How to make a man pay attention to you?

How to make a man pay attention to you? I like a man, but that’s bad luck – you don’t know how to attract attention. You can, of course, count on the fact that he will notice you himself, but as you understand, such an approach requires patience and time. Moreover, it does not give a hundred percent guarantee that a man will take the first step towards.

To help you in this matter, your personal electronic psychologist “Lovepsychologys” has prepared a TOP of effective recommendations-tips that help you understand what should be done in order to unobtrusively attract the attention of a man you like.

TOP 5 proven tricks – How to make a man pay attention to you?

The key to any interpersonal rapprochement is a properly prepared “soil”. This refers to non-verbal signals – gestures, facial expressions, tone. If you broadcast aggression or depression, then on a subconscious level, the man will close from you, and, accordingly, there can be no talk of any attention.

Therefore, it is important to radiate positivity and goodwill. You can even say that this is the very first helping step.

  • A smile is like a fail-safe welcome

Ron Gutman, Investor, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Writer, in one of his speeches, scientifically substantiated the effectiveness of a smile. Moreover, referring to a study conducted at the University of Berkeley (California), he expressed the opinion that a smile can strengthen family well-being.

The above study lasted as much as 30 years. His starting point was his graduation album. Scientists carefully observed how the life of graduates developed. It’s easy to guess that those People who smiled openly and sincerely became prosperous and happy in family relationships in life.

Moreover, based on the data in the old graduation albums, I found a photo of a dark-skinned guy, captured with a radiant smile. You can guess for yourself that that person was Barack Obama. Based on this, Gutman only confirmed the findings of the researchers.

We paid enough attention to such “weapons” as a smile.

  • First, on broadcasts positive and openness.
  • Secondly, there is an opinion that the same reaction will always follow a smile.

In this case, we are talking about the principle: “smile – and you smile back.” Again, there is scientific evidence for this. Without citing what kind of research they were, Gutman relies on data from research conducted at the University of Sewn (UP). It has been proven that it is difficult for people not to respond to a smile, and it’s all about physiology – seeing the smile of another weakens control over the muscles of the face.

How to draw a man’s attention to yourself?

  • Thirdly, a smile causes pleasant EMO-rational reactions, and this, in turn, forms a certain overjoyed overbearing. As you understand, a positive perception of the other contributes to the process of rapprochement.

Now you yourself understand why we focus on a smile, as one of the central techniques to draw attention to your person. Just keep in mind one thing – your smile should not be strained and forced. A man will feel false, and you will get the opposite result.

  • Consider the “preferences” of a man

This is important, because if your type, to put it mildly, is not quoted, then it will be quite difficult to attract attention. Look, let’s say a man likes effektnye girls, such as “LEDi-vamp”. And you – as an option, a modest girl: unremarkable clothes, an ordinary hairstyle, discreet makeup, or even govese

Therefore, as you yourself understand, his gaze will not be fixed on you. And then again, there is a scientific explanation. It’s all about the perception of our brain – and that’s a fact! Previously gained experience is used by us in everyday life to determine what is worth paying attention to and what will slip out of sight as something unnecessary and insignificant.

The above mentioned fact, in his book: “The gun, microbes and steel” was considered in more detail by the scientific physiologist Daymond. To be able to say that the topic is about the drug, my not the building should be understood by the issuance. In case you would like to get acquainted in more detail, you can do it yourself by reading earlier.

Our task was to show you how the “filters” of a person work. It is easy to guess in order not to be out of focus – it is important to take into account the tastes of a man.

  • Help about a request

In this part, it is worth clarifying some key details. Do not forget that men do not like it when they begin to load something. Moreover, they have their own purely masculine view of some situations. If you start constantly asking for some petty help, you may get the impression that I will simply use it.

In order not to go too far, you need to act very delicately. For example, if you go to one store, ask for a one-time ride. Or tell me what you need by business and ask for a ride to one of the metro stations, or a certain stop

As you understand, you need to take into account the route that is convenient for him, so as not to get a refusal. Try to use the time spent tete-a-tete as efficiently as possible. Show yourself with the best STORon. Think in advance how you can “hook” it. These can be non-standard topics that will reveal you as an interesting interlocutor, or the presence of common inte.

By the way, in terms of identical hobbies, you will benefit from his surprise associated with the coincidence of something in common. We can say that the “fixing” effect will work according to the principle: “I didn’t think that she was also interested,” and the subconscious mind will continue: “We need to take a closer look at her. What else is interesting in the “piggy bank” of her preferences and qualities.

  • Voice your talents and highlight your accomplishments

In continuation of the topic of interests, let’s be honest, but boring and “one-sided” people are not attracted to anyone. Of course, we will not say with 100% certainty, but “give” a multifaceted personality to many. That is why you need to show that you are just such a person.

Talk about your achievements. For example, tell me that you learned a complex program on your own, or you had excellent results in sports. Or you have learned something new in a short period of time. Perhaps you are good at drawing. Offer, as if by chance, to draw a pencil portrait of a man.

And if you are a first-class cook, then tell us about some little-known dish that you cooked excellently and received a lot of compliments from your friends who tried it.

  • From the moment you have the option to express yourself

To begin with, you need to understand what a man is well versed in, and already starting from this, show interest in keluvit. But keep in mind that you need to act not from the point of view of idle curiosity, but it is important to show genuine interest, and as a natural result – a request that he bring you up to date.

This approach has its advantages. First, understanding something well, a man feels confident. Secondly, becoming an expert for a while, he begins to feel his need and significance. As you understand, in this way you get one hundred percent attention, and as a nice bonus – spending time with you will be perceived only in a positive way.

The main thing to remember is that everything should be dosed and unobtrusive.

How to get a man’s attention on social media?

The easiest thing to do is to like his photos, or interesting publications. No fact, that’s why it’s trivial. Therefore, before actively launching likes in, think carefully about the content of your page.

In fact, it will be your calling card.

  • Add original photos.
  • Post interesting positions and posts.
  • Spice up the page with intellectual humor
  • Post a little poll and maybe he will take part in it.

If the above does not work, go to the comments. They must be concise. It is important to take into account the specifics of the post under which you want to unsubscribe.

If the topic is Serious enough, you should write something smart, but remember, the main thing is not to overdo it so that it does not turn out too abstruse. If on a humorous topic, then the comment should also be with humor.

You will be lucky if he uploads something from “his production” like meek videos where he does something. In such a case, the comment should be caressing his vanity. The main thing – do not overpraise, so that it does not turn out false.

In cases where and comments do not work, turn on, figuratively speaking, heavy artillery – write him a dream. Study his page, and act pointwise, focusing on his interests and preferences.

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