How to make a housewife – klushi, a chic beautiful woman?

Very often, after 10 years of marriage, men notice that their wives have turned into mini-hippos, who walk around the house in greasy bathrobes, with a cigarette in their mouths.

Where did all the romance and lightness of the silhouette go, which so quickly became obese after receiving the stamp? Is it really not possible to return those young and passionate years that so adorned your wife and aroused desire in you?

We will consider the following list of actions that will definitely help to refresh that everyday life into which you have been beautifully dragged:

  1. Say more compliments. Yes, it is compliments that inspire women! So what if, over time, excess weight appeared, but it is warm in winter, and shade in summer! And despite the shabby appearance, your wife is still more beautiful than all her free and independent friends.
  2. Pick up from work by car. Have you ever thought about how much a woman has to walk in heels? Make it a habit to take your missus home by car: by doing this you will raise her authority at work and arouse the envy of colleagues.
  3. Give flowers and gifts. This is not about holidays, but about weekdays. Little surprises will not drag your budget to the bottom, but will lift your spirits for the whole day!
  4. Take on some household chores. Washing your plate or taking your socks to the washing machine is not at all difficult, but my wife is pleased!

  1. Stop pushing and lowering your self-esteem. This point is the most important. Remember that you are one team with no rivals or winners. The degree of respect for children depends on how you lead the family.
  2. Give money. Small expenses for new clothes for a woman are simply necessary. Do not be greedy, because you will not take anything to the other world anyway, and the smile given by your wife will warm you for a long time!

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