How to Meet a Guy on the Street and Stop Being Shy?

How to Meet a Guy on the Street and Stop Being Shy
How to Meet a Guy on the Street and Stop Being Shy

How to Meet a Guy on the Street and Stop Being Shy?

How to meet a guy on the street and stop being shy? For a long time, it was believed that only men are allowed to initiate dating. A beautiful lady had to first wait for the age of consent, then for the opportunity to attend the ball, then for the attention of a noble duke, a marquis, or even a person of royal blood.

And then the same lady had to wait approximately for the faithful Prince of Denmark in the castle at the window, while he was engaged in state affairs and military campaigns (of course, it was them, and nothing else). And so – until the lady is old. Well, or she will not be sent to some monastery, so as not to spin under the feet of the younger passion of her marquis.

But the past is in the past, my lady! Today we have the opportunity to build our life to our liking – including taking initiative in relation to men. Did you like the tall blonde manager from the car service? Or maybe a slender guy from the next office hasn’t left your dreams for a very long time? Today we’ll talk about how to make acquaintance with the item you like.

Don’t Make Yourself Available – Be Yourself

Girls usually go to two extremes. One pole is constantly flickering before the eyes of men so that they finally cease to notice them. On the contrary, various manuals for a women’s pickup say that it is necessary to be as inaccessible as possible – a kind of Andersen’s Snow Queen.

Both opinions are not entirely correct. Few of the girls think to just walk up and talk to him. Of course, there are no guarantees in terms of further conversation. In this respect, the situation is similar to a man’s acquaintance – yes, the stronger sex also constantly runs the risk of being rejected. But if you do nothing, then there will be no result. So just come and start a conversation with him. Try to be nice, smile – and then he will not resist your charm.

There Is No “Right Place”: Communication Is Possible Everywhere

How to meet a guy on the street and stop being shy? The man can be found at the bar and grocery store, at the stadium and at the library, at the bus stop, and at the local pool. Guys are everywhere. Okay, maybe the doctor’s office isn’t a good place to meet – but who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky there too. So do not limit yourself to just one place, and sooner or later you will come across interesting specimens.

Rules For Dating On The Street

How do girls and women usually walk the streets of the city? In his hands – a bag with a pile of documents, in his head – the darkness of worries and troubles, unisex clothes, and a distracted look. So you can hardly get to know anyone. The following rules will help you look more attractive.

  • Move slowly. Otherwise, men simply will not have time to consider all your charms and catch up with you.
  • Keep your posture. Imagine that you are a beautiful nymph or mermaid, and not a purchasing manager or a saleswoman in the candy department.
  • Put your phone in your bag. Put it down? Now forget about him. Life around is much more exciting than in the virtual world. And the guys around you should see your eyes.
  • Try to be in a good mood. Men always feel if a lady is not in the mood. And therefore, even if they wish, they can refuse to enter into a dialogue, looking at the girl’s stern face. So make your face simpler, put on something cute – and go!

Hunt Alone!

It would seem that this is bad – a gang of girls scurrying around the city in search of adventure and cute giggling at the sight of attractive guys? But men themselves are often distrustful of this sight. Yes, they can get to know you and your girlfriends with the same company. But this is unlikely to go beyond a one-day affair.

So make sure that when you meet an interesting man, you are not being watched by a crowd of onlookers. As a last resort, you can take one best friend with you, whom you completely trust. But don’t take the whole team with you.

Difficult To Meet? Carry Your Business Card With You

Now a set of business cards can be ordered anywhere – and it will not cost much. This little thing can play a very important role in your acquaintance. You can make a business card with the logo of the company in which you work officially, or order it in your own design. And be sure to have your photo on it, where your facial features are clearly visible. What does a business card give?

  • Your new friend may not remember how you look. After all, the first communication is a stressful situation. And if you hand him a business card, then the chances of a continuous increase.
  • If he writes down your phone, then later he may simply not be found among dozens of Katya and Masha in his telephone directory. And so you will immediately stand out.
  • The business card makes you a serious person out of an “ordinary girl on the street”.
  • It may take another couple of months, and then he accidentally finds a card in a heap of rubbish. This will be a prerequisite for starting communication again.

And, most importantly, if he has a business card, then he can call you, as it were, “on business.” Which is very important for insecure men.

At Work Or School

One of the best ways to make an acquaintance is to communicate with a man at the place of study or work. The main plus here is that you already know the person well and are used to him. In fact, you don’t even have to show any particular activity, but just look attractive and behave as friendly as possible. In addition, at work or at the university there is always a reason to talk: at least ask for a stapler or ask in which office the next pair is being held.

Communication Through Acquaintances 

And, finally, one cannot fail to mention one more way to start an acquaintance. It is very good to get to know through friends for those who are embarrassed and too shy. After all, part of this difficult path, in fact, is done by your friends. For example, a friend can tell the same Fedya that you love sushi and adore basketball. And Fedya, without embarrassment in front of your girlfriend, will convey that he would not mind going to a cafe with you, and then – to the match. Well, or vice versa.

How to meet a guy on the street and stop being shy? Of course, mutual friends always somehow manage to say something that is bound to confuse both you and that guy. And one more thing: if you succeed, then a girlfriend or friend will constantly pry into a relationship. “Well, how are you?” etc. However, on the other hand, mutual acquaintances always push young people to each other. So this method should in no way be discounted.

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