How to make a husband work, earn and support a family?

Let’s be honest – the money issue has smashed more than one family boat on the shores of harsh reality. Whatever one may say, one can only talk about the fact that with a sweet paradise and in a hut if there is a dad – an attaché. It sounds, of course, a little exaggerated, but, one way or another, this is the harsh truth of life.

Probably, many of us, girls, are pleased when a man looks after him beautifully, makes luxurious compliments in the form of beautiful gifts, and can afford to pay for a comfortable and bright vacation. Even if a woman herself earns well – the financial wealth of a man can be considered his calling card.

Requests & opportunities: who wins

No, my not the building where you want, don’t, don’t know about this. Each pair has its own allowable material minimum and “ceiling”. Someone is satisfied with the income that is enough to pay for an Apartment, a good grocery basket, a vacation within Russia, or neighboring countries.

Others have higher demands: gifts in the form of iPhones, cars, apartments, and regular holidays in the Seychelles – Malh – Malh.

“Reverans” in this store, “Samka” is given where it is:

  • it is important to consider your “appetite”;
  • take into account how much they (the needs of a woman) correspond to the capabilities of a man.

Now it’s okay to say that it’s a strange fact! We mean that before making claims against a man regarding his earnings, it would be nice to assess how realistically he can increase his income in practice. simple primer:

  • A man does not have innate leadership and other abilities, including intellectual ones. His ceiling is some kind of physical work with a minimal salary. The expectation that he will start earning hundreds of thousands a month is tantamount to the fact that from one tomato, they want to squeeze three liters of tomato juice.

We started our analysis of the topic precisely by highlighting the observance of proportions: how much the requests correspond to the possibilities, so that you clearly understand: if you want to go to the Maldives, and your man can, at best, earn money for a vacation in Gelendzhik – it’s easier to find another man than to force and wait impossible.

How to make a man work? No way!

In the question itself, a “destructive link” has already been laid down from the very beginning. Suppose, imagine that someone, and even your man, makes you do something. Directly with pressure, harshly, and can also set ultimatums, they say: if you don’t do it, I will deprive you of “sweet”, or yku of pleasure.

Answer, only without deceit – what will be your reaction? If you are honest with yourself, then it is obvious: at best, you will just do evil, at worst, you can leave, because such an approach leaves its negative imprint, and somehow you don’t really want to be with a person who constantly forces and does not care about your psychological comfort.

What to do if the husband does not want to work?

So, if you start to force, a man will look at the situation from the above-designated angle.

A man can only be motivated

When we have “worked through” the two main blocks of the issue under study, we can safely move on to the third – the central one. Funding for the subject of the game:

  • his love for a woman;
  • respect from a woman: her unconditional faith in her man;
  • a feeling of support and the presence of a rear in a man;
  • the same “sweet gingerbread” in the form of praise.

Perhaps we will start with the main thing – with the love of a man for a woman. Believe us, if a man loves, he will make every effort, but the question is: isn’t the burden too heavy, cat? We will tell you an interesting love story of people who lived in the 13th century!

Many writers, artists, composers took their love story as a basis for their works. There is an opinion that Shakespeare wrote his great work “Romeo and Juliet” inspired by their love and tragic ending.

We will not go into details, we will only indicate the following – we are talking about young people from Teruel. Their love originated at a very young age, but did not continue into adulthood. It was all about the money issue. The girl’s father found a richer husband for her. Not wanting to give up and let go of his beloved so easily, the young man received a reprieve from her father for five years.

This time gave him the opportunity to get rich, and build a castle for his beloved no worse than that of his opponent. At that time, the only way to get rich quick was to go to war. No, I don’t want to see it in the history, it is only one thing: in Bitwe, it is by the wind.

His life was on the verge of death, but one way or another, he did what he planned – he built a castle for his beloved, but when he returned home, he was only one day late. The ending of this story is very sad: if you wish, you can read it in more detail by reading about the beloved from Teruel in open sources on the Internet.

And we just wanted to show that love for a woman can truly work wonders. Tolerance for the history that is written: if it is by the name of the game, it is not necessary to store it.

Faith in a man is like an elixir of fertility

Henry Ford, an American industrialist, machine factory owner and inventor, once said: “It doesn’t matter who I will be in my next incarnations, the main thing is that my wife is next to me!”.

We will not go into the history of the formation of Ford, we will only say one thing: no one believed in a simple mechanic who, in his barn, tried to invent a new type of engine, except his wife. Ford’s words quoted above are more than a collection of letters and sounds.

They literally broadcast gratitude to the woman, whose Faith gave Him strength, inspiration, and indicated that he was doing everything right. Agree, When Someone Believes in You unconditionally – it’s Like a second wind helping a person will not stop halfway to their goal.

Be there in the mouth that isn’t so nice in the way that it stimulates the child. Unfortunately, some women, instead of believing in their man, as Henry Ford’s muse did, simply begin to “nag” him and compare him with other, more successful ones.


  • hit on a man’s self-esteem;
  • pokazyvayut new in ego silly and возможности.

Therefore, if you want your man to earn more, become that muse for him, whose faith will “program” for the necessary, fruitful results.

The woman is the rear of the man

It is important not only for a man, but also for a woman to feel support. But, If the issue of support is raised in the context of stimulating a man to Earn money, the role of the “Supporter” is assumed by the woman. Support can be multifaceted:

  • in the hint of ideas;
  • assistance in the analysis of exciting issues;
  • organization of a comfortable family space;
  • in non-technical planes, active you in the process of this, when the mouth is closed.

We should not forget that men, along with women, love praise. Therefore, it is so important to praise your beloved even for small successes. Another key function of a woman is her ability to “ignite” a fire of inspiration in a man. What is meant is that you need to show the man what “fruits” his efforts will give.

For example, if the family lives in a rented apartment, you can paint in all its glory how things will be if a man “pushes it up” and reaches a completely different level of income.

At the end of the topic, I would like to say the following: in a couple, there are still two people, and if a man wants to be on chill, and doesn’t really want to change anything, no matter how the woman motivates him, the result will be the same: he will continue to live as he sees fit. As they say, psychology is powerless here.

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