How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas

How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas. There are still few female pickup courses, so the beautiful half of humanity guesses on its own how to get to know a man. Fortunately, in dating guys, everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is enough to learn a few rules – and a conversation with a handsome stranger will no longer seem like something scary to the point of trembling in the knees.

1. Take the initiative.

A woman of the 21st century is an active and determined lady who knows what she wants and often takes control of the situation. And although the chain “plant a tree – build a house – raise a son” still belongs to men, most girls do not hesitate to implement it on their own.

But it’s not about the principle “I myself!”, But about the ability to take responsibility for one’s own life and personal happiness. Against the background of how the female half of Europe is learning to propose to their chosen ones, a simple acquaintance with a guy no longer seems something grandiose or strange. It is only important to learn a few points.

  • Taking the initiative in dealing with men is absolutely normal.
  • There is nothing shameful or vulgar in approaching a guy on the street herself (or writing to him) and offering an acquaintance.
  • Young men themselves are often too shy for the first step or are afraid that a pretty stranger already has a mate.
  • Many men like it when girls show more initiative, as it flatters their pride.
  • The opinion that it is the guy who should be the first to get acquainted is a worn out stereotype. There is no reason to believe that this dating model is the only true one.

If you fully accept these facts, then it will not be so difficult to start a conversation with a man. Change always starts with your own thoughts.

How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas.

2. Understand your expectations.

A fabulous life is, of course, good, but it is very desirable not to turn the search for a suitable candidate into “go-there-don’t-know-where” and “bring-it-don’t-know-what”. In order not to fall into the trap of your despair or not to be tormented later by the question “Is he the right one?”, It is better to understand your expectations in advance.

There is a few questionswhich would be good to ask yourself even before the start of a love search.

  • How important is a guy’s appearance to me? What features are most significant for me (approximately)?
  • What is the character of the man of my dreams?
  • “Which of his views are critical for me and how exactly (religion, civic position, hierarchy and roles in the family, etc.)?”
  • “What shortcomings of my chosen one could I put up with and live in peace?”
  • “What temperament should he have?”

As soon as the answers are received, it is important to immediately proceed to point #3.

How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas.

3. Check expectations with reality.

Naturally, every woman wants her companion to be smart, strong, rich and generous, kind, and have a lot more virtues. But here it immediately arises two problems:

  1. Don’t the qualities of the “ideal” contradict each other?
  2. Does the woman herself meet her needs?

For example, it is very difficult to imagine a determined and wise guy who can be manipulated. Here only one of two things will turn out – either a strong-willed man, or a soft and obedient one.

As for the second problem, it occurs, alas, even more often. To understand if a girl has fallen into this trap, it is enough for her to ask herself the question: “What can I give in return?. Obviously the answer isyour love and beauty in exchange for 10 pages of requests will not pass.

Another delusion Looking for the right candidate in the wrong place. A passionate, active young man is unlikely to go to theaters and libraries. And a calm and balanced person will not spend the night away in clubs. And even more so, none of them will meet if you sit at home all the time.

4. Use non-verbal cues.

If we are talking about dating in reality, then it would be nice to first show the guy that he is interesting without words, before approaching him. Of course, if a man is clearly in a hurry somewhere, then it is better to skip this phase and generally think about whether the moment is right, since he is in such a hurry.

How can you express your sympathy from afar? Several ways:

  • smile at him after eye contact;
  • blow a kiss or wink;
  • on purpose and so that he notices, look away in sweet embarrassment;
  • wave coquettishly;
  • catching his eye, bite or lick your lower lip.

If a young man looks the other way, you can sit down next to him or stand next to him so that he notices the presence of a lady.

When internet dating you can “like” his posts, leave thematic pictures, video or audio recordings under them. But the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it. If you throw hints very often without moving on to action, the guy will most likely find the interlocutor too intrusive. Therefore, it is better not to delay the next step.

5. Come up with a suitable excuse.

Although it’s not a shame to be decisive and proactive, it’s still easy to approach with the phrase “Can I meet you?” somehow awkward. That is why it is possible and even desirable to come up with a reason for applying. A few rough examples.

  • “Sorry, I’m very uncomfortable asking you for this, but can you help me carry the bag to that stop over there?”.
  • “I’m sorry, I got a little lost, can you tell me where I need to go to get to…? Could you walk me out for a bit?”
  • “Tell me, please, what time is it now? Do you know if N is open now?”
  • “Young man, is there a cozy cafe nearby where you can drink coffee?”

What will it give? Firstly, the man will try on the role of a hero, saving a damsel in distress, which will flatter him (the main thing is not to forget to thank him). Secondly, it will be easier to approach with one of these phrases than with a simple “Hi! What is your name?». Thirdly, after such words it is not so difficult to start a conversation. Fourthly, after these questions, in which case you can delicately leave without embarrassing yourself.

