How to meet a girl in VK in 6 steps?

How to meet a girl in VK in 6 steps? How to meet a girl in VK and arouse her interest in yourself? In fact, the dating scheme itself is straightforward, but the details are still important. To win a woman’s favor, it’s not at all necessary to sign up for pickup courses, post photos from the Canary Islands, or buy her virtual gifts on VKontakte. But observation and resourcefulness will come in very handy.

What to do so that communication with a girl on a social network turns out to be successful and continues?

1. Work on your profile.

If an account has already been created, then the first step is to clear it of compromising evidence. The girl she likes can look into the profile at any second. And it’s better to believe in the word: she learns everything. Here’s why it’s best to get rid of:

  • indecent photos, where their main character is captured in a state of intoxication, with cigarettes, half-naked women, obscene gestures;
  • videos, music, pictures containing aggression, racism, sexism, obscenities, etc.;
  • posts of dubious content, like “boyish” phrases from the public “I was raised by the street” or too “vanilla” quotes / memes;
  • strange communities, groups dedicated to the pickup truck, naked parts of the female body, vulgarities;
  • love confessions on the wall, angry comments, quarrels, obscene language;
  • flat humor in all columns of the questionnaire – “About me”, “Contacts”, “Hobbies”.

In extreme cases, you can at least hide features that are close to your heart, but unpleasant for girls. Although in the future they will most likely have to be disposed of anyway.

A large number of young ladies in friends (more than guys) also repels page visitors. Pick-up artists believe that it is important to pose as an “enviable groom”, which is in great demand among the female half. But this is a failed strategy. Any woman wants to feel exceptional, and the presence of “competitors” only makes her conclude that the guy is frivolous.

As soon as the entire profile is cleared of compromising evidence, the time will come to deal with its parts separately.

How to meet a girl in VK in 6 steps?


This is the “face” of the account from which the acquaintance begins. A profile can be good in everything, but if the main photo is unsuccessful, the girl will cut off communication without giving a chance to rehabilitate her image. Because this is the first thing she sees when she clicks on the link. If she doesn’t like it, she won’t look at the rest.

In order for such a scenario not to fail, it is enough to follow a few simple but important rules. Ideal avatar:

  • illustrates only the owner of the account or he clearly stands out from the background of other people (so that there is no confusion);
  • does not include frames, emoticons, effects, inscriptions – this is the last century;
  • allows you to well consider the appearance as a whole, or at least the face;
  • presented in excellent quality. When clicked and enlarged, the photo is not covered with pixels;
  • does not compromise the user. Why spoil everything after a recent cleaning;
  • shows the real owner of the profile, not a neighbor, a celebrity or a stray dog;
  • has an interesting or at least neutral background – a completely white background, beautiful nature, city attractions.

It is very good if the guy is depicted on the profile picture at the time of doing his hobby or with his pet. Women like men who have healthy hobbies and love for smaller brothers, especially little ones.

Personal data.

The survey is also important. She no longer pays attention to appearance, but to the inner world, interests, priorities and worldview in general. Therefore, stupid jokes, dashes or frivolous answers are not suitable. They spoil the impression almost as much and irrevocably as a bad avatar. How to fill in the fields about yourself:

  • to be honest, it is better to remain silent about something than to invent fables, which then will have to be somehow explained;
  • it is not necessary to fill in absolutely all the lines, but age, city, basic hobbies are a must have;
  • to paint the smallest details is not the best idea. It is desirable that such details come up already during communication;
  • past achievements, interests that now do not play any role, can not be mentioned. Much better to write about current hobbies.

You can indicate your plans, global goals, the meaning of life, cherished dreams. However, don’t let that sound too pretentious. The number will have to be limited. If 50% of the information is occupied only by thoughts about the future and the phrases “If only, then I would …”, this is a bad sign. Visitors will consider such a young man an “eternal dreamer” who will never be able to decide on real actions.


Another sector that reflects thoughts and interests. Leaving the wall empty is only allowed for those who enter VK very rarely and on specific, more often business issues. The rest will have to fill their feed with something. It can be music tracks, interesting videos, public posts, friends’ notes. Ideally topics of records boils down to the following topics:

  • training – foreign language idioms, links to design courses, traffic rules;
  • news – sports, politics, science, culture, education;
  • reviews – sights, equipment, services;
  • announcements of film premieres, concerts, and other events in your hometown;
  • appropriate, harmless, benevolent humor.

And even better create your own posts. In them you can express your opinion, joke, ask for advice, reflect, call for something. Such notes are a sign that the owner of the page has his own point of view on everything. It means that he is interested in a lot of things and it will be pleasant to communicate with him.


Photo albums are a visual reflection of a person’s life. Just a few high-quality and diverse photos will convince the girl that you will definitely not be bored with such a guy. Photos can include friends, pets, nature, shopping, establishments. But it is desirable to take care that the user does not become the only one who is in these pictures. Otherwise, you might think that he is a narcissist.

If there are no such photos, it is advisable to post posters of your favorite films, panoramas of places you would like to visit, just images you like. It would also be nice to give them at least brief descriptions.

Take a self-confidence test

2. Use the search function correctly.

The developers of VKontakte knowingly tried on various filters and sorting functions. They are really handy and helpful in finding people. With their help, it is easy to find a girl:

  • from your city or country;
  • specific age;
  • not in a relationship;
  • located online.

