How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about?

How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about? On the horizon, a pretty stranger. I want to come up and talk, impress, make her smile, invite her on a date. But it was not there. The heart jumps out of the chest, the hands tremble, everything dries up in the mouth, porridge in the head. With such a set, how to meet a girl on the street?

How to cope with stress, what to talk about with a stranger, how to behave in general, and will be discussed further.

With whom (not) to start acquaintance on the street?

It is best to approach girls who just went for a walk. They are more friendly and open-minded, relaxed, calm. Ideal Candidate – a lady in a beautiful dress, sitting on a bench in the park and reading a book. Why?

In most cases, such a person herself is waiting to get acquainted with her. Is it convenient to read in the park, where:

  • there is a noise of voices,
  • the sun burns and blinds,
  • the wind turns the pages?

Even if everything is not so critical, it is much more convenient to read at home or in another, more peaceful place. And who even puts on their best outfit just to sit with a book?

The essence is captured. But in general, you can get acquainted with almost all types of women. But the next three are best avoided. For the sake of maintaining their moral and physical health.

How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about?

Hurrying businesswoman.

Surely everyone has seen persons who run at the speed of cheetahs with a look that directly screams the phrase “I’m late for my million dollar deal!” And even if she just went out for bread, it is fundamentally important for her to get it as soon as possible. She really needs him here and now.

What happens if you try to approach her? One of three:

  • nervous reaction and an attempt to get rid of an obsessive boyfriend with one very eloquent unambiguous phrase, said in the tone of a bitch;
  • complete disregard – cavaliers are cavaliers, and the last fresh bread on the shelf will not buy itself;
  • interview with a marathon runner. If you like to catch up with a young lady, knocking yourself down and breathing, like a pug running after a cyclist, then a fair wind.

It is better to just follow such girls with your eyes, leaving them alone with their haste. They definitely won’t get bored.

The lady is in a bad mood.

A broken nail, an arrow on pantyhose, a loose heel, curls sticking to lipstick, regrown roots – women really have much more problems. And woe to that daredevil who is going to meet in the midst of one of these problems.

If she has frowning eyebrows, sharp irritable movements, she shouts something into the phone, it is better to leave her extreme masochist. Another thing is if she cries. Although in this case, everything is still ambiguous. You can cheer her up with jokes, becoming the hero of the day and the main contender for her heart. Or, right in the middle of a pun, find out that she has very serious problems, and humor only aggravated the situation.

Alien bride.

Did she have a fight with a guy? Did you just say goodbye to him? Pregnant and happy? With three kids? Everyone here is busy. Even if everything is not going smoothly in her relationship, any approach to her can turn into a masterpiece hook from her boyfriend.

Although there is still a chance to meet her. On three rights:

  • cause for jealousy. She will not miss the chance to annoy her newly minted ex or current boyfriend after a quarrel;
  • more profitable option. She, with enviable determination, will exchange the second for the third or tenth, as soon as she realizes that the new one is better than the previous one;
  • pillow for tears. And where without the friend zone and the phrases “Oh, if only my Misha was even a bit like you. And I love him so much.”

Mom taught in childhood not to take someone else’s? So here’s the latest news: Mom was right.

How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about?

How to overcome your fear?

The object of acquaintance has been found. But what’s next? Where to put all the stress, fear, awkwardness? You might think that the girl would also worry that she was just an ordinary person, and not a goddess. Easier?

If not, then it is enough to imagine the worst scenarios of her refusal and understand that this is actually not fatal. Or imagine that she is an old acquaintance. Helped? If not again, then here are three more quick ways to get determined and approach the beauty.

Method number 1. Countdown.

It was the second hour of surveillance. The hunter was looking for prey, but still did not find the right moment to shoot. It was getting dark…

And then another hunter came and took all the laurels for himself. Because he did not hesitate, but simply took a few steps and said “Hello.”

If the courage of the ancestors still does not want to wake up, and the prefix “alpha” stubbornly falls away from the “male”, it’s time to set yourself a kind of deadline – a countdown. Only not from 10000, but from 5 to 0 (3.125; 3.124; 3.123 … will not work). What to do on the account “zero”? Just get up and go. Without bothering, turning off all excuses, not thinking about the opinions of others. True, there is a big chance to pass by, but it’s better than nothing. At least the amount of adrenaline, motivating for exploits, will increase.

But seriously, this method, despite its simplicity, works very well, and not only when meeting girls, but in other cases too.

Method number 2. Escape plan.

“Plan B” is a strategic escape scenario. So that the girl or others do not twist at the temple and laugh in case of failure. These can be phrases:

  • “I’m sorry, I actually lost the bet and had to go meet the cutest girl.”
  • “I feel a little unwell, the heat / cold makes itself felt. Do you mind if I run to the store for cold water/hot tea? Great, what do you want to grab?”
  • “Congratulations, you’ve seen the most awkward version of me. I just like you so much that I’m acting like an idiot.”
  • “They say that fools are lucky. I decided that if I was him, I would be lucky enough to talk with you.

