How to prepare for the First Kiss? 5 Golden rules

How to prepare for the First Kiss? 5 Golden rules! Holding hands, coquettishly embarrassed looks, timid attempts to confess one’s feelings – all this is exciting, sweet, but … quite forgettable. What can not be said about such an event as the first kiss? Scientists have come to the conclusion that it takes root in memory sometimes better than the birth of a child or your own wedding. This enhances its meaning, but also adds nervousness. How and when to do things right? The secrets of a successful debut – further in the sections.

How to prepare for the first kiss?

1. Morally.

It is normal to be nervous before such an important event. However, if the nerves are heating up to severe dizziness, nausea, panic, then it’s time to work with it.

To calm myself down a little. enough to accept a few facts:

  • the partner will probably also worry, scroll through the upcoming lesson in his head;
  • from a physical point of view, there is nothing complicated in the process itself;
  • there are many types of kisses, but there is no standard, “correct” one. If partners choose different techniques, this will not mean that someone made a mistake;
  • the ability to kiss is already embedded in the brain due to (un)conscious viewing of romantic scenes in the cinema, watching couples kissing in reality, and, finally, nature;
  • the less troubles, thoughts, the better, in the end, is a kiss.

Just before class, it’s better to talk about something in general or make a joke – this will defuse the atmosphere. It often helps to think that since a guy or a girl wants to kiss, feels sympathy, she will be glad (a) for any touch of her lips.

And to reduce social awkwardness, it is better to kiss a loved one in some secluded place where no one can interfere.

2. Physically.

Another significant part. While still at home, just about to go to a meeting, it is important:

  • brush your teeth thoroughly, use mouthwash, floss, or toothpicks if available;
  • refuse food with a specific smell – fish, garlic, onions. It is also better not to drink coffee if you have stomach problems. Taking a coffee drink in such a case will quickly cause bad breath;
  • take with you chewing gum or sucking sweets with a pleasant aroma – mint, barberry, lemon, for example.

Before the kiss:

  • you can lightly bite your lips, making them redder, and then gently lick them to make them look more attractive;
  • forget about cigarettes or alcohol – the smell of tobacco, alcohol spoils everything;
  • spit out the gum – it actively stimulates the production of saliva, and this will certainly affect the quality of the whole process.

It is advisable to go on a date without a bunch of bags or packages. The task will be much more difficult if the hands are busy with something. It is better to do with a backpack or a bag with a shoulder strap.

How to hint at a kiss?

There are several ways to show the interlocutor that he is interesting as a partner and push him to kiss. It is better to use a series of methods at once, since individually they can be random or double-valued. What can be done:

  • during a walk, “accidentally” touch with brushes, when talking, lightly touch the shoulder, waist/torso, correct the protruding hair of the couple;
  • minimize the distance, but do not forget about comfort;
  • make eye contact, squint coquettishly, wink;
  • lick or bite your lip, look at the lips of a girl/guy;
  • sit as close to each other as possible, tilt your head slightly towards the interlocutor, as if trying to hear him better;
  • unobtrusively, playfully put your head on his / her shoulder, and then look into his eyes and smile.

It would be nice to hint at the desire to kiss in some original way. You can, for example, conclude a dispute, and in the conditions indicate that the loser kisses the winner.

Tricks are well received in the love game. Get close to your face to brush off a non-existent eyelash. Start a conversation about your favorite type of kiss, casually mention how much you want to try it. Point to something, and when the partner turns his head, come closer to him, being face to face, kiss on the cheek, or touch his / her lips when he/she turns his head back.

How to prepare for the First Kiss? 5 Golden rules!

5 golden rules for the first kiss.

All hints, coquetry behind, there is nowhere to retreat, because her / his lips are already opposite. Excitement builds up inside and spreads through the body with a sweet, slightly tingling experience. The partner’s breath gently tickles the skin, the heart beats more distinctly, louder. It seems like the whole world hears it.

How not to spoil this moment and continue everything on the same pleasant note?

1. Haste is useless.

Sharpness can result in an unexpected and unpleasant reaction of a couple, an injury, or a ruined moment, even if before that it was perfect. It is not necessary to do everything at a snail’s pace, but smoothness in such a matter is a must-have. This is especially true for the following steps:

  • approaching the mouth to the partner’s lips;
  • touching the body, hair, or face;
  • lip movements.

