How to make a Sagittarius man jealous?

How to make a Sagittarius man jealous? The relationship with a Sagittarius man can be complicated. But now you want to add something to that and make him jealous? To do this, you need some advice on how to unlock the cancer patient’s most intimate secrets! How does he feel jealousy and how can he react? What is behind this mask of trust? And can this tactic allow you to win him back after a breakup?

Let me tell you everything you need to know to make a Sagittarius man jealous. As well as some astrological tips to help you better understand the personality and psychology of those born under this zodiac sign.


Are Sagittarius men jealous and possessive?

The Sagittarius man’s situation is quite unique in this regard. As a rule, men born under this zodiac sign are not jealous. But a Sagittarius man who is deeply in love can get jealous at times. And believe me, he’s not going to appreciate that very much.

The Sagittarius man has a very easygoing attitude towards human relationships. Not just for love relationships, but for all relationships. Thus, emotions like jealousy rarely enter his mind or heart. It’s not you, it’s him. Even more important is his love of freedom. The man born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius is in favor of letting people live as they wish.

Anything that challenges his personal freedom or the freedom of others bothers him. That’s what being possessive is like. That’s why he hardly ever engages in anything so overwhelming. Only a Sagittarius man who has a strong influence from his Moon or rising sign will be possessive. When it comes to relationships, he has a different approach than most other men, especially Leo or Aries.

For him, jealousy and possessiveness should have no place in love. Not only does he stay out of it, but he expects his partner not to. Does this mean he can’t be jealous? Oh no! It sure doesn’t. In fact, a Sagittarius man very rarely falls in love. Deep down he fears the great leap because he would risk drowning in an ocean of love, a love that is too strong and too intense.

He loves so much that it makes him prone to jealousy. Only a Sagittarius man who truly loves a woman is prone to these emotions. And if he’s that serious about you, then you have no reason to want to make him jealous.


How to make a Sagittarius man jealous?

Trying to make a Sagittarius man jealous is a Herculean task. If this was his thirteenth challenge or labor, even Hercules probably would not have passed this test. You will have to take extreme measures to be successful. Measures so strong and extreme that they could even jeopardize your relationship with him. Is it really worth it? If the answer is yes, here’s what you need to know to get your job done:

Flirt with other men. What can drive a Sagittarius man in love mad with jealousy? When the woman he loves is interested in other men. Now, the Sagittarius men are one of the zodiac signs that fight for their loyalty. But when they are in love, loyalty becomes second nature to them. Like everyone else, they expect their partners to share this belief. So if he sees that you are trying to seduce another man, he will inevitably get very jealous.

Make him think you’re having an affair. Normally I would advise you to leave no room for suspicion. But in this case, as we go to extremes, it will be different. Don’t stoke his fire, but don’t quench it either. Make him think you are likely to meet someone. But if he starts asking you specific questions, calm down. Because you are on a very steep and sloping path. You don’t want to lose control of your vehicle, do you?

He refuses to be part of your plans. If you date a Sagittarius man, chances are you’ll do almost everything together. Great adventures are part of your life. That’s what he wanted, isn’t it? Then take that away from him. Spend your time elsewhere. How do you think he will feel when the love of his life stops loving what he does? But if you do it too often, you risk losing that man. He won’t wait long to run away and go somewhere else.

Boredom can lead to jealousy. Life with a Sagittarius man is usually extremely exciting. It consists of excitement and joy. If you take that away from him, the emptiness will give way to other feelings like jealousy. Getting bored and showing your indifference in their company can lead to jealousy. He’ll want to know what’s going on at all costs. Why you’re acting so strange. Then share your concerns with him. Let him know what you need and show your willingness to make things right.

How to make a Sagittarius man jealous?

How does the Sagittarius man show his jealousy?

No matter how extreme the actions you had to take, his behavior and reaction to you will be very revealing. You will then be able to understand how a man deeply in love can react when he is jealous. Here are the signs that will tell you if and how jealous he is.

He will be extremely rude and aggressive towards the man he suspects. If he thinks you’re cheating on him, he’ll go mad with jealousy. He will vent his anger to the man he suspects of having an affair with you. If you let things get out of hand, it can even lead to a cockfight.

He becomes extremely possessive when you are with other men. When jealous, the Sagittarius man often tries to protect his from everyone else around him. In your case, that means he is suspicious of everyone you come in contact with.

He will ask for your opinion and want to know your wishes. If you don’t seem interested anymore, he will try to do what pleases you. He will sacrifice his own desires to make you happy.

After all, he will share his concerns with you if you ask him to. It is unlikely that he will bring up the subject himself. So if you feel like things are starting to get tense, talk to him. When you talk to him, be as open as possible about your feelings.


Can you win back a Sagittarius man by making him jealous?

If the Sagittarius man broke up with you, making him jealous won’t bring him back. Try to understand his point of view on your relationship and marriage. If there weren’t any issues on that level, then he probably wouldn’t have had a reason to break up. Conversely, if the relationship between you didn’t work out, there’s no reason to make him jealous because that won’t solve the problems. In any case, think carefully about it. But here is what you can try to get him/her back after a breakup or relationship breakup and win his/her heart back.

Talk to him about all the exciting things that have happened to you since the breakup. Sagittarius men run away from women who haven’t forgotten them. So tell him you moved on and that it was effortless. He is not indifferent to exciting and interesting lives, so tell him about your life in this way.

Invite him to accompany you on your next adventure. The best place to get close to a Sagittarius man is where he feels most alive. You probably have an idea of ​​what he likes to do. Or what he always dreamed of. Plan something like that and invite him. He won’t be able to resist the urge to participate.

Flirt with him. Flirting is an adventure in itself. If flirting excites him, he’ll probably be interested. It is important to arouse his interest. Do it in a positive, fun, and distanced way. How to make a Sagittarius man jealous?

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