During online dating, requests to advise music or films, suggest a photographer for avatars, explain the meaning of memes, give feedback about the group or community in which the guy is a member, will do.

How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas.

6. Give a compliment.

Yes, yes, men also need a portion of pleasant words. Therefore, giving a guy a compliment is a very good idea. In addition, it will help to smoothly move from just an occasion to address to a detailed conversation.

If he helped with something (suggested the way, dropped the music, etc.), then coming up with a couple of affectionate phrases is not difficult.

  • “Thank you for your feedback on this band, you are so responsive. Thanks to you, I now know that it is still worth joining.”
  • “That bag was really heavy and you lifted it so easily. You probably go to the gym often?
  • “You have great taste in filmography. I think watching some premiere with you is a real pleasure.
  • “Thanks for the tip, I will definitely go to this cafe. And can I thank you with a cup of aromatic coffee for your hint?

If there was no help, you have to improvise. This will require studying his profile or observation from the outside in order to see a remarkable detail in appearance or behavior.

7. Think about women’s things.

Light coquetry and femininity are liked by most men. And if you add a little mystery, it will be generally wonderful. But how can you flirt with a man, except to shoot with eyes?

  • Laugh (but not feignedly) at his jokes, praise his sense of humor.
  • Compliments, but in moderation, without outright flattery or adoration.
  • Run your fingers along the neckline of your blouse, smooth your skirt, bare your neck, shake your hair lightly.
  • “Accidentally» during a conversation, put your hand on his shoulder or hip, but do not hold it for a long time.
  • Draw his attention to your lips – lick, bite them, thoughtfully run your fingers over them.
  • Sit down or come a little closer, but not right next to him.

Such actions express frank interest, encourage a man, inspiring him to take the next steps. Besides, it’s just beautiful and seductive.

8. Keep a balance of “listen-talk».

It would be a pity if a well-started conversation suddenly deteriorates due to attempts to speak incessantly, interrupt a friend or remain silent, nodding his head monotonously in response to all his words. That is why the balance between a good storyteller and an attentive listener is of great importance. What will it give?

  • It will be possible to get to know the guy better, to understand how suitable he is.
  • He will like to communicate with such an interlocutor, and after that he will probably want to meet again.
  • The meeting will be more pleasant, and awkwardness and shyness will come to naught.
  • Topics for communication will appear as if by themselves, as the conversation will begin to be dominated by openness and the feeling of “familiar-hundred-years».

And vice versa: talkativeness or isolation will serve as an excuse to make the first meeting the last, and memories of it – unpleasant.

How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas.

9. Be sincere.

No matter how much you want to show yourself from the best side or look perfect, but no one has canceled honesty. And it’s not just a matter of good conscience or good manners. The set image will have to be carried with you for a long time. It’s easier to show yourself right away and then relax than to hold on to a heavy mask all the time. If a guy does not like a new acquaintance, then let it happen at the first stages of communication rather than later, when the first feelings and affection appear.

The same goes for your own expectations. If you do not look closely at the gentleman, you can get into one of traps:

  • fantasize qualities that are not at all or they are weakly expressed;
  • then try to fit» a man under the parameters of his ideal;
  • in vain to expect actions uncharacteristic for a particular young man;
  • after thinking that he has changed for the worse, and his feelings have faded.

You can’t change a personuntil he wants to. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully observe the guy from the very beginning, thinking whether it will be possible to accept the entire “set» its qualities and characteristics.

10. Leave the next step behind him.

Taking the initiative is a great idea. But if a man does not support the desire to see and talk again, it is better to leave him alone. Unless, of course, you don’t want to pull this relationship completely on your own.

That is why the offer to go on a date or exchange contacts ideally comes from a young person. Let him feel like a daredevil, the main one in these only nascent relationships. But no one forbids hinting wishing to meet again. How to do it?

  • “Lately, I really want coffee, but it’s so sad to sit in a cafe alone.”
  • “I moved to a new apartment, now I’m thinking about how to explore the area. Probably, you will have to look for a good “guide” so as not to get lost.”
  • “Finally sorted out all the cases, but faced with a new problem – I have no idea what to do on the weekend.”
  • “Recently, I can’t concentrate on work/study. Walking in the fresh air should help, but it’s boring to walk in the park alone.

The task of a girl who wants to meet, – come up first and interest the guy. But let him do the next steps himself.

10 recommendations on how to meet a man will help you gain courage for the first conversation with a guy you like. They will also tell you how to avoid common mistakes and what it is better to pay attention to in order to please a new acquaintance. It is also important to try not to shelve the practical application of these rules, but rather to move on to active actions.

How to meet a guy for a serious relationship? 10 ideas.

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