How to move on after breaking up with the man you love?

Unfortunately, the oath of eternal love is not always true. Divorce statistics are very sad – almost a third of marriages break up in the first 3 years after the official ceremony of registration of relations. By the next stage of living together, divorces become even more.

One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity. And usually it is the husband who leaves the family. Often life kills past feelings, and the partner begins to look at “fresh blood”. What should a wife do in this case and how to survive a divorce?

How to deal with a breakup?

It is very important to save face when a husband packs his things after announcing that he is leaving for another. The further psycho-emotional state largely depends on how exactly you endure this moment.

To survive a breakup with minimal energy damage and save strength in order to then start all over again, use these tips from the field of family and personal psychology:

  • Do not make scandals and tantrums.

Firstly, this will not fix the situation in any way, but will only convince the partner that he is doing the right thing. Secondly, save your strength so that later, in the shortest possible time, get together and start living anew. Thirdly, just show yourself with the best STORona, no matter how hard it is.

  • No demonstration of how emotionally sensitive it is.

For most men, this is a real balm for the soul. So that the spouse does not leave with the Firm confidence that such an irreplaceable person, be restrained and cold in the process of parting. Throwing feet is clearly not the best option.

  • Don’t try it on not all other accessories.

No matter how much You would like to express to Him a couple of affectionate and remember all relatives Up to the seventh knee, keep yourself in Hands. It remains to be seen how life will turn out. There is no need to leave such a bitter and unpleasant aftertaste on each other’s souls.

  • No blackmail to the children.

Even if a man stays for a while because of the babies, this will not keep him for a long time. The problem is that it isn’t part of it, it’s just about the part, it’s not possible to see it anymore. Such manipulations will not lead to anything good.

  • Try to find the strength in yourself to thank your spouse for all the positive moments that you experienced together.

Yes, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to do. No, this is how you put an end to the relationship and answer the sacred question “Why was I with this at all.” You need to be able to let people go and not wish them evil in the end. Life will put everything in its place anyway.

  • Look decent.

You need to know how to break up. So try at this moment to look so that your husband understands that you obviously will not be left alone for a long time. Get your hair done, ideally even light makeup. Don’t let a man enjoy your broken and depressed look.

Life after divorce

How to move on after breaking up with the man you love?

Of course, that’s the first time it’s up to you. And that’s completely normal. The subconscious needs rest to heal the wound that has formed inside. After all, such a situation is always perceived as a betrayal.

In order not to close yourself off from the whole world and after a while to start paying attention to the opposite sex again, try to use the following effective recommendations:

  • Surround yourself with people.

This is necessary so as not to lose the ability to build social connections. It is especially important to communicate with other people for young mothers who are on maternity leave. In the process that you want to do, it is necessary to select and register in the desired state.

  • Get out of the house more often.

Even if you want to close yourself from the whole world, you can’t do it. If you have a small child, walk with him in the park or playgrounds. No deny yourself going to cafes or shopping. At home, the situation will still be more depressing.

  • Meet your friends.

If you don’t know, you’ll need to keep your mouth dry with minimal emotional effects. This is especially important when parting with an abusive spouse. The picture that is not available to the psychologist is private to one partner.

  • Give up alcohol.

It will in no way help to start life anew, but will only push deeper into the abyss of depression. Alcohol gives temporary oblivion, but does not heal the resulting mental wounds.

  • Do what you have always wanted to do.

Was your spouse always against you dying your hair or buying that bright red dress? So, the time has come to fulfill the cherished dream. This will immediately give you some strength. In addition, there will be a feeling of abstraction from the past.

  • Remove all reminders of your ex-husband from your eyes.

To start life from scratch, you need to crumple and throw out the old one. Throw away and delete joint photos, get rid of his remaining things that the partner did not take with him. The most insignificant gifts can be taken to a landfill or given away.

  • Find a new exciting hobby.

So you can get a little distracted from gloomy thoughts. In addition, men love it when a girl has some personal hobbies and interests. A hobby is always a great opportunity to start a promising romance.

That’s what you’re doing, that’s why you’re wearing it Что ни делается – всё к лучшему. To the extent that it is possible to arrange real estate prospects.

  • Visit a beauty salon.

Just treat yourself to professional care. This is necessary when thoughts begin to appear that the husband has left for another, because you have problems with outwardness. In fact, any woman simply needs competent investments. Start a new life with this.

  • Block your ex wherever you can.

Don’t worry about that. Your paths have diverged. So don’t freak yourself out like this “peeping through the keyhole”. Now that you are next to me, my friend or star.

  • Eat right and sleep well.

This will help you get the necessary physical and moral strength for new achievements. Organization is necessary in other parts and in the box. So be sure not to save on quality food and always go to bed on time. Take care of yourself.

You need to be in the doctor’s house, this is what you need for the family and the psychologists. To start life anew, you need to get rid of complexes and guilt. Leave this relationship behind as another experience. Then you can let someone else into your life.

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