How to make love to a man 5 Powerful Techniques! [2022]

If you are reading this article it is because you want to know how to make love to a man and share pleasant experiences with him.

Stable romantic relationships work thanks to the balance of three aspects: communication, the constant reaffirmation of love and understanding in intimacy.

This last aspect represents, on many occasions, great concern for women because they are not sure how to fully please their partner.

Specifically, how to make love to a man and know how to drive a man crazy in bed and also make a man value the relationship more.

how to make love to a man

To know how to make love to a man, Surprising him in bed and making him vibrate with desire is not as complicated as it sounds.

But you must keep in mind a few tips, recommendations and techniques that will help you enhance passion and give a positive plus to the relationship, this through infallible seduction tricks, which will help you know how to seduce a man and leave him breathless.

Below, you will find the best tips to take your sex life to another level and ensure that your man enjoys a pleasant, unique and unforgettable experience.

Know the 3 golden rules to conquer a man, they will surely be of great help to you.

The best 8 techniques to know how to make love to a man

It is always a good time to learn new tactics to teach you how to seduce a man in bed or to perfect the ones you already know.

Remember that it is never enough and, in these cases, creativity and an open mind are your best allies.

Read the following list and become the expert seductress that every man dreams of having in his life.

1. Innovate in privacy

Do not be monotonous or traditional in bed because, for sure, he will get bored and start looking the other way.

Let your imagination fly and show him that he has someone like no other by his side, so you’ll know how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world and, why not, the funniest and most sensual.

2. Let yourself be observed and fulfill their fantasies

Discover how to please a man in bed

Security is essential in privacy; be confident in your body and your abilities, your man will surely notice it and feel comfortable with you!

In case your partner has mentioned some of his fantasies to you and they are within your reach, do not hesitate to fulfill some or all of them.

You’ll see how his whole body shakes! Perhaps it is the best way to know how to excite a man and put his desire to the limit.

The caresses, the kisses, the movements alternating the rhythm and the massages are part of the infinite number of alternatives that you can use in your favor to provoke him.

That yes!, do not forget that men love challenges; therefore, a little mystery and waiting would not hurt them at all. He knows more about this through the Mirror Method.

3. Games of seduction

Focus on the moments before the final moment; that is to say, a good prelude will guarantee that the sexual encounter is more pleasant.

It’s simple! You just have to consider the following details and that’s it:

dress sexy

Make sure that both your outerwear and underwear manage to impact it greatly.

Take the opportunity to show a little skin, without exaggeration, and use body language: look sexy, bite your lip, stroke your hair, cross your legs or smile mischievously.

All this will unleash his passionate side and he will not be able to get you out of his mind for a second.

Romantic dinner

No guy would dislike a romantic dinner before getting intimate with a lady; prepare him something light that enlivens his senses and accompany the evening with a good wine.

Make sure that the space is pleasant and that both feel calm to continue advancing in the game of seduction.

Hot talks and innocent touches

Brush up against him as if unintentionally and get his heart racing with some off-color conversation.

Without a doubt, this will raise the temperature and he will want more and more.

control the situation

Don’t be afraid to take the initiative; I assure you that he will love to feel powerful and that you dominate him.

Control the situation and try to be aware of each of their reactions, since if you perceive that one of your tactics is not working, you must change it intelligently.

4. Appreciate their effort to please you

Let him know how well he is doing his part or guide him with your hands.

They love to be made to feel important, so praise their masculine qualities and intimacy skills.

You will realize that when you flatter him, his ego will increase considerably and he will do things three times better, it suits you!

5. Please him with originality

Learn the techniques to make it shiver

You will already know that there are places specialized in clothing, accessories or erotic products; If you’ve never visited any of these sites, it’s never too late!

Leave prejudices aside and explore without fear, be a little daring and make him lose control with a sexy costume, a sensual dance or erotic toy store; what’s more, you could bandage or handcuff him.

There are thousands of possibilities, choose the one that best suits your relationship and dedicate yourself to enjoying!

6. Stimulates your sensitive areas

Get to know their erogenous or sensitive zones and you will succeed! your arousal will increase and you will explode with pleasure.

