How to make your husband fall in love with you again in 9 steps?

How to make your husband fall in love with you again in 9 steps? Has your marriage been falling apart at the seams lately? Tired of constant quarrels over trifles or, conversely, complete silence on the verge of ignoring? Life has a strong effect on even the greatest love. Fortunately, solving this problem and restoring harmonious relations with your spouse is a feasible task. How to make your husband fall in love with you again in just 9 steps? Will these attempts be enough to return the former passion, trust and understanding? It’s time to put it to the test.

1. Normalize the atmosphere in the house.

If there are scandals all the time in the house, then no subsequent steps will be able to radically change the situation. Therefore, the first step will be an attempt to get rid of quarrels, reproaches and tantrums. Sarcastic remarks, unfounded criticism will also be inappropriate.

Why is it important to start with this step?

  1. The next stages will require a lot of communication, and for this it is important to establish contact. People in a quarrel are unlikely to want to fulfill this condition.
  2. The husband is unlikely to want to return to the house at all, where he is met from the threshold with a showdown. Because of this, he will be delayed and not come home on time under any pretext.
  3. A sharp change in behavior will attract the attention of a spouse, because he will not expect it. He will wonder what caused such a “coup”.
  4. Only after noticing real attempts at reconciliation from his wife, the husband will also want to make efforts to save the marriage.

If there were no scandals as such, it is important to diagnose the problem. If this is frequent silence, ignoring, it is advisable to resume communication as soon as possible. Sometimes outwardly everything seems normal, the couple kisses, holds hands, uses compliments. However, there is a cooling in words, and actions are performed as if automatically, out of habit. Then it is better to replace ordinary phrases, actions with new ones, giving them more conscious meaning than before.

2. Put yourself in order.

Charisma, passion and fire in the eyes, of course, work wonders, but without a well-groomed appearance, the chances of returning a man’s interest are much less. Some women have difficulty with being overweight or with wrinkles. Although these are solvable problems, it will take a lot of time to deal with them. Extreme weight loss, surgical operations, “beauty injections” are not at all necessary. These are extra sacrifices. But sports, yoga, articulatory gymnastics and just healthy sleep, proper nutrition, walking in the fresh air are good ways to refresh your appearance.

However, there are faster methods to transform. Most of them require an investment of finances and a couple of free days. This:

  • make-up, taking into account the features of the face;
  • clothes suitable for the type of figure;
  • simple but well-groomed manicure;
  • sǝxy underwear;
  • whitening, restoration of teeth;
  • a new hairstyle for the color type and shape of the face.

Even magnificent forms and defects in appearance can be successfully beaten with accuracy, a healthy look, and a sincere smile. Of course, this also includes hygiene. Greasy hair, dirt under the nails, unbrushed teeth, complete disregard for hair removal are taboo.

How to make your husband fall in love with you again in 9 steps?

3. Break away from everyday problems.

Constant washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, lessons with children, dog walking, giving birth to a cat will drive anyone into depression and the appearance of an eternally tired asthenic. Some have bags under their eyes polished off by another 8-hour work schedule. And if, after such a day, the faithful requires the fulfillment of marital duty … In general, it’s time to remember your well-being and the need to relax.

It is advisable to try at least a little more often:

  • leave children to relatives, find circles for them so that they are occupied with their own interests;
  • forget about eternal cooking in favor of going to cafes, pizzerias, in extreme cases – to canteens (on a lunch break, for example);
  • distribute the duties of cleaning / washing / cooking / taking out the garbage / walking the dog among family members, creating a visual schedule and hanging it in a conspicuous place (so you can immediately see who, what, how much is doing to maintain comfort);
  • get out of the vicious cycle “work-shop-home”, changing habitual actions or at least the way they are performed.

The main thing is to find time for yourself and your spouse, and with an obsession with everyday routine, this is extremely difficult to do. It is also important to learn to forgive yourself for mistakes in housekeeping, and not to suffer from an acute sense of guilt for every unwashed plate.

4. Change the scenery.

It will not be possible to fully get rid of the vicious circle of “stove-mop-plunger” without leaving the house. For complete freedom and gaining the forgotten feeling of “I am a woman”, you will have to go out into the street. Why is it important?

  • Communication outside the family is usually underestimated, but in vain. Working relationships also do not always make up for diversity. But friends, acquaintances from interest clubs, even just neighbors will come in handy.
  • No matter how much irony over shopping, but this is really a good way to get rid of stress and cheer yourself up.
  • Visiting cafes, theaters, cinemas, galleries, entertainment centers and similar establishments is generally desirable to make a regular and ordinary thing.
  • Traveling (even in the suburbs, natural areas, neighboring cities) is another way to diversify your leisure time.

Discovering new places, changing the background and surroundings reduce stress levels, help you deal with your own thoughts, create new memories. Moreover, it is better to do this equally both independently and together with your husband.

