How to Make Him Contact You? 13 Guaranteed Ways

How to Make Him Contact You? 13 Guaranteed Ways
How to Make Him Contact You? 13 Guaranteed Ways

How to Make Him Contact You?

Are you staring at your cell phone for hours or even days and waiting for someone to answer you? Your thoughts only revolve around it and everything else fades into the background?

Women, in particular, tend to focus too much on it and put themselves and everything else on the back burner. It shouldn’t be like that! Make it clear to yourself that you are worth more and do not define yourself by whether he will answer you or not!

How do I get him to contact me?

Focus on yourself and do the things you love. A strong, confident, and independent woman is usually more likely to pique his interest than one who chases after him. Make it clear to yourself that you are worth more and do not define yourself by whether he answers or not!

Now I want to show you 13 ways how to make him contact you? or make your boyfriend get in touch with you:

  1. Stop reporting to him all the time!
  2. Be self-confident!
  3. Let him fidget!
  4. Wait!
  5. End the conversation!
  6. Spend time with your friends!
  7. Have fun!
  8. Stay interesting!
  9. Don’t forget to flirt!
  10. Stay spontaneous!
  11. Focus on yourself!
  12. Be satisfied with yourself!
  13. Learn to let go!

1. Stop contacting him all the time!

Men, in particular, can quickly feel constricted if you keep in touch and regularly send him entire novels about your day and your experiences.

This quickly leads him to believe that he is not living up to your expectations and withdraws. Better give him a little space to miss you, then he will notice what he has about you and take the initiative!

2. Be confident!

A healthy self-confidence is attractive to almost all men. This is how they see that you are on an equal footing with them and that looks just as attractive as physical attributes.

Accept yourself, then you will also radiate that outwards and he will not be able to resist you!

3. Let him fidget!

It might sound a little petty, but it’s not always immediately available. Otherwise, it will look like your whole life will revolve around him. Men find that boring quickly.

Deep down, men are still hunters! Do not always write back immediately and do not leave everything behind when he calls.

Deep down, men are still hunters.

4. Wait!

Women are usually much quicker to take a relationship to the next level. Even so, you should give him the time he needs.

Give him enough space and don’t try too hard to tie him to you, that will only drive him further away. Most of the time it is worth the wait.

5. End the conversation!

Once you’ve got him to check in with you regularly, you should try to get the upper hand. When you’re on the phone, try to be the one to end the conversation.

If you still send each other messages in the evening, be the first to say goodnight! This is of course not always easy, but this way you stay interesting and show how independent you are.

6. Spend time with your friends!

Try to take the pressure off yourself and spend time with your friends. Be happy, go out and do something. This is how you show him that you can have fun and a full life even without him.

One of the other pictures on social media can help, but don’t overdo it otherwise it will quickly become implausible.

You don’t need a man to have fun!

7. Have fun!

This tip goes hand in hand with tip no. 7. Realize how great your life is and enjoy it. You don’t need a man to have fun.

Focus on your hobbies, your friends, your career, or your family. So you show him how fulfilled your life is and you are not desperately looking for fulfillment in a relationship.

8. Stay interesting!

Instead of always telling him everything that’s going on in your life, just keep a few things to yourself or just give subtle hints.

This will make you interesting and he will certainly be curious and will contact you to find out more!

9. Don’t forget to flirt!

I said above: men are still hunters! You want to conquer a woman. But you have to offer him an incentive to do so. Show yourself from your sexy side and seduce him with your flirting skills.

Make it hot, then pull back a little. If you keep that balance, he can’t help but call you.

10. Stay spontaneous!

Everything is exciting and new, especially in the initial phase. Try to keep the spontaneity as long as possible, because it quickly becomes boring to a man if everything always has to happen according to a strict plan.

So make a few unexpected suggestions and stay interesting.

Do yourself something good, you deserve it!

11. Focus on yourself!

Instead of constantly brooding over why he doesn’t get in touch with you and what he’s doing right now, do something good for yourself. You deserve it! No man is so important that you forget yourself!

Have a nice day at the spa, go to the cinema, or go to a concert. Do not forget your own well-being, the man of your desire may also know that.

12. Be satisfied with yourself!

It is important to think about how satisfied you are with yourself and your life from time to time. Have you just got a promotion, do you regularly spend the funniest evenings with your friends or have you just run your first half marathon?

Congratulations, you are great the way you are and no man can destroy your self-confidence. Exactly this charisma goes down well with the opposite sex!

13. Learn to let go!

Unfortunately, sometimes no tip in this world helps and he shows no interest when you have a date, nor does he get in touch? Then it’s time to let go. If he doesn’t want you in his life, he doesn’t deserve you either. Try to finish and dedicate yourself to a new chapter.

Do’s and don’ts when writing

He’ll get in touch with you? Great, here are a few extra tips to keep the flirtation going.

Do`s Don`ts
Be natural! Don’t put on a mask!
Show him
your interest!
Show emotions! Write drunk!


Be natural!

Better said than done! Try to keep your messages as natural as possible and don’t pretend, because he should get to know you for who you are.

Show him your interest!

Ask him about his day, his weekend, and his job. So he sees that you have a serious interest in his life and you always have a topic of conversation.

Show emotions!

Try to let him know when you’re happy, sad, or stressed out. So he gets to know you better and knows how to respond to you. It also makes you look more natural and approachable.


Don’t put on a mask!

Even if it is tempting to present yourself differently or better than you actually are, this will lead to problems sooner rather than later. He should fall in love with the real you and not with a made-up version of you.


Of course, you are happy that you have so much contact and that he text you regularly.

But be careful not to ruin it by writing too much or being pushy, even if you would like to tell him everything about you right away. Take it slowly otherwise, he will quickly find you annoying.

Write drunk!

You should never, and I can’t say it often enough, really never write your flirtation drunk, it can only backfire and ruin a budding relationship, especially in the early stages.

Either you write some nonsense or get sentimental and complain about something that may not be that bad. Both are poison for your flirt.

Similar questions:

How long should I wait if he no longer answers?

There is the notorious 3-day rule. So long you should wait until you get in touch. In times when you are connected to mobile devices everywhere and at all times, you usually write yourself earlier. Nevertheless, after three days you should not become suspicious, there can be a thousand reasons why he does not answer.

However, if he still hasn’t contacted you after a week, you have to consider that he may not be interested. I think you can also get in touch as a woman and ask what’s going on. If you then notice that he is not interested you should check off the skill.

He rarely answers – what does that mean?

This question is very difficult to answer because every man is different. Even if he does not contact you every day or only sporadically, that does not mean that he is not interested. Men are sometimes lazy to write by nature.

You should pay attention to the ‘quality’ of the news. If he only answers once in two weeks and then only in monosyllables and when asked, he is probably not really interested.

He rarely gets in touch, but explains why and you will have a good conversation and you can feel that he likes to be in contact with you, but he is simply not interested in that much time.

Which of the 13 tips are you going to try to get him to get back to you?

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