How to make a man go crazy for a woman in anticipation of her sympathy?

How to make a man go crazy for a woman in anticipation of her sympathy? There is an opinion that both partners in a couple cannot love each other with the same strength. One heart is always colder. And if this is true, then being the one who is loved more means owning the situation. What good is it when you are deeply in love and cannot live without a person, and he only accepts your feelings? The consequences can be unpredictable. But there are several subtle and non-obvious ways to drive any man crazy so that he is afraid of losing you.

25 ways to drive him crazy

  • Show your true self.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s important to be natural. Many girls at the beginning of a relationship sin by trying to please a new gentleman: at 6 in the morning she is already fresh and with a make-up, and the table is bursting with an excess of gourmet dishes. But to do what is not characteristic of you, you will not be able to do it all your life. The lie will come out and he will leave you.

  • Self-confidence opens any door.

No way is written about you and your children, also called Angelin. But the absence of certain trendy accents in appearance does not make you worse.

On the contrary, due to the lack of modifications, you will stand out from the crowd. Two weapons – naturalness and a smile.

  • Be friendly.

What girl in childhood, after reading the manual “How to become a bitch in 21 days”, did not dream of growing up as a cold, calculating beauty, breaking men’s hearts? No where we are talking about and the character that is assigned is bigger.

  • Create a deficit for yourself.

May he miss you a little. Better “under” than “over”. Primitive times are long gone, but some men still imagine themselves to be hunters. It’s easier for you: let on each step towards you, on makes two.

  • The main person in your life is you.

Self-respect should be the default. You are what you attract. If you feel like a victim of circumstances, they will pay attention to you, or the same object of persecution, zebo abyu. And why do you need it?

  • Don’t be too serious.

Manipulation is definitely bad. No, it’s not necessary to fly, read in “close – far” and in the name of the role. If only not to lose your true face in the performance and not to hurt another person.

  • Don’t hide your beauty.

There is a stereotype that men do not like bright makeup, so women try to please these individuals and mimic gray mice. If the soul asks to fall face down in the highlighter, do not forbid yourself to do so.

  • Don’t pretend to be weak if you’re not.

Modern women drive a car just as well and do not faint at the sight of a new watered bath. If you successfully cope with everyday trifles, and you are disgusted with playing weak and dependent, lead yourself akakriv. Strong and independent like no less.

  • Initiative is still punishable.

You can take the first step, but you do not need to build a bridge to the heart of the chosen one on your own. Playing with one goal will not bring you anything but disappointment. If you like a guy, give him a hint, but don’t take on too much.

  • Don’t forget your needs.

You will be able to get it by yourself, and you will find it in English. You don’t have to change your schedule. The more things you have to do, the more desirable you become. Of course, without fanaticism.

How to make a man run after you? 5 secret tricks

  • Jealousy is the last century.

Showing your partner that you care about him is very important. It is not necessary to add this to the ecological spososobami. Those are the words and the lists and the manual preparations that are small and not hard.

  • Don’t be afraid to play.

If you don’t know how to “shoot eyes”, it’s time to start practicing. This simple Technique can really drive you crazy and help you unobtrusively convey all your desires to the object, without fear of running into rejection.

  • Don’t forget femininity.

Dom, where there is a woman, is always lighter and more comfortable. Do not be afraid to reveal your vulnerable nature, ask for help and involve him in your world, where the sweet aroma of fruity perfume hovers over the bastion of jars of creams.

  • Demonstrate about and sobriety.

Do gentlemen prefer silly ones? Unless those who are afraid of competition and are prejudiced against the female sex. And we don’t need those. Choose a partner to suit yourself, do not hide your talents.

  • Delis with him your dreams.

Planning for a common future brings people together. Letting a man into your Personal space, it is important not only to let him understand what you are now, but also to tell about your goals. So you will save yourself from meaningless cohabitation, if, for example, official is your priority.

  • Learn to listen to him.

Don’t wait for him to finally finish ranting about things you don’t understand. Don’t rush him so you can express yourself faster. Namely, listen. Delve into his EMO rational message.

  • Add a pinch of spontaneity.

Predictability is the first step towards boredom. Let yourself be effective and direct. For example, does he expect that on Saturday evening you are traditionally a sender to a restaurant? Break the usual course of things, order his favorite Chinese food at home.

  • Your chosen one should not be the only light in the window.

You’re a pretty busy lady too. You have parents, obligations, a cat. You don’t have to drop everything and go on a date with him. And there is nothing wrong with spending your free time not only with him: meeting friends, playing sports, reading, knitting and embroidering. And all this without remorse.

  • Not the soul of his whims.

Stereotypes about women appeared for a reason. Surprise Him With How You Can Have Dinner With His Friends In 15 Minutes And Not In 2 Hours When He’s Angry And Sweating Waiting For You In The Hallway. Everything should be not only the way you want.

  • You must have fun together.

Imagine that you are adventure partners. Instead of routine social events, look for new experiences of hiking, picnics, walks and extreme sports. Let him see you from the other side.

  • Thank him and compliment him.

Let him know that you appreciate what he does for you. As a rule, women praise men for specific actions: washed the dishes, hung up a shelf, did not screw up and dumb. This is fundamentally not true. For example, write to him that you are delighted with his new suit.

  • Support his endeavors.

During the pandemic, we all realized that no one needs us, except for our loved ones. In an Instant You can lose both health and work, so it is very important that there are People nearby who can turn their shoulders in time. And that function is not only men. Show your chosen one that he, too, can count on you.

  • Not skipping any ambition.

If you have never dreamed of living the life of a decorative domestic cat, there is no need to pretend that you are not interested in self-development or a career. Let your man know who he’s messing with. Not where you live. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire a valuable ally.

  • Show that he can trust you.

No rasskazywaj podruzhkam he sekretty and not share s mamoi with every discontent. May you have your own safe space just for two. And do not try to remake or train him.

Men by their nature are more rational and reserved. What started with an explosion of passion can end just as quickly. Give time to your feelings to brew and strengthen. Let the initiative for rapprochement come from him.

Men see the world differently than women. They need more time to start trusting the other person with their thoughts and feelings. the key to a healthy and happy relationship where you don’t have to argue about who loves whom more is concluded. The better you get to know each other, the stronger your bond becomes.

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