartoon. You will not get a handsome prince who is both brave and handsome and good in everything, but only a parody of the chapter


Women’s opinion

Let’s read the opinions of netizens:

“- And what, when a woman drags everything on herself, and a man asserts himself without anything and wallows in front of the TV set, is he not a rag?

– She said exactly!

– I just admire Finnish families. The husband leads five children to swim, and the wife at this time went to the bar for an hour to relax. So what? Is he a rag? Just a loving father and husband, let his beloved rest. It’s only here that the “male” is waddling, and his wife is dragging both children and ten bags. But nooo, he’s not a rag.

– If a husband loves his wife, he will sit with the children, and cook dinner, and do everything. Stop making it difficult.”

“I’m not interested in men who don’t have an opinion.”

“Yes, why immediately if a man does not re-read, then he does not have his own opinion? Maybe they just agree.”

“Yes, it sucks to live with such a husband, believe me. Bored to death.”

“My mom’s husband was a tyrant, and I prayed that I wouldn’t get one! So it’s better that way.”

“Oh, yes, I had one, and also a sissy in addition. It seems to me that he even enjoyed my scandals, because his mother was the same.

“I observe such a relationship with my girlfriend. She is a domineering lady, scandals if something is not for her. He endures everything, and she takes out his brains. In general, he does not argue with her, and if, God forbid, she dares to object a little, she complains to everyone about what a beast he is. And in the end, he shuts up and apologizes. Well, I do not understand these guys! A man, by nature, should be more important in the family, and these are some kind of uneducated people.

“My friend left her ex like this because she just got bored with him because of his complaisance.”

“Why are you rushing to extremes – either a henpecked man, or a tyrant who raises his hand. There is a golden mean, when a man calmly and confidently expresses his opinion, takes everything into his own hands, but respects his wife.

“But such henpecked slaves assert themselves through betrayal!”

“I also know a couple in which the wife is just a monster and boorish, and the henpecked woman nods, but he is cheating and is satisfied.”

“I had a brutal who didn’t care about my tears and my opinion. Even he himself told me, they say, I need a henpecked. And so I found myself a normal man. Yes, it can be boring, but I’m looking for adrenaline in my hobby. Only stupid hysterics need men who can be pressed – they can’t occupy themselves in another way. ”

“I don’t know, I’m not bored. Better than tears and quarrels.

“Oh yes, it’s much more pleasant when a man in a dispute both swears at you and hits you. The story is simple! Why do you define all adequate men as slaves?

“I couldn’t live with this, furniture doesn’t turn me on.”

So, opinions are divided. By the way, you yourself can conduct such an experiment – if in a large and heated company you raise the topic of powerful women and male slaves, you are guaranteed a heated discussion.

Be able to share concepts

A man who takes care of his wife, loves to please and please her, but at the same time remains a whole person – this is not henpecked, not some kind of “simp” or anyone else. No matter how much he loves a woman, he will not allow her to humiliate him. He pleases a woman not because he is trying to win her favor by wallowing at her feet. He does this because of the natural desire of a man to take care of his woman, protect her and make her happy.

Catch this thought. This is extremely important. If you do not learn to feel the line between a henpecked man and a worthy man, an abuser and a manly male, your relationship with the opposite sex will always be of an extremely dubious quality.

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