How to meet your man: 7 basic tips

How to meet your man: 7 basic tips. The man of your girlfriend’s dream doesn’t have to be the man of your dreams. There are points of contact between a man and a woman, which make it clear to the couple on a subconscious level that it is worth sticking together, that it is worth being close in order to fill the inner space with love and happiness.

1. Understand yourself.

Identify your real needs and separate yourself from the expectations of others. Be honest with yourself about your shortcomings, for you should meet someone who will find your shortcomings meager and forgivable, but appreciate your strengths. Sometimes two sides of the coin play here – a decisive and punchy person can be characterized as stubborn if a person feels antipathy towards him. Therefore, try to turn the other side of all the criticism that has fallen on you, find a more tolerant or even laudable substitute for critical words, and ask yourself if this is true for you.

How to meet your man: 7 basic tips.

2. Don’t expect perfection.

Admit it – you are not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. If you are looking for a 100% perfect man, you are doomed to failure. Try not to notice these minor flaws or annoying habits of your chosen one that do not affect the overall situation, and who knows, maybe he will begin to forgive you for your petty habits. Think about what kind of habits annoy you the most, what becomes a stumbling block, and expect them without paying attention to them. If you cannot tolerate inattention in men, you may have to give in to something and find the man of your dreams who will never forget your dates or assignments.

3. Become the woman they want to marry.

What type of men are you attracted to? What features should it have? In order to attract the man of your dreams, you must have traits and personality traits that attract other men, especially the man of your dreams. Also, consider character traits that can play into your hands: if you are a house person, you can find happiness with a man who does not hang around your kitchen, but never complains about the need to mow the lawn or clean the workshop.

4. Be active.

Find a hobby for yourself. Or two. If you want to prove yourself in sports, artistic speech, playing musical instruments, drawing or night parties, surrounding yourself with people of the same interests and inclinations, then you have an increased chance of meeting the man of your dreams, combining business with pleasure. Don’t have a hobby? Try to be creative, maybe you have hidden talents that can come out like a fountain and dazzle others. By the way, there are various agencies that organize trainings for women, revealing many topical women’s topics, such as “How to combine work with your husband’s personal life”, “How to gain self-confidence”, “How to manage anger” and many others.

5. The first impression is always right, and let it be positive.

You do not have to be the most fashionable girl in the area, but you should watch your appearance or try to find yourself a guy of the same character. Friendliness plays a good role in building relationships. Do not be afraid to be the first to enter into a conversation, to compliment men, but without fanaticism and outright flattery. Smile. Not only to a potential partner, but also to others. If you love being listened to, find a man who doesn’t like to talk a lot but is a good listener.

Your manner of dressing and your clothes make the first impression. In fact, your way of dressing can attract certain kinds of men. For example, you are a girl with a musical education, a creative inner world, creative and sincere, and on the first date, you put on an outfit of a rocker or an emo girl in order to attract the attention of men. Rest assured, creative people will not approach you. In addition, you will be nervous about the fact that the “right” people do not approach you. If you are wearing comfortable clothes, pleasant, neat, not defiant, then you will attract the attention of a larger circle of men.

How to meet your man: 7 basic tips.

6. Recognize the harm of codependency.

Many books and theses have been written about codependency. Codependent relationships bring out only the bad of partners and break lives. If you grew up in a codependent environment, try seeking counseling or attending women’s training to break the habit before entering into a serious relationship.

It may take you longer to find the man of your dreams, but it’s far better than enduring the emotional and possibly physical abuse of codependency. All this leads to mistreatment.

7. Be real.

Do not try to pass yourself off as someone else, as you can drive yourself into the narrow framework of a role that does not fully reveal your inner world. If in everyday life you prefer casual style, but on a date with a man who likes you, you will come out dressed and dressed up, a man may not expect this and be disappointed in you. If you want to make it clear that you do not like books and everything connected with them, then for the rest of your life you will have to make excuses and find reasons why this or that book ended up on the coffee table, and you still continue to order books by mail. Be yourself, and then your dream man will not pass by his dream woman.

How to meet your man: 7 basic tips.

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