How to manipulate a girl: 14 sure ways

Gone are the days when manipulation was ostracized. Now psychologists say that many actions fall under this definition. For example, after a quarrel, a husband gives his wife flowers, and she forgives him. Therefore, when a young man is faced with the question of how to manipulate a girl, you can not blush at an unsuccessful thought, but look for acceptable ways.

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In fact, there are other ways of interaction, but more on that later. As for manipulation.

What is manipulation?

As a result of a certain impact on the girl, the guy gets what he expected. This influence is called manipulation. It can be verbal and effective, and even non-verbal. The main thing is that he acts consciously and purposefully.

Why do guys resort to manipulation?

There are several reasons why the decision to manipulate a girl comes:

When there is no own experience of building relationships, and there was no good example before my eyes (I grew up without a father). He just doesn’t know how to act or what to say.

18 years is not yet an indicator of maturity. Sometimes at this age and older, a young person continues to act as if he had remained in the older group of kindergarten. It’s not about his ability to handle gadgets, but about responsibility for life, deeds and words. If not, then it is called infantilism. Such a young man will not want to invest in relationships, build them. It is much easier to find vulnerable points and, by pressing on them, achieve the desired.

Smart boys from childhood notice that adults react appropriately to certain actions and words. Remember and act so and then. This habit is perceived as natural behavior, they do not represent a different style of dealing with girls.

The reasons may be different, but the desire is the same – to make the girl act the way a man needs. And here the manipulations are conditionally divided into two groups.

Manipulation for bastards

The stick is not good or bad, it acquires a characteristic in the hands. So manipulations can be completely innocent or on the verge of accepting morality, up to meanness. They differ in that by inflicting pain, a man achieves what he wants. Such actions are not aimed at preserving peace and love, but at satisfying selfish needs.

In order to do this, he carefully studies it, is interested in the past, especially childhood, since it is there that the roots of psychological problems lie. Having understood, it begins to act.

In practice, it looks like this:

The man inspires the girl with the idea that she must, because he pays for her. And if she thinks otherwise, a lot of reproaches and claims pour out on her. Under such pressure, she gives up. If not, he disappears, believing that there are many charmers around and there will definitely be one who will succumb.

With her help, a man not only provokes sex, but also material support from a woman, and inducement to the necessary actions. A guy with little experience gets caught in a lie quickly. If there is a skill, then incredible stories are invented, as a rule, compassionate ones. And in order not to get caught, he can insure.

However, lies tend to come out, and the manipulator is left with nothing.

The man pretends to suspect the girl. If she is not confident enough in herself and values ​​​​him, she will begin to make excuses and prove that she can be trusted. In this position, he will do anything for him. A low-profile game that often leads to the desired result.

  • suspense

A tool used in an ongoing relationship. After a quarrel, leave and for some time does not call, does not come. Keeping a girl in obscurity is cruel but effective. She will worry about the fate of the relationship and will gladly meet any wishes when the prince appears on the horizon.

To put pressure on pity, using natural female weaknesses, is to the liking of many weak-willed men. They fail to convince a woman to conquer her, but they get everything by telling tearful stories about a difficult childhood and female deceit.

  • Not sinlessness

There is no person without mistakes. In normal relationships, people forgive insults to each other, draw conclusions and move on. But if a man now and then reminds of the mistake she made, then this is a clear manipulation. Experiencing an unpleasant moment, overwhelmed with guilt, the girl seeks to rectify the situation and does everything that is required of her.

  • Comparison and humiliation

You can only manipulate someone who is insecure. It turns out to develop complexes by comparing a woman with others not in her favor. Moreover, these are former girlfriends or passers-by – it doesn’t matter. The principle works flawlessly. Leaving her head in doubt, the girl thinks about how to justify the trust, to be better than others. You can also mention its shortcomings more often, so that you are sure that no one else needs it. In this state, it is vulnerable to any processing.

natural manipulation

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that any couple can do without them. The above flowers work flawlessly. This kind of manipulation sometimes strengthens relationships and helps smooth out conflicts. In addition to flowers, the following manipulations by men are used:

A beautiful word said in time to a girl can work a miracle. If this is not an on-duty compliment said at the beginning of the conversation, but one that notices the characteracternary features, then it hits the target. And this greatly brings a man closer to getting what he wants.

From a psychological point of view, a person is most interested in himself. That is why if the conversation revolves around her person, or the guy listens carefully and actively (nods, asks questions, reacts to words), this attracts the girl.

And if he talks about himself, and not getting off with a single word, but in detail, with emotions, this shows that he is sincere and open. Also a soft way of manipulation to attract attention.

It will be wrong to show great interest from the very beginning, especially to talk about feelings. It is wiser to show interest in her, and then slightly freeze, show indifference.

If the relationship is already developing, then go further – make you jealous. After a fit of jealousy, say that she is the only one.

Such a swing makes her think about the guy, treats him emotionally. Eventually the girl is tied up.

If a guy makes romantic gestures (travel, surprises, flowers, gifts), then a connection arises in her head: a guy is a pleasant feeling. There is a desire to try it again and do something good in return.

Do not rush to give the girl everything she wants. It is better to divide or sweat in anticipation. When the promise is delivered, there will be no limit to delight. And gratitude will push you to do good deeds.

  • Verbal manipulation

The human brain perceives everything that it sees around, and if something is repeated, then this is what it takes for reality. When a guy tells a girl repetitive phrases, he will soon notice that she believes that she herself thinks so.

For example, such phrases:

  1. Nobody understands me the way you do;
  2. I tell everyone that you are the smartest and kindest … (meaning – but you don’t give);
  3. You know how much I love you;
  4. I know you think I’m honest, sexy, smart (any epithets).

Verbalics are a great power, and always work, but you can play more skillfully.

Psychologists have noticed that pressure on a person usually ends in counteraction – an effect opposite to the desired one. To approve a girl in some kind of thought, you need to plant an idea in her head, and then only occasionally add emotions and facts. Then she will pass off the desired thought as her own, and the deed will be done. This requires patience and subtlety, but the effect covers all costs. Filigree.

In Spain, they conducted an experiment and found that men are much more successful in controlling women if they … smile. She will execute even a tough command if it is given with a smile. Ladies need to be on the lookout for smiling strangers, don’t smile back or make eye contact. This way you can avoid exposure.

Of course, you can do without manipulation, but then you have to accept the need for frankness and sincerity. Who is not afraid, wins. Whoever lacks a fuse thinks how to manipulate a girl in order to achieve his goal.

Manipulation of a woman – men’s tricks [Secrets Center]

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