How to overcome jealousy and distrust of a man – TOP-7 steps

How to overcome jealousy and distrust of a man – TOP-7 steps! Proceed to the post office and not to any other business, to the real world. And to prevent this from happening, you need to be able to cope with your jealousy. There are 7 steps that will help you with this.

TOP 7 steps in the fight against jealousy and mistrust

  • Understand the cause of jealousy and mistrust

In addition, it is necessary to wait for the partner and confidence in other countries. In this situation, your jealousy is justified. It will not pass until you realize that you can rely on this person again.

But it’s a completely different matter when you are, in principle, inclined to trust people, and all those days, then it is possible to do that. This is usually expressed as:

  • when there is no partner around, you experience a feeling of anxiety and negative obsessive thoughts appear;
  • when he talks to girls it’s a big bet on self-esteem and we start that x x fins
  • you are constantly trying to control him, find out where he is and with whom, call him, check him out;
  • you feel resentment when a man communicates not only with other girls, but also with his friends, relatives, or when he just wants to be alone, go about his business;
  • you want to do everything with him.

Jealousy in this case has nothing to do with a man, with whether he is faithful to you or not, it rather means that you basically have a broken sense of trust in a relationship.

Every time you feel jealous, remind yourself that it’s not about a real-life problem, it’s about getting it on.

  • Understand what is behind jealousy

A feeling of total distrust of a man can appear for several reasons.

  • Newness in себе

A person with low self-esteem has a fear of being abandoned, because he always compares himself with other people and it seems to him that there is always someone better than him.

In this case, remind yourself that the man chose you. And not because you are objectively better or worse than others, but because you are you. He loves you and wants to be with you.

  • The trauma of rejection

If a person has experienced the pain of betrayal, he was once abandoned, this can have a strong impact on his m trust. It could be past relationships that ended badly.

The reason may be in the parent-child relationship. Even if your parents were loving, but in childhood, due to circumstances, you were left without them for a long time, this will also affect your feelings of jealousy.

For example, one of the parents:

  • he was in the hospital for a long time, and you did not see him;
  • died when you were little;
  • left the family;
  • worked hard etc.

As a child, you could not survive this experience in an ecological way, come to terms with your feelings, and accept them, so you are subconsciously afraid that the situation will repeat itself, that a loved one will leave you again.

In this case, it is important for you to remind yourself that what was in the past remains there, it should not affect your current ones. Before you is a completely different person and he is not going to leave you. He needs you as much as you need him.

  • Fear of being alone

It usually appears if parents unconsciously inspired that the world is a dangerous place where only bad things happen. That without your parents, you can’t do it. Often with such attitudes, children grow up with a sense of dependence, first on their parents, then on their partner.

As adults, it is difficult for them to rely on themselves, to find support in themselves, they are not capable of independence, they always need someone nearby who will guarantee reliability and safety.

To cope with this, you need to realize that now you are an adult with and strong personality, you have everything you need to make decisions on your own and take responsibility for your life. However, it is not necessary where all the polar bears are on a kogo-to, it is possible for them to be in the same place as possible.

  • Analyze your fears

Behind jealousy and mistrust is always fear. And in order to cope with him, you need not suppress him, but look into his eyes. After all, fear is a negative experience that warns you of danger.

No such thing as real. Often a person thinks it up because he is in the unknown.

To view in eyes street:

  • understand what exactly you are afraid of, write it down on paper or just say it out loud;
  • look at fear objectively, with a degree of criticality – will it come true? What is the chance that this will happen?
  • think about what you will do if this happens – you can make a whole plan, because if you know how to act in a critical situation, it no longer seems so critical;
  • realize if you can handle it if this fear comes true.

For example, you get jealous when a guy talks to another girl. Because this is where you stand, it is on you and it is there. How to look at the situation objectively?

Pronounce what you say about the guy. Are there any signs that something is wrong with them? Doesn’t he love you?

Are you realizing two streets? Is there any evidence for him, evidence, apart from your negative thoughts? And don’t you have all the data to find another love, even if you break up?

  • Talk to a loved one

Instead of following a man, calling under any far-fetched pretext, being offended when he was late at work, and increasing mistrust and tension between you, it is better to calmly talk with your partner.

Tell him what’s important – explain why, what events in yours led to that Tw we now now now This will help him understand that it’s not about him, and also help him support you.

  • Realize what’s going on

When you feel like you’re feeling jealous, you want to go to 10-square

  • stop and give yourself 5 minutes to concentrate on your breathing and calm your emotions;
  • realize what you are experiencing now and why, remember the reasons for your distrust;
  • analyze whether there is now a real reason for this or is there an irrational anxiety behind it;
  • only then act-lao do something-narratives that will distract you, or, instead of something, an ension.
  • Work on negative attitudes

To deal with distrust, you need to change your way of thinking. Write down all the negative beliefs that are associated with jealousy, for example: “He doesn’t love me,” “I’m not good enough,” “Men can’t be trusted,” etc.

Understand where you got each of these attitudes from. Think about how often in your life they came true, and how many times you found rebuttals to them. Subject them to critical analysis.

  • Build your confidence

To cope with jealousy, you need to learn to trust yourself. Work on your self-esteem, take care of your psychological well-being, do what you like a disc.

Fill your life with bright and positive emotions, activities, hobbies, do not allow yourself to close only on a man, develop financial and psychological independence and internal support.

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