How to make a Virgo man jealous?

How to make a Virgo man jealous? Reserved, calm, even a little calculating, the Virgo man doesn’t come across as the jealous type, does he? Well, appearances can sometimes be deceiving… Imagine an artist who has carved a sculpture to perfection. He spent day and night trying to remedy all his shortcomings. And suddenly this sculpture comes to life. The first thing the sculpture does is fool him with another artist. How do you think the creator would react? Although the Virgo man did not carve his girlfriend, he spent a lot of time finding the ideal woman. And by a lot of time, I mean a lot of time! And the first signs of disloyalty or imperfection are greeted with great disappointment.

How to make the Virgo man jealous? Is he the type to be possessive towards the woman he loves? Is stoking his jealousy a good strategy to lure him in or to get him back after a breakup? Let’s find out! How to make a Virgo man jealous?


Are Virgo men jealous and possessive?

There is no easy answer to this question. Because both jealous and non-jealous men can be found among men born under the sign of Virgo. But, to put it simply, it is possible. But that doesn’t happen often. Not easy either. But it is possible to make him jealous.

He lives his life according to precise rules and hates everyone who doesn’t share them. If his rule of life is not to flirt with anyone in a relationship, he expects you to respect that rule too. Another example: He doesn’t want to steal the spotlight from a party planner. And he wouldn’t like it if you did either. Basically, don’t do anything that doesn’t please him.

He has high expectations of his partner. If you do something that is below his expectations or standards, he will be disappointed. And disappointment can sometimes lead to jealousy. That of course depends on the circumstances.

Competition makes him jealous and possessive. Nothing arouses the Virgo man’s jealousy more than the competition. If he senses that other men are trying to challenge his position in your heart, he will be angry and mad with jealousy. This will make him more protective to make sure he doesn’t lose you.

However, he has too much self-esteem to bend down. However, what keeps the Virgo man from falling into the trap of jealousy is his self-esteem. He would never do anything that would make him look jealous or bitter.


How to make a Virgo man jealous?

So I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of all the advice I am about to give. Every Virgo man is a unique combination of pride and ego. What he will or will not respond to depends on his preferences, pride, or ego. However, here are a few tips that almost always work.

    1. Make him aware when other men are seducing you. If you are with a Virgo man, you are sure to have some admirers. Or at least men he thinks admire you. Try to hit her only when he’s around. Obviously, there is something about her behavior that will upset him. And the more you do this in front of him, the more possessive he becomes. A friend of mine used to date a Virgo man until one day he became distant and ignored her. Then her ex, who still loved her, walked in. The ex-boyfriend’s mere presence in a room made her virgin husband lose his mind!


    1. Tell him how he complicates everything. If he comes to you to talk about his concerns, reassure him that it wasn’t you who started the flirtation. This will make him mad at you and not at her. If he finds out that you are innocent, he will tell you about it. Hope you just blow off all the other applicants. Act like you didn’t notice anything about these other men. Her inability to see the obvious will make him even more jealous and possessive.


    1. Do things he doesn’t approve of. If you’ve been with him for a while, you know that he doesn’t approve of some things. People you’ve dated that he doesn’t approve of. places to go. Returning to old habits that he thought were bad and ended. This relapse will make him wonder why he is relapsed. If he’s already in jealousy mode, the fire will be fueled even more. If he is not jealous, he will worry and become possessive


    1. If you broke up, act like the breakup didn’t affect you at all. You know what can drive a virgin man mad with jealousy? It turns out the breakup didn’t affect you at all. Make him feel like you don’t mind. It will make him question his own worth and he will lapse into jealousy again.



How does the Virgo man show his jealousy?

The virgin man’s jealousy is very seldom apparent. This is because he is always very critical of others. So it’s not surprising that he blames others. If you look closely, you can see the subtle signs of his jealousy.

He will be rude to men he suspects are hitting on you. Men who have dared to defy him will be the first to face his wrath. You will see that he is not the usual polite person towards you. He will be critical and show his displeasure in her presence.

He will show his silence. A silence full of innuendos. If you don’t address his concerns, he will remain silent. There will be times when you will be the only one speaking. The silence will drive you insane too.

After a few drinks, he’ll share his concerns. If he’s the type to drink, he’ll seek drunkenness. He will tell you how he feels when he is under the influence of alcohol.

He will try to contact you. If you try to get him to come back after the breakup and he contacts you again, your efforts will start to pay off. He will try to contact you again. Nothing else, just to confirm his suspicions.

How to make a Virgo man jealous?

Can you win back a Virgo man by making him jealous?

If you are in a relationship, try not to make him jealous. He will find out and it will be bad for your relationship. But if you broke up and want your Virgo man back, then jealousy will at least make him come back. If he has suspicions about another man, he will want to know what is going on.

When he comes back, keep it light. Don’t talk about your previous relationship. Just pretend it never happened. If he talks about it, talk about it as if it’s something you have to do.

Tell him you had feelings for him. That the breakup made you realize the relationship was a two-way street. Therefore, you see the breakup and the end of the relationship as a good thing. This speech will confuse him, make him think. Once you’ve confused him, even disoriented him, play the role of the woman of his dreams, the perfect woman. Let him know that he suffered a great loss by leaving you. Try all these tactics to attract the virgin man again. How to make a Virgo man jealous?

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