How to protect your personal boundaries in a relationship?

How to protect your personal boundaries in a relationship? Every girl dreams of an ideal relationship with a man. A girl who has a relationship with a man wants to protect them, wants to be absolutely happy. What determines the existence of a happy relationship and how to protect them from troubles, anxieties, misfortunes?

“Honest other than that it is practical and effective. John Gray’s “Recipes for a Happy Relationship.” You can only protect relationships by building a mature relationship with a man.

How to protect your personal boundaries in a relationship? Top 8 Ways to Protect Relationships

  • The realization that in a relationship you need to not only “take”, but also give.

If you come into a relationship just to get something from a partner, the romance will not last long. To the same day and to two parts.

Harmonious relationships can be built if you interact “on an equal footing”, exchanging feelings and emotions. If you have an appreciation, problems with sexuality, and came into a relationship, so that.

  • Having a constructive dialogue.

It is necessary to understand that you can solve all questions and problems with the help of an effective dialogue. The ability to hear each other and the opportunity to explain themselves are an indispensable condition for happy, mature people.

  • Respect for the values ​​and interests in the part.

Each of you comes into a relationship with your own interests, hobbies, hobbies. No one has the right to prohibit any of your activities, even if they seem unimportant to the partner. If you choose to do so, you will have to listen to your own words. Be sure to ask for it on the horse in the room in the computer set with the dogs.

  • Self-development.

Relationships will develop fruitfully and harmoniously if each of you is engaged in self-development. It can be a variety of areas: sports, health, cooking, creativity, travel. If one of the partners is rigid and conservative, sooner or later the other will get bored next to him.

  • No manipulation.

Since the greens presuppose mutual trust of partners, equal communication, mutual respect

  • The state of comfort in a relationship.

A comfortable state is when you are not in a constant feeling of anxiety, fear or uncertainty. Of course, quarrels and conflicts happen in any relationship, but if you feel that you are constantly in anxiety or your feelings range from apathy to violent emotions, that is, you arrive on an “emotional swing”, that is, there is reason to think, perhaps your relationship is based on the manipulation of you by your man.

Personal boundaries. 3 steps are blowing away

  • The opportunity to be yourself.

Really green and happy relationships will be those in which you need to play some kind of. It’s a relationship where you accept each other for who you are and are grateful for the opportunity.

  • In your relationship there are boundaries of personal space.

In any relationship, you must have your own boundaries and recognize the boundaries of your partner. Each personality has its own boundaries, in violation of which the STRess of the individual occurs. In such conditions, a person feels the danger of his destruction. Respect for the boundaries of a partner in all areas is necessary for the harmonious building of relationships.

Types of personal boundaries

“Granite it’s not a day, it isn’t there.” Jenny Miller, Victoria Lambert Personal Boundaries. How to establish and defend them.

  • material boundaries.

C C The right to refuse to share your belongings.

Material boundaries are violated when your partner takes your car without asking or damages your belongings, for example, by throwing away something that, in his opinion, is useless.

  • emotional boundaries.

This is a psychic resource, within certain limits of which you are ready to support and sympathize with your partner, without losing it.

Emotional boundaries are violated when your partner uses you as a permanent “vest” to drain not. Healthy EMO rational boundaries allow you not to take responsibility for other people’s feelings and problems.

  • Sexual boundaries.

These boundaries include respect for the wishes of the partner, and each couple sets them by agreement.

Violations of the boundaries are attributed exacts to unwelcome intimacy, aressia in response to n.

  • physical boundaries.

Physical boundaries define your relationship to privacy and your own body.

Violation of physical boundaries is most clearly represented by abusive behavior in relationships.

  • intellectual boundaries.

These boundaries include respect for the ideas and point of view of the partner, his worldview.

If your partner disrespectfully speaks about your opinion, tries to belittle you, “show your place”, there is a clear violation of intellectual boundaries.

  • spiritual boundaries.

These boundaries relate to your accepted religion, relationship with God, and higher powers.

Violation of boundaries will be the imposition of one’s vision, a manifestation of disrespect for rituals.

Nina Brown, an American psychologist, says four of the four Greeks:

  • Rigid boundaries, with them a person is closed, he does not ask for help, he cannot be approached by a physical or physical person.
  • Soft boundaries, people are easy to manipulate with them, people are infinitely compliant.
  • Spongy borders, with such borders a person acts either softly or harshly. Such people are insecure.
  • Adaptive, the healthiest boundaries, in which a person controls their boundaries and changes depending on the circumstances, creating the most effective relationship.

How to protect your personal boundaries in a relationship?

If you felt that your personal boundaries were violated in a relationship with a partner, it is necessary that you didn’t understand something and acted thoughtlessly.

To prevent this from happening, you need:

  • be aware of their own needs and focus on them, taking responsibility for their actions;
  • not be afraid to insist on your own and learn it;
  • to avoid misunderstandings in rel design the
  • do not try to change a partner, “re-educate”, it is better to engage in self-education;
  • to exclude all manipulations, to be able to say “no”.

The adaptive personal boundaries of each of the partners are the key to a happy harmonious relationship.

“Everything starts with self-love. If you don’t want to, you can do it if you want.” John Gray “Recipes for a Happy Relationship”.

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