How to persuade a girl into a relationship if she does not want them?

How to persuade a girl into a relationship if she does not want them? You are ready to meet, but she does not want to do anything. What to do in this case? Why is this happening? What drives girls when they keep guys close to them, but at arm’s length?

Reasons why she doesn’t want a relationship

Here are the main reasons why girls refuse relationships:

  • She recently broke up with her boyfriend. The girl has not yet recovered from the breakup and does not want to immediately rush into a new relationship.
  • She has a negative relationship experience. One of the former hurt her so much that the girl simply stopped trusting the guys.
  • She has other goals. She is focused on work, study or self-development and believes that relationships will hinder the achievement of her goals, taking up a lot of time.
  • She’s just not interested in a relationship. The girl values ​​u200bu200bher freedom and believes that she will be much better alone. For her, relationships are a problem and a burden.
  • She thinks you’re not serious about her.
  • The girl considers you a good friend, but is in love with another guy.

What to do?

We have good news for you: if she continues to communicate, then you definitely have a chance to persuade her into a relationship, even if it is small. You need to proceed as follows:

  • Be near. If she communicates with you, shows interest, this is a good sign. Do not rush things. Each girl has her own pace of convergence. Just be there for her at the right time.
  • Try to win her over. You talked with her and you should know what interests the girl, what she is fond of, what she wants, what she likes. Organize a surprise, make a cool and original gift. In general, actively pursue the girl. Such perseverance will melt her heart.
  • Try the opposite. Change tactics. If “in a good way” she does not want to, act in a bad way. Communicate with her coldly, periodically ignore. At the very least, it will hurt her – and then you will understand whether she really wants a relationship.
  • Don’t try to play on jealousy. Defiantly paying attention to another lady in the hope that the girl you are trying to win will “bite” on this is a bad idea.
  • Don’t give ultimatums. If you say something like “choose – either we meet, or we don’t communicate anymore”, with a high degree of probability she will choose an option that you definitely don’t want to hear.

Getting out of the friend zone is difficult, but possible. Show that next to you she can feel like behind a stone wall.

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