5. Expand your circle of hobbies.

To generate interest, you have to become an interesting person. And for this, it is important to try new hobbies, look for and develop talents, deepen knowledge about exciting topics. And all this is done not only for her husband, but first of all for herself. The desire to spend day and night with your man is not a sign of love, but the initial stage of falling in love or lack of independence. A mature person knows how to have fun both in company and alone. Addiction is a painful symptom of a failing relationship.

Where can you start looking for yourself? How to guess hidden talents?

  • Recall childhood and hobbies of that time. It doesn’t matter if it seems too childish. If it makes you happy, that’s enough.
  • Search the Internet for courses, circles, studios in your city. Surely there are several interesting options on the list.
  • Take a look at your friends’ hobbies. With their help, joining a new occupation will be even easier.
  • Webinars dedicated to finding oneself, determining career guidance are also not uncommon on the network.
  • Online tests help determine natural inclinations for specific types of activities.

If absolutely everything seems meaningless, boring, it is better to consult a psychologist for depression. Or stop sorting through the options, but just start trying them, mastering them in practice. If you don’t like one hobby, move on to the next one. This approach will still allow you to have fun, acquire new knowledge, skills, becoming a comprehensively developed personality.

6. Recall the past.

Sometimes all problems in marriage boil down to the fact that past romantic pleasant moments are simply forgotten, lost under the pressure of everyday problems. Maybe it’s time to refresh your memory? How to do it?

  • Together to look at photographs from the time when feelings were just emerging.
  • Visit places where the couple was often together at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Set aside time for just the two of you. Without friends, relatives, colleagues, dogs.
  • Turn on the “same” song, watch the “same” movie, cook the “same” dish. Anything that brings good memories.
  • Recall funny, romantic stories that were experienced with her husband.
  • Go on a real date, in beautiful outfits, in stabouteating establishment.

Perhaps romance with feelings did not disappear for good, but only hid, faded into the background, as they were not supported by appropriate actions or words. In that case, it’s time to fix it.

How to make your husband fall in love with you again in 9 steps?

7. See a man in your spouse.

Spouses also need compliments, affection, attention. But even more – the recognition of them as men. This recommendation includes:

  • praising achievements, emphasizing successes,
  • support in difficult situations
  • faith when everyone else has turned away,
  • admiration in the eyes and words,
  • recognition of strength and sǝxuality.

It is unlikely that the husband will look for someone on the side or simply avoid his wife, who becomes such a strong rear for him. Yes, and their own feelings will be noticeably updated after the introduction of such a model.

And who is next to a real man? That’s right, a real woman. Therefore, the same compliments to a man can be built according to the type “I have always had a high bar for choosing men, and I am glad that I waited and married the best of them. ”. So the husband will hear affectionate words addressed to him, and the wife will once again emphasize that she is clearly from the “major league” and deserves more.

8. Diversify your sǝx life.

Sǝx in married life is clearly not in last place. He reconciles after a quarrel, consolidates romance, serves as a natural continuation of feelings and one of the forms of their expression. If you follow the previous recommendations like getting rid of the routine, making free time, returning romance, then the problems in the bedroom will most likely disappear by themselves.

In this regard, you will also have to find your “levers” of sǝxuality. For some ladies, a romantic secluded atmosphere is important, others are excited by drive, danger, others get turned on in the morning, if they are just allowed to sleep. Sometimes beautiful figure-shaped underwear gives a woman the right mood. The task is to find these chips and use them so that the desire appears first of all in the wife herself. And men most often just need to give a reason.

9. Love yourself.

It is very easy to fall in love with a woman who loves and appreciates herself. They don’t leave such people, even if they are overweight, wrinkles, seven children and two mortgages. But what does this skill mean and how to acquire it? This is a mindset like “I love myself, so:

  • I take care of my psychological state, not allowing myself scandals, waste of nerves or a rude attitude towards myself”;
  • I care about my physical health, my body, and I do not intend to kill it with bad habits or punishments like starvation”;
  • I will not sacrifice my principles for the sake of trifles, sacrificing myself, simply because I allegedly owe something to someone ”;
  • I forgive my mistakes, let them go, because I am a simple person, but I try to be the best version of myself, to develop”;
  • I don’t feel guilty or ashamed for spending part of my time solely on myself, because I deserve it. ”

Self-love is moderate pride, unostentatious greatness, wisdom, to which one has yet to grow. But the rewards for this inner state are worth all the effort.

These 9 steps require a lot of effort, a lot of time, patience, but when was it a problem for a woman who loves? And yet, sometimes the main question is not how to fall in love with a husband again, but whether it is worth doing at all. If the wife fulfills all nine tips, and the spouse is still cold or loves only “in the mood”, is such a partner needed nearby? Or, perhaps, its cooling was a great reason to start a new life without a heavy burden pulling you to the bottom?

How to make your husband fall in love with you again in 9 steps?

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