How to part with a married lover or husband correctly?

How to part with a married lover or husband correctly? It is now called new in other parts of the world, so that it is possible to do so. Unfortunately, not everyone can leave in a civilized manner, and this is understandable. After all, resentment and anger at a partner are seething. In order to prevent this from happening, or at least to reduce the risks of leaving with a scandal to a minimum, it is worthwhile to initially think everything over and take into account all the features of your former partner.

Surely you already know how he can react to your statement, and what this is fraught with for both of you. Not secret, it is in the common sense that it is done, and that it is not possible to do so. This is because people do not know how to stop in time, and during a conflict, rage and aggression take over. You know that the main task is to avoid outbursts of aggressiveness and not to provoke each other to open with.

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  • Is your decision to break up conscious and final?

In addition, it is necessary to enter into the project and choose one of the partners. A large number of divorces occur under the pressure of strong emotions that are difficult to control. That is why you need to give yourself time, so to speak, to make sure that in a couple of weeks you will regret your mistake.

  • What is it that you want, what is it for?

According to statistics, out of 100% of divorces, 70% – which could be saved, and only 30% – which would have been better and not started. When people come together, they find or see something in common in each other, and if this is what contributes to finding happiness and joy in life, then it might be worth fighting everyday and other problems for this.

A divorce in a relationship can be repeated in others if the reason is in you and in your perception of the family and is generally needed. Each girl has her own life scenario, which is skillfully spelled out by “relations in the family and the whole family” in her.

5 practice, so that you are aware of the situation and not the situation

Listening and watching how the lives of women in her family develop, she will not freely repeat this path, and it will be the same until she changes her direction. Perhaps you should not cut in the heat of the moment, and it makes sense to work through problems with a psychologist.

After you understand yourself, and your decision is accurate, you can think about how to now tell your partner that you are leaving. It is worth immediately understanding that there is no single and “working” scheme for how to part ways painlessly.

Everyone in the world has their own special relationships, which were built on certain feelings, kept and grew in the same relationship, and the reasons for parting are also different for everyone. Trying on a scheme that helped some to part without aggression is not worth it, perhaps it does not work for you. Psychologists Give A Few Recommendations That Will Help You Tell Your Partner About The Breakup Properly And Properly Prepare For This Conversation.

What types of breakups exist?

On the other hand, it is necessary to choose three distributions:

  • Civilized break.

This is when the husband and wife both realize the hopelessness of their family life. Feelings faded away, partners have different goals in life, all this leads to loneliness in a couple. When both are ready to discuss everything and make the most understanding decision about parting, then no one in the family will suffer, since good and conflict-free relations will remain between these people.

  • Break with forced communication.

This is a painful and unpleasant kind of parting, When, most likely, people do not quite understand, How to proceed, It is impossible to be together and apart too.

They create the appearance of a family by coming up with reasons for holding common ground. This is not a complete and not completed conflict, which will lead to misunderstanding on the part of children and to quarrels in the family. Either way, it’s a traumatic relationship.

  • tragic breakup.

This is the most difficult and painful type of separation, in which one partner leaves, and the second does not want to leave. In the meantime, you will need to contact the patient’s problem in the doctor’s office. Such a turn of events occurs in couples with dependent relationships, when for one life ends without a partner, he simply does not see his future without him.

So, you can avoid the second option of a break only if you honestly and openly conduct a dialogue with your partner, and not act for each other’s interests. An illusion, it is an illusion, and if the relationship has become obsolete, there is no desire and strength to restore it, It is best to disperse in a civilized manner.

The third parting option is the most difficult in all aspects. Because of the feeling of guilt, the one who desires freedom can drag out the gap for years and deceive the second partner.

The manipulation of one leads to the deception of the other, and so it can go on indefinitely, but in the end no one will be happy. In any case, it is always worth discussing your problems, they should not be solved by one person, both of you are responsible and these are your mutual problems that you need to get out of in a civilized manner.

What not to do outside the time of partying?

You can talk endlessly about how best to behave, but it’s better to understand what not to do during a racist. Accordingly, those who have been in adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The conversation should be conducted in a calm environment.

At the same time, you must hold your position confidently, but not aggressively. It is also impossible to communicate with annoyance, pity and sadness about your intention, about a divorce, this can anger your partner even more and lead to a destructive conversation.

  • You can’t raise your voice while talking.

Even If the partner starts to Break, It is best to inform that the conversation cannot be conducted in Such a Tone, but it is still necessary to hear each other.

  • No position is given in advance and in the future.

The partner must feel that such a decision will be beneficial for both, that no one is to blame, the relationship has come to an end and this is inevitable.

  • You can’t immediately offer to remain friends, especially if the person is not the initiator of the divorce.

This is at least not fair to him, because, unlike you, he has not yet rebuilt his relationship.

  • Don’t be careful if there are other drugs and rods, this is what you need to do.

Parting and everything connected with it should remain only between you. Try to tell your friends this news without personal evaluation and discussion.

  • To talk about breaking up, you should choose a time when no one will bother you.

It is important that Children do not witness such a conversation, as this can injure their psyche and lead to unnecessary attitudes in life.

In general, it is best to intuitively choose the time for a conversation. The main thing is not to talk about parting at a time when the spouse and so have difficult experiences and problems. As much as possible, so that it is possible for the moment to be, it is possible for one to see it.

How best to leave for both?

Disperse painlessly for both partners is unlikely to succeed. Only a small percentage of people leave relationships mutually, otherwise the vast majority of divorces are decided by only one of the spouses.

To be honest, in order for a divorce to be minimally traumatic for all family members, it is worth finding a good psychologist who will help you communicate with each other in a civilized and productive way, which means that it is not dangerous for each other’s psyche.

On the other hand, it is now, before, in the work of the psychiatric consultants and the promises of the people. Often, partners are not completely frank with each other, as a result of which there are misunderstandings and negativity, which the other person is saying.

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