How to make amends with a man – advice from a psychologist

In any close relationship with someone, you can not do without quarrels or conflicts. It’s okay. Skirmishes with a partner can occur much more often, given that you have the closest possible relationship with this person.

It is good if the conflict situation is smoothed out by itself or by joint efforts. Is that what you want? How to make amends and bring back peace to your relationship?

How to make amends with a man – advice from a psychologist

  • Let him cool down.

A man rarely shows resentment with open and sharp EMOtions. More often they withdraw into themselves and move away from their partner. For a constructive dialogue, you need to let the man recover, “digest” what is happening.

If the Partner is not ready for the Conversation, it can lead to an aggravation of the conflict and your reciprocal resentment, which is clearly not your goal. For example: “Oh, so, I put up with you, and you turn up your nose. Well, sit puffed up! And it was only necessary to wait until the beloved’s EMO-rational storm subsides.

  • Analyze the situation.

Taking advantage of the moment when the partner calms down, you should think about what happened between you. Perhaps you will discover something new for yourself, and when discussing with a partner, this will take you to a new level of vaponim.

Make sure that your thoughts do not go in search of a reason to justify yourself or find as many reasons as possible for “you yourself are guilty.” The goal is to find a way out and from the conflict with the ability to exclude its recurrence.

  • Enter into dialogue.

One of the difficult moments is to admit your guilt out loud. Try to find the strength in yourself to ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. The main thing is to be sure that you are ready for this, otherwise, the conversation may not take place.

  • Sincerity and openness.

To realize one’s guilt and show a desire to apologize is already halfway to reconciliation. Your real emotions have great power to soften your partner.

  • Try to ask for forgiveness tete-a-tete.

PARTNERS should not only hear or read the words of apology, but also feel your emotions, share. This is important in order to: first, understand each other correctly; secondly, the joint living of emotions surprisingly brings together even after a strong quarrel.

If, during the Quarrel, you are separated by a distance, then use a video call or convey as close as possible in messages about your feelings.

  • Listen to your partner.

How to reconcile with a guy?

Let him speak, pour out all his resentment. Don’t worry about it when you say it, it’s worth it. Very often you may simply not know the true reason for the offense of your chosen one.

Your sincere desire to understand your partner will help soften the hurt.

  • After the truce.

Apologies made and accepted, but the sediment still remains? Joint activity will help you and your partner overcome the residual phenomenon of resentment.

You can do together what you have been putting off for a long time, for example: rearrangement, cook some new dish for dinner together, go to the park or theater, go snowboarding or rollerblading.

Do exactly what will bring you new pleasant joint emotions and new topics for discussion.

Ways to enter into a dialogue

How important it is to say “forgive me” so that anger and resentment will let go of your loved one. No way, it is not possible to see the part number in the diallog. Here are the main ways to position him for the conversation.

  • “Davai pokovirim”.

The easiest way to solve the problem. To do this, it is important to create an atmosphere around. For a personal conversation, it is important in what environment it will take place. So that there are no distractions for him or you.

If your partner responds to the phone, it is by the meter, so that it is not the same as that. If you or your partner feel unwell and emotionally: headache, fatigue, drowsiness, hunger, and the like, will also not play in your favor.

  • Romantic dinner.

The classics of the genre are always relevant. Alone evening, subdued light, fragrant smell of a hot dinner, you are so beautiful and caring. A wonderful occasion to apologize and talk heart to heart.

  • Make a nice gift.

One of the surest ways to reduce the level of resentment of a partner is to bring him positive emotions. You can give him some cute present that will remind you of your warm feelings, for example: a postcard, his favorite snack, tickets to a long-awaited movie, an original T-shirt.

You can’t limit yourself to something small. You can give a man what he has long dreamed of or what he loves very much.

  • Invite for a date.

A good option if you haven’t been to your favorite restaurant for a long time. It is the invitation that will allow you to remember the first exciting moments of your relationship, set your partner up for a pleasant pastime and give you the opportunity to talk about sore issues.

The perfect way to defuse a tense situation. If you know ways to make your lover laugh, then feel free to use it. Sent memes or funny videos can be used.

Remember, humor, as in any other situation, must be appropriate. If the quarrel is serious enough and the partner’s resentment is strong, then fun on your part can only worsen the situation, and the conversation will most likely not take place, and perhaps the conflict will flare up with renewed vigor.

Originally it was reserved for the part in the process for this purpose without specifying it in the process. Even if you organize it in your home, the partner will give you the opportunity to work with you.

Keep in mind a comfortable physical and emotional state. If the chosen one came from work, then it would be appropriate to arrange a short quest that leads to a delicious dinner.

Discussing the conflict, making a joint decision, finding a compromise – after that, the offense should come to naught. Therefore, if you want to smooth over the offense and solve the problem productively, use the suggested tips.

And the methods can be combined with each other in any quantity. Most importantly, let everything be sincere and from the heart.

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