Some of these areas are: eyelids, ears, lips, scalp, neck, neck, chest, lower abdomen, inner thigh, perineum and genitals.

7. Give her oral pleasure

And you know what I mean! Boys love this practice.

Please him, even if he doesn’t ask you, and make him feel on another planet, so you’ll know how to take a big step to know how to make love to a man

I recommend that while you perform the act as such, you stare at it and caress some of its erogenous zones, you will see the results!

8. Move!

Don’t wait for him to do all the work; amaze him with your firm and ingenious movements.

It’s time for you to be in charge of giving fluidity to the meeting. Get close, touch it and move without limits.

How to make a man happy in bed in 5 steps

If you want to show him that he is with the right woman and that, apart from being wonderful, you are an excellent lover, keep reading! What I share below may be of interest to you.

Through the following 5 simple steps, you will know how to make love to a man and make him happy in bed.

Step 1: A lot of tact

To achieve a good connection with your man, you must insist on touching and caressing him to the fullest, it is a good strategy on how to make love to a man

Massages can help, but do not lose sight of those sensitive points that, without a doubt, will make him collapse with so much satisfaction.

It is important that you allow him to also have a lot of contact with you and your body.

Mutual exploration is a preliminary that you should not lose sight of because it not only inaugurates the intimate encounter as such, but also reinforces trust as a couple.

Step 2: passionate kisses

A kiss says more than a thousand words, so let him know how much you want him!

Be playful with your lips and run them over many parts of his body, but keep him waiting.

The little pauses between one erogenous zone and another will leave him wanting more and more! and you will be on a very good path to know how to make love to a man.

If you want to know more about sexual satisfaction, read this article from

Step 3: Visual Impact

How to seduce a man

To know how to make love to a manmake sure to wear sexy underwear or heart-stopping lingerie.

Let him watch you dance for him or slowly undress; yes, in a very sensual way.

You will see that you will be his center of attention and he will not be able to stop looking at you even for a second; At this point, he will already know that he is under your control, which will increase his arousal.

Step 4: Physical and mental control

When he thinks the moment of truth has arrived, remind him that you’re in charge!

Stimulate him much more, but don’t let everything end when he wants it; touch him, kiss him everywhere, you know what I mean!, and you will make him hallucinate.

Remember that the degree of sexual tension is proportional to the pleasure you will feel in its release.

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Step 5: The sexual trance

At this time, he will be ready to receive his prize.

Let him actively participate and focus all his energy on you; Renew your positions, see which are the ones that drive men crazy and dare to try several of them.

The movements and rhythm are essential, you must have a little resistance and control, both on your body and on his.

You see, it all depends on you and your seduction strategies!

how to make love to a man and giving him infinite pleasure only requires two things: paying attention to the small details and betting on the novelty so that you have him surrendered at your feet.

Final recommendations

How to drive a man crazy in bed

Although it is true that perfection does not exist, much less in intimacy, you can show him through your attitude that you have everything he dreams of in a woman.

Complete your knowledge with Magnetic Desire Method and learn how to seduce the man you want whenever you want.

Take a look at my final recommendations on how to make love to a man

  • Try to make each intimate encounter pleasant and fun for both of you; learn to satisfy him and teach him how to satisfy you, he will love that!
  • Remember the relevance of preliminaries, since they are intensifiers of desire and excitement.
  • Forget limits or prejudices; Dedicate yourself to enjoying the moment and ensuring that he also enjoys it to the fullest.
  • Do not allow sexuality to be a monotonous and routine act; expand your repertoire, read about it and take action without fear!
  • Find a new place; don’t bore him with more of the same!; the house has more places than the room and the world is full of possibilities. Make a list of places and surprise him where he least expects it!
  • Don’t forget that the sounds you make and the words or phrases you say when you get intimate with your boy are crucial when it comes to stimulating his senses.
  • Activate your creative side, help him fulfill his fantasies and he will love you! The more surprises you prepare for him, the more his curiosity and desire for you will skyrocket.
  • Conquer him, make him fall in love, seduce him and, finally, make him happy in bed.

how to make love to a man And how to make a man want you naturally is no longer a secret, now you just need to put into practice all the tips and recommendations that I propose so that your boy dies of love for you.

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