Such remarks will either defuse the situation a little, or give a couple of minutes to gather my thoughts and still squeeze out something other than “Eeeee, hello».

Method number 3. Undercover agent.

There are two tips hidden here. The first is to become an agent. The second is to find or invent a cover.

What do agents look like in the movies? Confident, ready for anything, calm, strong-willed, heroic. It is enough to try on the qualities of James Bond, believing that all this is already inside. In extreme cases, you can imagine that shooting is going on around and you have to play a role in a cool action movie.

Doing something scary is easier when there are friends around. No, this is not a call to drag a comrade with you and scare the girl with a group attack. But she sees the situation that way. Instead, it is better to imagine that an inexperienced acquaintance asked to teach him how to communicate with ladies. And the older friend, of course, agreed to help, showing everything by personal example.

How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about?

How to approach a girl on the street?

Girls also read news bulletins. And there are only maniacs, rapists, crime in the middle of the day. At first, the young lady will be suspicious of any stranger. Therefore, the smoother the approach to it, the better.

She is going somewhere, minding her own business, or thoughtfully sorting through algebraic formulas and the tragedy of the extinction of the Amur tigers in her head. How to tactfully distract her, drawing attention to yourself?

  • Catching her gaze from a distance, smile, wink or wave.
  • Before you speak to her, make sure she notices the gentleman.
  • Adjust to her walking pace without stopping her if she is walking somewhere.
  • Do not approach from the back, it is better to sit on the side or go towards.
  • If she’s busy, start with a soft “sorry” or “hello” so she looks up before getting to the point.
  • Don’t start with tactile contact, but don’t call her across the street either.

Of the obligatory – a slight smile without a hint of a manic grin or clenched jaws. A neat appearance, deodorant, fresh breath are obvious attributes of a guy who wants to get to know each other well.

How to meet girls on the street?

The first phrase predetermines 50% of further events. This is the tone, and vocabulary, and the meaning that is embedded in it. Too important a point to ignore and spoil. No vulgarity, abstruseness, boasting or dubious topics. If you can’t come up with something on the go, you can use one of the following phrases, adapting it to your situation.

  • “Don’t you feel sad here alone? Let me keep you company.”
  • “It must be a very interesting book, since you read it so carefully. You look thoughtful and very sweet.”
  • “I have serious problems and only you can help me. Ready? I haven’t been able to find sunglasses for a month now. And yours suits you very well. Save me, guru!”
  • “Tomorrow we go to the registry office, we will have three children and I will love you until my very last breath. What?! Too early? Okay, let’s go the longer way: hi, I’m Sasha.
  • “Girl, your beauty encouraged me to a feat. I know it feels like I didn’t do anything. In fact, I completed the daily step limit three times before I dared to approach you.
  • “Hey, where are we going with you? Seriously, it’s important for me to know where you’re taking me.”

What to talk about?

About anything that will fit the setting, the current topic, or recognizing her as a person. However, many men have a problem with awkward silence. When, it seems, there are a lot of topics for communication, but at the moment it’s empty in my head. What to do when there are zero ideas, the pause is prolonged, the brain refuses to think, and shyness grows inside?

How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about?

Break her previous phrases into parts and specify questions. Difficult to explain in theory, easier in practice. Example: “When I was little, I really liked to wander with my dad along this alley. ”.

  • “…was small…” — “What is your favorite childhood memory?”.
  • “… liked it …” – “Do you still like to do it now?”.
  • “… with dad …” – “I hope you still have the same warm relationship with him.”
  • “… along this alley” – “What exactly did you like about this street?”.

Another option: “I don’t really like loud music, it annoys me”.

  • “… I don’t really like loud music” – “What kind of music do you like?”.
  • “… loud …” – “Probably you value silence, privacy, solitude.”
  • “… annoying” – “And what, on the contrary, calms you down?”.

How to end a conversation?

Of course, an offer to take you home or a request for a phone number. You can also set up a first date right away. In addition, it is desirable:

  • thank her for the time spent together;
  • show joy that she agreed to meet;
  • express hope for an early meeting;
  • finally kiss on the cheek or gently squeeze her palm.

But a more serious kiss is better left for the next dates. Although you can look at her lips so that she notices it. This is a silent message:I liked you, I want to kiss you, but I won’t, so as not to embarrass.

Now it’s clear how to meet a girl on the street. It remains only to leave the house and try all the tips in practice. Such acquaintances will then have other advantages – the development of self-confidence, determination, perseverance. All this together will help in other areas of life. Isn’t this another good reason to cast aside doubts and still approach the pensive beauty in the park?

How to meet a girl on the street and what to talk about?

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