All this narrows the circle of potential acquaintances, saves time, and makes the search more efficient. If desired, you can find people who studied or continue to study at a particular school or a particular university.

Filters allow to screen out weakly filled profiles. This is an advantage, because such pages often point either to abandoned accounts, or to persons who do not differ in the desire to see reality or be sincere. Sorting by popularity or novelty is also useful.

  • The most popular girls get more attention. It takes a lot more effort to impress them.
  • The largest number of fakes is among new accounts.
  • You won’t have to scroll through the list sorted by popularity for a long time. Often, simple girls without the “queen syndrome” are found already after 3-5 positions (if there are several filters turned on).

And if a guy is looking for a specific young lady, he just needs to enter her name and set up a search. Even without knowing the last name, there is still a chance to find a person by indicating the city and at least an approximate age.

3. Study her page.

The girl’s profile says a lot about her, and this can be used. Firstly, an understanding will immediately come whether it is suitable at all, whether it can be of interest to something other than appearance. Secondly, information about her will allow you to find common topics and impress her in correspondence.

You can scroll through her albums, tracks, videos, news feed. And if you find some recurring fact, he will point to the predilections of the beauty, which she herself wants to demonstrate. From now on, you can base compliments on a girl on this. For example:

  • exhibits photos of awards for intellectual competitions – she wants someone to mark her mind;
  • makes selections of music – it would be nice to praise her musical taste;
  • takes pictures of herself in the gym, with a bike, in sportswear – it is important for her to hear that she has a good figure.

Studying her page is already useful in order not to get into an awkward situation. After all, often guys ask questions, the answers to which are already in the profile. Then the ladies are very offended, because it seems to them that men play with them and treat them too superficially.

4. Impress with the first message.

Originality and politeness are a good match for the first phrase. It is better to base it on the information from the profile. There is no point in arguing here for a long time, so just a few examples of such remarks:

  • “Hey. I’ve been scrolling through your feed for a couple of days now. I wanted to write. You have funny posts. You must be very interesting to talk to.”
  • “You seem to love traveling as much as I do. How about a deal? You will tell me about your favorite place, and I will tell you about the funniest incident on the trip.”
  • “You have great taste in music. Already managed to add a few tracks. What is your favorite song, if not a secret? I have, for example, … “.
  • “Hey. Could you tell me the photographer of your photos for an hour? Very cool, I want one for myself.
  • “Do you really like Marvel movies? I’m just a huge fan of them! It’s great to talk to someone who understands you. Who is your favorite hero?”
  • “You have an unusual eye color. Judging by the photo, it changes depending on the lighting. Do you mind if I draw/photograph you sometime?”
  • “You have so many posts about books and cultural events. You seem to be a very interesting person. I want to get to know you. I hope you don’t mind?”

How to meet a girl in VK in 6 steps?

5. Thoughtfully approach communication.

The way a guy writes is just as important as what he talks about. To truly impress a friend, you have to pay attention to both sides. There are several recommendations that will distinguish a young person from the rest and ensure pleasant communication.

  • Spelling and punctuation were invented for a reason, but to accurately convey the meaning of phrases through writing. It’s better not to forget about them.
  • A lot of slang is great when the interlocutors are 15 years old. For those who are older, it is better to communicate in literary language.
  • Boasting about knowledge of abstruse words and constructions is a bad form that does not speak of a high mind, but rather of stupid attempts to express oneself.
  • Smilies, stickers, animations can be used. But if there are more of them than the words themselves, it’s time to tie.
  • It is advisable to use different types of questions – closed (with yes-no answers) and open (detailed answers). So there are more chances that communication will not come to a standstill.

What can you even ask? About hobbies, favorite places in the city or those that I would like to visit, about animals, childhood memories. Yes, about almost anything, except for the standard tactless (financial income, vulgarity) or dry topics (politics, prices).

If the girl suddenly does not answer right away, write “Ay, where are you?” it makes no sense. If she is busy, she will definitely not answer right away. If she simply does not want to communicate, such phrases will annoy her. Is it worth explaining how sharply and strongly her interest in a guy will fall?

6. Skillfully end the first conversation.

If a girl is really interesting, you want to communicate with her for as long as possible, talking about yourself and learning everything about her. But it is better not to translate the first conversation into a multi-hour mode. Let at least some mysteries or unknowns still remain. Otherwise, there will simply be nothing to talk about later. But how to gently interrupt active correspondence?

  • You can push everything to work. If they are related to sports, exciting hobbies, useful skills of a guy, great.
  • It would be nice to mention that I really don’t want to say goodbye to such an interesting interlocutor and, in general, “I can’t wait for the next conversations with you.”
  • If the lady clearly shows a reciprocal interest, you can ask for her number or offer to meet somehow (no exact dates and times yet). If she writes a number or agrees to see you, this is a very good sign.

Flipping through accounts and being afraid to write first is not as difficult as getting to know a girl on VK, showing courage. But this path will not allow you to communicate with a pretty lady, meet her, start a relationship. If personal happiness isn’t at the bottom of your priority list, it’s time to make these steps a reality. Decisiveness and a drop of theory are an excellent tandem for a promising acquaintance.

How to meet a girl in VK in 6 steps?

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