All actions are carried out as gently as possible. It is better to give up Hollywood passion, because, at the first kiss, the couple still does not know either partner’s or even their own preferences. Excessive pressure, aggression are greatly repulsed.

The very first time is always a story about tenderness, lightness, romance.

2. Moderate variety is good.

Why moderate? Again, the kissers are not yet aware of their preferred techniques. It is better to start with the standard model, and leave bold experiments for later.

However, standing in one position, risking a cramp or neck numbness, cyclically imitating the movements of the lips of an aquarium fish is also a bad idea. This is where diversity plays a key role. What can be changed then?:

  • head tilts – to the left, to the right (so that the noses do not meet, slightly tilt the head back), changing the angle;
  • impact points – “running” all over the face is still impossible, but it is allowed to kiss the corners of the mouth, nose, cheeks;
  • objects of contact – lips will be the center of all touches, but why not gently rub your noses, cheeks, or even foreheads (without butting).

Another detail that is highly recommended to change is the position and movement of the hands.

3. “Hands at the seams” – taboo.

Dangling, twitching from awkwardness brushes look, to put it mildly, unaesthetic. They will have to go somewhere.

  • Guys can gently hug the partner around the waist or put their palm on her neck, face.
  • girl, it is better to touch the chest of the chosen one, his sides, shoulders, or face.
  • Also for both sexes it’s a good idea to run your fingers through your loved one’s hair.

Stroking is an important part of a dynamic, fun kiss. It is enough to gently, slowly stroke your partner on the back, arms, face, hair. Many people like it when a couple puts their hand on the neck in such a way that the index finger touches the earlobe, and the thumb strokes the skin of the cheek.

By the way, after such a kiss or even before it, you can stroke the lower lip of the couple with the pad of your thumb, lightly taking him/her by the chin.

How to prepare for the First Kiss? 5 Golden rules!

4. Language is not the center of the universe.

Kissing with the tongue is not good for the first time. Not everyone likes it and it is more complicated from a technical point of view. From the first time, you can not guess how quickly to move the tongue, how far to stick it, what to do with it in general.

Better to do without it first and enjoy soft touch lips. The lack of glow can be filled with the same touches, but it is better to make sure that there is nothing vulgar or strange in them.

In extreme cases, if the tongue is still torn into battle, it is enough to lightly lick the partner’s lip, without even pushing the tip of the tongue into the mouth, controlling the amount of saliva.

5. Pause to be!

It is undesirable to delay such an occupation. Between kissing phases, stops are made, if only to find out if everything suits the partner. Procedure:

  1. slowly move your face just a few centimeters so as not to lose the intimacy of the moment. Leave your hands in place;
  2. catch a look, smile encouragingly and warmly;
  3. softly ask the question “Is everything okay?” or “Do you like it?”, follow the reaction;
  4. continue or interrupt the lesson, depending on the facial expressions, the response of the couple.

Also, a pause can be used to change the tilt of the head, swallow saliva, take a deep breath if you need to catch your breath.

Kiss on the first date – yes or no?

Such a choice is up to each individual, it largely depends on how the first date goes. However, you can immediately deduce several advantages in favor of a particular solution.


A direct indication of the reciprocity of feelings without ambiguity. What remains is intrigue and mystery. The desire to kiss (if it was before) is exacerbated. Accelerates the achievement of intimacy, relationships quickly reach a new level. The chance increases that the partner at the next meeting will hint at the desire to kiss or even do it. Reduces awkwardness when kissing on the next date. Education is expressed, the partner shows his selectivity, seriousness, and hence stability in relations. A quick clarification of “kissing” compatibility (the longer a person waits, the higher his expectations, which, alas, are not always justified). Checking the depth of interest. If after a date the partner maintains the amount of attention paid or increases it, despite the absence of a kiss, then his interest is stable.

The first kiss is not as scary and strange as many used to think. His technique itself is quite simple, does not require intricate actions. All problems are only in the head. That is why it is so important to prepare for this event not only on a physical level but also on a moral one. Let the center of everything be pleasant anticipation, romance, and not panic fear.

How to prepare for the First Kiss? 5 Golden rules!

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